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posted on 05/19/2009
This last weekend I left work early to run to accross the state in order to have a few hours before the front was supposed to come through. I rushed for 2 and a half hours to get to the lake. When I was less then a mile away a thunderstorm rolled up right on top of it. It was only a short burst and the wind didn't come up right after. We put our boat on the water and started fishing. We were on about a hour when the wind came up to about 40 MPH. I got a bite and set the hook but as I did a big wave knocked me off balance and I grabbed our windsheild breaking it free from the boat. Needless to say I missed the fish. Worst was the waves were pushing us off the lake. After a really interesting loading incident we drove home holding the windsheild so that wouldn't break the glass. We fixed it in about 2 hours but weren't able to get back on the lake the rest of the weekend. My parents were on the lake yesterday and they caught 3 walleyes. There were about 25 boats on the 150 acre lake.

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