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posted on 05/18/2009
Made it to the cabin around 8:30 Friday night. We unloaded the car and hit the dock. It was COLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! Wind was out of the North West at about 40mph! We caught 3 walleyes that night. Woke up about 5:30 Saturday morning and hit the dock again! It was snowing a bit, cold and cloudy! We caught 7 walleyes in about 2 hours. We headed in because we were chilled to the bone! I could have stayed out longer but Bobber Down was freezing! :-) We went back out that night and that is when we caught 10 more walleyes! We tried fishing Sunday morning but didnt even get a bite! We were really surprised that we didnt catch any other fish besides walleyes! No northerns, perch, or crappies. Only walleyes!
Over all it was a great weekend of fishing!

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Posted By Logan on 05/22/2009

sounds like an awesome dock!!!! That's more walleyes than I'll catch all summer!
Posted By john on 06/01/2009

Caligrl's and BD's dock is the best on the lake. They get the west wind pounding that side and can really get some nice 'eyes out there. Don't tell BD, but sometimes when no one is up at his cabin, I'll park my boat right out by his dock and fish there...