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First Day of the Spring Classic Brings Cold/Wet Weather and A Few Nice Walleyes!!!!

posted on 05/16/2009
Good morning to all!

Welcome to a weekend edition of the Wigwam Fisherman’s Blog. Well there was no trying to get away from the cold and wet conditions yesterday, so the anglers competing in the Spring North Star Classic embrace them. Yesterday we only saw a few nice fish over 28”…I believe only 5. I hope today they have better luck on the lake and the river searching for those monster walleyes.

Daily Fishing Report: The weather today looks phenomenal, but the wind is blowing at 30 -35 mph, which is making for some tough fishing conditions. This morning we saw 4 foot rollers whipping through Four Mile Bay and down Rainy River…ouch! Our conditions are currently very few clouds and sunny sky’s, 45 Degrees with gusty winds up to 35 mph…once again not perfect fishing conditions, but this is what we have to work with today…lets make some lemonade out of those lemons. People are still catching fish from Morris Point all way to Birchdale…my sources are telling me that the heavier jigs are doing the trick (½ oz to 1 oz). The colors that you want to be fishing with are Chartreuse and Orange…the bait of choice is still the frozen emerald shiners and live fat head and rainbow minnows. People are catch some nice fish in 5 to 8 foot of water near the shores, where they are out of the wind and just a tad bit warmer. The rest of the fisherman/women are continually catching fish in Four Mile Bay and Lighthouse Gap. The people in the bay and gap are still fishing in 12 to 18 foot of water. There are still some nice Walleyes coming out of the lake…the pictures don’t lie. Hope to see you on the lake!

Tonight at the Wigwam we have Poor Boys with us again…they are awesome and won’t disappoint! Come on over to the Wigwam Resort and see Danny, Dave and Woody rock the Wigwam once again. The Wigwam Happy Hour will be from 7 to 9 pm and then Poor Boys will get on stage at 9:15. I can’t thank them enough for keeping the crowd energized and entertained.

I know that I have mentioned this in the past, but if you are the person that is in charge of putting together your group fishing trips, please give me a call and I want to offer you a deal “that you can’t refuse”. We want as many people as humanly possible to experience the Wigwam Resort this summer/fall/winter/spring…we are very confident that after your stay with us you won’t want to try some place different next year. Our goal is to make new friends everyday…I can’t wait to meet and make many new friends everyday as the years pass.

My shout out today will go to Bryan Myers. Bryan I wanted to personally thank you for staying with us at the Wigwam Resort and I’m looking forward to seeing you again in the very near future…make sure your ready to catch some of our “Lake of the Woods monsters”. The Wigwam Resort had the opportunity and pleasures of having Bryan stay with us this past week and I hope we were able to exceed all of his expectations (being that it was his first time to the Wigwam). Bryan was accompanied by his uncle (Mike Myers) and some friends (Robert Riege aka “Hoss” and Carl). I hope to see them all back very soon. All of these guys are welcome in my boat at anytime.

Happy Fishing to all, and to all a good day!

Wigwam Fisherman aka Jean-Paul Tessier
Wigwam Resort

Wigwam Fisherman


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Posted By WebDude on 05/16/2009

Hey WigWam... you mind if I grab a couple of these pics and add them to the pics pages? I could link them all back to your site, if you like...