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Catching Live Bait

posted on 05/12/2009
So after catching my first Catfish on cutbait (and doing some research) I realized that using live bait for Cats seems to be a preferred method even though its not as easy as going artificial, however, it is cheaper.

I was talking to some people about what kind of cutbait to use and it seems like common baits are shad, creek chub, and suckers. I don't know how to catch shad or creek chub, and don't catch many suckers, seeing as how I don't tend to fish rivers (although I want to start). So I was thinking and I have had luck catching Bullheads at my cabin at night, by just throwing out a lighted bobber with a hook and worm and having it just rest on the sandy bottom. Then I spoke to some more people and it seems like live bullheads work wonders for big Flatheads on the river and it sounds like cut Bullheads will work for Channels too. So I decided to fish for them last week when I was at my cabin. I purchased a dozen worms and casted out my catfish setup (egg sinker, barrel swivel, 12# leader, and a circle hook) in case I ran into a Bowfin, which is common on my lake at night. It rained and stormed that night, but I was able to get a couple Bulls in the hour or so that I fished.

Then I got to thinking.... If I was going to be catching fish to use for cutbait with worms, why should I pay for the worms when they are all around me?? So today I went into the ditch behind my house and rolled some logs, lifted some debris (plywood, tiles, garbage bags), moved some decomposing leaves and found a decent amount of earthworms. As I was doing so, I was reminded of memories of my Grandpa (who was an avid panfisherman) flooding a section of his yard, taking a flashlight out, and collecting crawlers at night. I put my earthworms in a Styrofoam container with some damp soil, decomposing leaves, and some apple peels, then threw them in the fridge for the next time I go out to catch fish to use cutbait.

This time when I fish for Bullhead, I will be doing so in a lake that holds Channels, in hopes that maybe as I catch some Bullheads, I will run into a kitty or two seeing as how they can be caught with crawlers too. Me and my cousin, BIGFisherman55, have a lake picked out.

Mitch Bradshaw
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