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posted on 05/05/2009
I started a topic on here about a week ago about how I wanted to try and catch a Catfish since I had never done so yet. A couple people helped me out a ton, by telling me how to rig up, what to use, and some even gave me a few spots to try out. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

I went out about a week ago to a local lake in Shoreview, MN with my rod all rigged up and some nightcrawlers. I tested out a few spots and didn't have any success.

Today, me and my cousin (BIGFisherman55) decided to give that lake another go. We rigged up our poles pretty similarly, grabbed our rain gear, bought some nightcrawlers and hopped in the car. We drove through the rain and when we arrived at the lake it was sunny there. We walked the shore to our spot and got settled in. Near some rocks I noticed that someone else had been here recently with some cutbait. I believe it was a sucker of sorts, I found two cuts, one still had the tail attached. I then cut the tail off and sliced up about 4 good hunks. Me and my cousin both put a hunk on our hooks and casted them out. About 20-30 minutes later my cousin asked me if I thought his line looked to be getting tighter. So I reached down and flipped his bail, and line slowly started being pulled from it. He then grabbed his rod, reeled up until he felt tension, and set the hook. Unfortunately, we believe his drag was set too tight and seconds after the hook was set, his line snapped.

We continued to fish and the wind began to pick up (which is always frustrating when your trying to fish), but I would say an hour and a half or so after BIGFisherman55 got his bite, I got mine. I was stepping into the water to wash off his knife and he brought my attention to my unwinding spool. I grabbed my pole, flipped the reverse switch, reeled up the little bit of slack, and leaned into a heavy hookset. The fight was on.

It took a few minutes until I was actually able to identify that it was a catfish (I was sure hoping it wasn't a carp or bowfin this time). She got to about ten feet away from me and came to the surface and splashed around and I was able to make sure it was in fact a Channel Cat. I was stoked and shortly after that I pulled her up on the beach a foot or two so I could grab her (we didn't bring a net). She had a big belly full of spawn so I wanted to play her quickly. I took out my circle hook from her bottom jaw, had my cousin snap a few photos, gave her a kiss (PierBridge told me that you always kiss your first kitty of the year for goodluck), and put her back in the water.
It took her only seconds to swim out of my hands and back into the waters that she knows. I don't know how big it was, I would maybe guess 5 pounds? I don't really have the eye to guess weights on Cats (yet wink smiley ). But after catching my first, I can tell you that I will definitely be fishing for more soon!

Mitch Bradshaw
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Posted By nofishfisherman on 05/06/2009

Nice job on the cat. Not bad for your second attempt. I've never caught one intentionally before but have landed several nice channels down in lake pepin when fishing from shore. Actually caught one while using a bobber and a minnow before. That was a suprise.