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Tested out 3 new areas

posted on 04/28/2009
Today me and my cousin (BIGFisherman55) decided to venture out and try fishing some new lakes in hopes of finding some new hot spots. We started our day by grabbing our rods, tackle, waders, and a half scoop of crappie minnows and heading out to Tanner's Lake at about noon. We settled in at our first spot where we caught a few crappies, a few sunfish, and a couple of bass but none with any real size. So we tried out two more spots on Tanners in hopes of finding some size but weren't able to get anything to bite.

We then packed our stuff up, hopped in the car and took off to our next destination, Lake Vadnais (East). For those of you who don't know, Lake Vadnais is controlled by the St. Paul Water Utility and they prohibit any surface use on the lake, control the fishing hours, and the locations of where you can fish. So that means all angling is done from the shore, during certain hours, and only allowed in designated fishing areas (which are part of the Western side of the lake and a portion of the Southeastern corner). We tried a lot of spots in those areas but the majority of them just seemed to shallow and didn't look like areas which would hold fish. With all that being said, we got skunked. Not even a bite.

So again we packed up and headed back to the car. I was trying to think of a place in the area where we could maybe catch some more fish before we called an end to the day. I thought of a place nearby, which in the summer is always littered with shore anglers, Sucker Creek. After a few casts I was displeased with the way the current "ran" with my slip bobber, so I took it off. I tied on a black jig and casted it out a several times with no luck so I decided to tip it with a minnow. After a couple of casts, I felt the feeling I was missing for the last 2-3 hours, a strike. I set the hook and finally felt some size. My drag was set pretty light and I was using my new ultra light. The fish was fighting well and staying down in the current so after a few minutes I finally was able to see the fish, it was a decent size Largemouth (I am never disappointed to see a Largemouth over 2 lbs but I was kind of hoping for a species that I haven't had much history with like a sucker, carp, Smallie, something.) Then my cousin (BIGFisherman55) tied on blue jig and tipped it with a minnow as well. We continued pitching the creek for another hour or so and didn't land any other fish. However (BIGFisherman55) didn't get skunked at this creek, he was able to land an interesting catch......
Yes..........a Crawfish!!!!

Mitch Bradshaw
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Posted By BIGFisherman55 on 04/29/2009

haha even though it wasn't really a successful day I still had a fun time and man did that crawfish ever fight...Not! Fun day Bassfisherman we gotta do it again soon.