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Spring Cleaning Time at the Wigwam Resort

posted on 04/27/2009
Good morning to all!

I wanted to start off today by thanking all the participants of the Sturgeon Excursion. For those of you that weren’t able to attend…there were some great prizes given out this weekend, and it is my understanding that all of our guests had a blast, even if they didn’t catch as many Sturgeon as they all had hoped. All of our guests conducted themselves with dignity and respect…for that I thank them. I had the opportunity of meeting a great number of you and I hope to see all of you back for next year’s festivities. Long live the Sturgeon Excursion!

From now until May 8th, there will only be Sturgeon legally caught in Rainy River and Four Mile Bay. The bit was hot a couple weeks ago, it slowed down this weekend and it probably will be slow for the next couple days (I will keep you updated though), because of the cold weather, but we anticipate it to pick up next week again as we start to see the temperature rise. On Sunday I was out in my boat and wanted to see how the ice was breaking up on Lake of the Woods…so I zipped out as far as I could, and all I have to say is, we need more warm weather fast. That is ok though, the fish will still be in Rainy River and Four Mile Bay (out in front of the Wigwam Resort) for the first few weeks after the opener…so don’t fright about the lake not being completely open yet…it will be ok, I promise.

Well it is time for another round of spring cleaning at the Wigwam Resort and we are taking the bull by the horns and cleaning every nook and cranny on the premises. The Wigwam Resort still has a few guests this week and we will meet all of their needs during the spring cleaning overhaul. For our new readers that haven’t heard about our recent transformation, I just want to let you know that from this point on, this will be the new and improved Wigwam Resort. We will strive to make sure that your vacation is exactly that…a vacation. I want the Wigwam Resort to not only be the finest resort on Lake of the Woods, but I also want it to be the most relaxing vacation that you will take, whether is be summer, winter, fall or spring. We are from here on out a service based company, which just happens to offer, fishing, hunting, lodging, a restaurant and a bar.

If you’re looking to go to paradise this year, no matter what season, the Wigwam Resort is your vacation destination…paradise without the passport. Let us share with you our little piece of paradise, the Wigwam Resort in northern Minnesota on Lake of the Woods. Remember, come June 1, 2009 every person that wants to cross the boarder into Canada will need a passport. On another front, after I had to listen about the swine flu this morning, why take the risk of going to Mexico. I believe, once you experience for yourself, everything that northern Minnesota and Lake of the Woods has to offer; you won’t want to vacation anyplace else. If you are a fisherman/woman and are looking for the perfect sporting getaway, look no further, we at the Wigwam Resort want to share our little piece of paradise with you on Lake of the Woods this year and for years to come.

My shout out today will go to my brother Ryan. I can’t wait to go fishing with you at every opportunity for years to come. Thank you for being there for me when I need you and even for when I don’t…thank you.

Happy fishing to all, and to all a good day!

Wigwam Fisherman aka Jean-Paul Tessier
Wigwam Resort

Wigwam Fisherman


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