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Which way to fish eyes.Meat/plastics

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Msg 1 Posted: 09:31 AM 05/03/07 (CST)
Growing up we always used live bait for walleyes.
My Dad would send my brother & I out to pick crawlers or catch frogs.
We had a leech trap and even went to the Ripple River to catch Redhorse chubs.
We seined minnows from our beach as well,so that's all I knew for decades was how to rig live bait.

30 years later I was introduced to plastics.
I'll never forget my 1st Mister Twister spinner with grub in tow experience.
They worked so well for walleyes and pike.
As I continued my quest to become a better fisherman my attitude towards live bait changed.
I found that having a variety of plastics which include shad style swimbaits,grubs,worms and in all different sizes and colors have helped me get more fish more often.

It's funny when I look back to see how many different ways I've caught walleyes for example.
Same fish ,but the baits have varied by a wide degree.

In selecting my bait of choice I'll 1st consider the structure I'll be working,then water temperature.The time of the year and depth of water that will be worked on that day.
Spring,summer,fall& winter will all require different presentations.

Once I've figured out the walleyes pattern for example ,catching them is as easy as pie.
If they are deep,say 15 FOW or deeper I'll be running lindy rigs with crawlers leeches or minnows.Working the gravel ,rocks or mud bottoms.
They are usually there once the weather gets hot which drives them into the deeper cooler water.

Spring time and early summer they are up shallower.
This is when I'm using a 1/4oz. jig with a sassy shad working 6-10 FOW looking for those males after the spawn.
The females are usually in their post spawn dulldrums,but the males are very active up shallow feeding .
Up in the shallows you'll also find weeds which are a problem for lindy rigs as the weights gather weeds and you continually have to reel up to remove them.
Ergo a jig tipped with a minnow or a swim-bait would be the way to go to pick off those tasty walleyes.

Casting & retrieving,verticle jigging or trolling are great ways to work a jig.
A jig works so well ,because it goes to the bottom of the lake which is where the walleyes are.
Making contact with the bottom or staying within 2 feet of the bottom of the lake is the key to boating walleyes.
Pike run up a bit higher and for the most part bass are surface feeders.

Knowing which species you are targeting,figuring out the pattern and making a plan to work any given body of water by studying topo maps
will help your success rate soar.

Good luck on openers.I hope you have fun which above all is what we all are out there for.
Bring a kid fishing and make their day.
It'll last a lifetime.
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Msg 2 Posted: 09:42 AM 05/03/07 (CST)
Everything has its time and place for sure. I personally like the durability of plastics, no need to rebait after each fish, and no need to plan a trip to the bait shop. I carry my pole and tackle in my car all the time so I can go on the spur of the moment if I don't need to go get live bait.

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Msg 3 Posted: 10:09 AM 05/03/07 (CST)
If you rely on one or even a couple methods you will be left out in the dust especially fishing different bodys of water during different conditions and times of the year..

For instance if you rely on plastics while fishing for Walleye on Mille Lacs you will be destroyed by average fishermen like me.


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Msg 4 Posted: 10:36 AM 05/03/07 (CST)
You do bring up a good point PB.
Every body of water is different and each seems to like a different presentation better then others.
BS & ML are 2 places I'd always start with meat.
My luck with plastics on those 2 bodies of water are terrible.
I have been up in the shallows on Mille Lacs and murdered walleyes on blue shad raps though.I've also killed the eys on BSL with the shad.
Being versatile is the ticket.
On the flip side come to Round and try your live bait.
I'd put the hurt to anyone when running a sassy shad.
Like I said earlier & you pointed PB,that live bait should not be overlooked.

What other lakes do you guy's fish & what seems to be the best presentation you've used???
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Msg 5 Posted: 10:43 AM 05/03/07 (CST)
The Duluth area lakes are mainly meat lakes from my experience. Early in the year it seems fat heads catch about 75% of my fish and leeches catch the other 25%, but come July if you have a minnow on your hook you'll only need that one minnow all day long beucase all they ever want are leeches. Then when fall rolls around its back to minnows again.

Plastics will work early in the year as well, small Beetle spins seem to work well.

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Msg 6 Posted: 11:05 AM 05/03/07 (CST)
This is an excellent post started here... I added it to the "The Best of the Fishing Forum."


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Msg 7 Posted: 11:22 AM 05/03/07 (CST)
I really like live bait under a slip bobber, but I'm willing to try some new techniques this summer and see what happens. I will keep you posted!


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Msg 8 Posted: 11:28 AM 05/03/07 (CST)
You hit the nail on the head Nofish,
The size is also an import feature of the presentation.
Early on when the water is cold & the fish are sluggish a fisherman should not only slow down ,but get smaller with the bait of choice.
Then as the water warms and the fish get more active you'll speed up and get bigger with your baits.

What about colors?
Do you see the correlations between stained waters and bright colors vs.clear water and darker colors?
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Msg 9 Posted: 11:43 AM 05/03/07 (CST)
In stained water which is what I fish most of the time I usually start out with orange on my jigs. It has always been a good color option for me. When i am jigging a jig with an orange and black head and a red long shank hook is the first one out of the box every time. If that doesn't do the trick I start working backward toward something more natural usually something with white and blue or green or just plain white.

If I am using a metal spinner for walleye or a spoon for pike in stained water I usually go with a gold. It seems to pick up the sun a little better. It is bright and flashy yet it looks natural in the stained water.

When in clear water I will stick more with silvers, whites, blues, that sort of thing.

In terms of size, when jigging I have always heard, use as small a weight as you can get away with. In current or deep water you'll need a bigger jig but in shallow water or in lakes a 1/4 oz is about all you'll ever need and usually smaller. I usually start out at 1/4 oz and start working my way down in size until I find the winner but usually its 1/4 or 1/8 oz.

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Msg 10 Posted: 12:02 PM 05/03/07 (CST)
I'm of the same mindset except I like chartruse yellow or chart. green or orange in stained water.
I'll attack the Mississippi or the Willow with the same mindset.

Here's another thing to think about when choosing your baits.
SB will tell you running a crawler while lindy rigging ,you'll need to go real slow ,say .5 mph.
Yet when we run 1/4 oz jig with plastics we are going 1.5-1.7 10 FOW
The depth of water you are in & jig head weight has a correlation with speed.
Line diameter also has something to do with how deep you'll run as the thicker lines have more surface area riding against the water causing the baits to run shallower.
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