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Msg 1 Posted: 11:27 PM 01/13/07 (CST)
I'm new to the Minnesota fishing scene. I've only fished two or three times in my life, but I'm looking forward to my new hobby cmoe spring. What I have so far is my father's old rod and reel and a plastic tacklebox that's bigger than I'll ever need. I do plan on releasing whatever I catch. What should I be looking for to get me started? Any input would be most appreciated.
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Msg 2 Posted: 01:09 AM 01/14/07 (CST)
Welcome, glad to see new users asking questions.

Your question is a big one. What you put in your tackle box will depend on what you are fishing for. I'll try to give you a little break down of a few of the key species you may want to target.

If you already have a rod and reel you like you are half way there. If you only want one rod and reel combo and want to fish for everything that swims then I would suggest something with a medium action to it, it will work for everything. I would pair that up with a decent spinning reel. Personally I like Shimano, I have both a 2000 and a 2500 and love them both.

Now for tackle, this can vary vastly from person to person. We all have our favorites but here is a little break down by speices of what I use atleast.

Jig and minnow- cheap, easy to use, and deadly.
Lindy Rig- fairly simple, easy to make or you can buy them. Will pick up less aggressive fish from my experience.
Slip Bobber- old faithful, easy, cheap and always satisfying to see a bobber go down
Rapalas- pricey but pretty. Trolling them will work well certain times.

Spoons, Johnson Silver minnows, spinner baits, rapalas, live bait rigs under a bobber- they all do the same thing. Anything flashy will usually do the job.

Live bait and bobber works well
Small jigs of all types with either plastics or live bait or just a hair jig
Small is usually key, tiny mouth= tiny bait on most occasions.

(Not my area of expertise but here is a list of stuff to try)
Spinner baits
crank baits
Johnson silver minnow
list goes on and on.

So that should give you a place to start. Maybe try looking this list over and decide what you want to fish for and start asking specific questions about the methods and tackle listed for that species.

I hope this helps, please ask as many questions as you want we all love to answer them

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Msg 3 Posted: 11:56 AM 01/14/07 (CST)
Hey Camaron32.

Welcome to the forums.

nofishfisherman broke it down pretty good. Another comment I would make is some of the tackle will depend on whether or not you will be fishing from a boat. I have been partial to Rapalas at times, especially at night cruising the edges and humps for walleyes. nofishfisherman mentioned species and he is right. For bass, and that is primarily all I ever fished for a bunch of years, I prefer a Texas rig with a bullet nose sinker. I use Culprit grapes. Seem to be very deadly on lakes in the brainerd area and Minnetonka.

Panfish, you might want to look at some posts that CrappieKeith has made. He likes the "meatless" stuff.

Hope this helps and come on back once in a while!


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Msg 4 Posted: 10:17 PM 01/15/07 (CST)
Welcome to and for cat fish ask PierBridge hes the expart on em.


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Msg 5 Posted: 07:00 AM 01/16/07 (CST)
Hey Camaron32,

Welcome to My Fishing Pals. Glad to have you aboard!

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Msg 6 Posted: 10:17 AM 01/16/07 (CST)
Camaron32 where is Burnsville, MN

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Msg 7 Posted: 11:18 AM 01/16/07 (CST)
It's about 20 miles south of Minneapolis MN. Does that help you out?


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Msg 8 Posted: 01:47 PM 01/16/07 (CST)
Oh that helps thanks

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Lazy-Ike peb
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Msg 9 Posted: 06:35 PM 01/25/07 (CST)
welcome aboard. I like to use small leaches good all around bait. but I use minnows worms , plastic. I'am trying something different this sat. Do not yet know if it will work I will let you know

Lazy-Ike peb
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The Fisher
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Msg 10 Posted: 12:46 PM 01/26/07 (CST)
Hey Camaron32-

You have more than enough suggestions listed to get you started. There is NO END to the items you could have/use. However, to take a FEW of the higher percentage ones (say live bait, jigs, spinnerbaits, minnowbaits) and effectively master those presentations under many different circumstances is a FAR more effective plan than just stocking up on a little of everthing..but never actually mastering the presentation of any of it. IMHO. The key is that those 4 bait styles (live bait, jigs, spinnerbaits, minnowbaits) are VERSATILE and can catch many species of fish under a great many water and weather conditions. I would suggest you use the time between now and spring to do 2 things.

1. Research and learn the biological patterns of the fish you are wanting to catch. After all..a bass is not a pike...and they behave and locate in very different areas for very different reasons. Learn the exact water temps that each species spawns at, where they would be located at during the spawn, things like preferred depths, cover types, or temps..and each species preferences at all other times of the year as well,...things like how each relates to the cover in a body of water, what prey species they mostly feed on, etc. By doing this you will largely know where each species is found at during a given time of year. (That is 90% of the puzzle as opposed to what color lure you are using).

2. Get some maps of the lakes, rivers, ponds, or creeks you may plan to fish and study them well. Learn EVERTHING you can about those bodies of water. Things like depth,water clarity, major fish species, prime prey species, past stocking reports, weed types, bottom contour of the lake,access points,fishing pressure, EVERYTHING that is learnable that helps you put the puzzle of that lake, river, pond, or creek together. Many maps of water sheds are on line..others are in books, bait shops can be a great source of information ,there are some software programs you can purchase on better known bodies of water, I think there is even a link for lake maps on the My Fishing Pals site as well, or other fishermen can be a great source of information on specific bodies of water.

If you are diligent in doing both points you will have an exact idea of where each exact species of fish is on the exact water you plan to fish at the exact time you plan to fish it. Perhaps just as importantly you will KNOW exactly why they are there and why, or if, they will move. This lets you consistently catch fish and to be done of that undependable thing called "luck". Armed with that information you can use one of a handful of effective techniques, baits, or lures to catch your chosen target on almost any given day.

Good Fishing To Ya,

Jason "The Fisher" Pence
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