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Joined 06/30/2005

nofishfisherman's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 21 Posted: 10:53 AM 02/20/08 (CST)
I think that groups like Ducks Unlimited and other well organized groups have given hunters a louder voice in the political arena.

Fisherman could certainly use a group that would advocate for more spending on fishing related projects.

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Daily Subscription Msg 22 Posted: 11:29 AM 02/23/08 (CST)
Someone has got yo tell me why it seems at every turn, there is not enough money and now the State needs to fight for funding of just about everything. Remember when a proposed constitutional amendment establishing a state lottery was touted as a savior to Minnesota’s natural resources?

"Some conservation measures have been accomplished with lottery funds administered by the Legislative Commission for Resource Management, but its impact has fallen far short of what most sportsmen expected.

“We were duped,” Leaf said, adding that the manner in which lottery funds are dispersed is very confusing and that in the end, only a very small percentage of the money actually has filtered down to environment projects."

Look people, they will take anything they can and never give it back. We spend billions every year and yet it is not enough. Now it seems that the State will put up a referendum for just about anything. The reason is simple. Everyone wants to help the environment and the natural resources, right? Who would vote against that? But the truth is, monies have been allocated in the past for just such things, yet when the money gets into the hands of the State, it is reallocated into entitlement programs, and things you may not believe in. So the question is, when will it stop? The lottery was supposed to handle all of this, and it could, if the money coming in would be spent where it is supposed too.

They will keep taking and taking and never give it back. Each year we are asked to pony up more. When will it ever end?

Use of wildlife lottery funds remain topic of debate

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BigBite's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 23 Posted: 02:02 PM 02/23/08 (CST)
The legislation that placed the lottery amendment on the 1988 ballot provided that the net profits from the lottery would be divided equally between two new funds. The first was an environmental trust fund for environmental and natural resources projects. The second was a fund to finance the new Greater Minnesota Corporation, a quasi-entrepreneurial agency within state government created primarily to enhance economic development and technology transfer outside the metropolitan area.

Boy... has that changed crazy smiley

Even though this allocation was presented to the voters as part of the campaign on behalf of the lottery amendment, the legislature began making changes in it almost before the first ticket was sold. The original allocation remained in effect only for fiscal 1990, the lottery's first year of operation. For fiscal 1991, the legislature reduced the environmental trust fund's share from 50 percent to 40 percent and the Greater Minnesota fund's share from 50 percent to 25 percent. The remainder went for capital improvement projects in natural resources and state universities. To prevent further reductions in the environmental trust fund's share the legislature placed on the ballot, and voters subsequently approved, a constitutional amendment to guarantee 40 percent of net lottery profits to the fund until 2000. (A subsequent constitutional amendment passed in 1998 extended the dedication until 2025).

Now after years of cutting, dickering and overall mayhem by our legislature, this is how it is divied up...


Total Revenue: $424.25 million

Net Profits to State Programs: $112.35 million

For every dollar spent on Lottery tickets in Fiscal Year 2007:

  • 59.0 cents went to pay prizes to winning players
  • 8.6 cents was used to pay ticket, online vendor and administrative costs
  • 6.0 cents was paid to retailers in the form of commission and incentives

The remaining 26.4 cents went to the state:

  • 14.8 cents to the state General Fund to support services such as K-12 education, health care, aid to local governments and public safety. Of this amount, $1.95 million was set aside to help combat problem gambling. From the Lottery’s inception through June 2007, $930.8 million has gone to the General Fund.
  • 7.0 cents to the Evironment and Natural Resources Trust Fund to finance projects that preserve, restore and enhance our state's natural resources. The Trust Fund is financing 29 projects, totaling $21.4 million, this for fiscal year 2008. From the start of the Lottery through June 2007, the Trust Fund has received more than $428 million.
  • 4.6 cents more to the state's environment which received a boost when the 2000 Legislature reallocated the in-lieu-of-sales tax. This money which was previously allocated to the General Fund now goes to fish and game, parks, trails and zoos.
    • 2.3 cents to the Game and Fish Fund
    • 2.3 cents to the Natural Resources Fund


Do not believe the commercials about how much the lottery helps the environment and natural resources. Only a very small fraction of the proceeds are being used for that. The voters were sold a bill of goods back in the '90's and now most of the money gets dumped into the general fund.

This is why the legislature wants to amend the constitution to guarentee funding for natural resources and the arts. Just think, if this passes, I'll bet you that the funding for natural resources from the lottery are pulled altogether and ALL of the money will get dumped into the general fund. This way, the legislatures can spend it as they see fit, without any input from the voters. The money will be spent on K-12 education, health care, aid to local governments and public safety - EVEN THOUGH THE ORIGINAL INTENT OF THE LOTTERY WAS TO HELP NATURAL RESOURCES!! So what this means is that they will sell you on something now, but then will change it to suit them later.

Lots to think about here. I am definitely for natural resources but I am against all of the shenanigans the State goes through to figure out new and creative ways to get into our pockets. I am in total agreement with john... when will this all stop?

When push comes to shove... this is what we get for every dollar spent on lottery tickets...

2.3 cents to the Game and Fish Fund
2.3 cents to the Natural Resources Fund
7 cents to the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund

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chilly's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 24 Posted: 08:45 PM 02/27/08 (CST)
i would definatley be all for the proposed tax increase but the actual amount that they will put into the defined areas talked about will almost guarenteed never be seen....just look at all the other proposed tax increases for schooling, health care etc. as far as ive seen the schools are getting worse and health care costs increase, so where does that leave us?

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Joined 12/29/2007

chilly's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 25 Posted: 08:48 PM 02/27/08 (CST)
a also agree with nofishfisherman that a club like ducks or whitetail unlimited would be a huge help to the fishing community they do alot of good things and are heavioy supported....here ya go webdude first a website next a worldwide fishing club....just a thought, you have my support as well as many other people

Joined 06/30/2005

nofishfisherman's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 26 Posted: 10:38 AM 02/28/08 (CST)
We do need a group fighting for fisherman, instead of our voice being religated to the town hall style meetings with the DNR.

The fishermans voice is simply not unified in one cause.

The sad thing is that the DNR should be our best voice and many fisherman fully disagree with how they manage the resource as it is.

Joined 06/30/2005

nofishfisherman's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 27 Posted: 10:43 AM 02/28/08 (CST)
Also, now with the new transportation bill raising taxes the chances of the dedicated funding bill getting passed are slim and none, and slim is on its way out of town.

I just can't see people voting for another tax increase.

The problem we are paying for now is neglect. When you ignore and neglect the roads its going to cost you big whenever you do finally address the issue.

Perhaps they will learn from this. If we neglect the outdoors and environment it will cost you BIG in the future.

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Logan's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 28 Posted: 12:44 PM 02/28/08 (CST)
The most recent report on the quality of our roads and bridges actually told a much different story than our DFL friends have been telling. Our bridges are actually in pretty good shape when compared with the rest of the country... We take money from our general fund and spend it on mass transit. We even take money that is meant for roads and bridges and spend it on mass transit.. So even if we have neglected our roads and bridges (which I think is nothing but a hoax)it is once again a problem made by our government not by cheap tax payers...

Look at Wisconsin, they collect far less tax than Minnesota even though they have hundreds of thousands more people. All the while, they have began to pass us up when it comes to standards of living.....

WE JUST INCREASED TAXES ANOTHER 7 BILLION DOLLARS!! Every day the news tells me about how much more it costs to live and how hard people are for money.. Everyday my personal debt grows a little more. And for some reason 7 billion dollars of taxes will help. BS. mad smiley

Joined 02/26/2004

WebDude's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 29 Posted: 09:37 AM 03/04/08 (CST)
Well folks,

I rarely use this forum as a soapbox myself. Being a good moderator sometimes requires sitting on the fence on some issues and, well... moderating. But I have to jump in here and clarify some points, especially when it comes to how our government operates. I am getting sick and tired of our representatives saying and doing anything to get into office or to pass a bill or amendment, then, once there, totally forgeting the people who got them elected in the first place. Granted, the legislature is different then it was 18 years ago, but, come on... when is enough, enough?

But really... I am on the fence with this one. The idea of getting this funding passed after the last tax increase may have killed any chance of this passing muster when the voters are asked whether they approve or not on the upcoming ballot. The vote that overrode the Pawlenty veto has given the legislature the largest tax increase in the history of Minnesota, and to tell you the truth, there are a lot of people who are a little peeved that the legislature decided to go this route. Now they want to add the dedicated funding bill that will give the citizens of Minnesota the opportunity to vote on a constitutional amendment to the state constitution that would raise the state sales tax by 3/8ths of one percent with the proceeds to be split between the outdoors and the arts.

Now, don't get me wrong... I love the outdoors and I love fishing and I am usually for anything that will improve these things I hold dear. And to tell you the truth, when this first hit the press, I was all for it. But after the post by BigBite, I remembered back when the lottery was going to be the Big Fix for this problem. Some of you may be too young to remember, but in 1990, we were given the opportunity to vote on just such legislation that was going to fix the deficits that usually befall the natural resources of our great state. The lottery was created so that profits generated would fund the Game and Fish fund, the Natural Resources and Environmental fund. All the people I knew back then were for this and thought it was a great idea. Most of the people I hung around with were the outdoors type and just like now, they really wanted this passed and thought what a great deal we were all going to get from the proceeds of the lottery.

Well, the full amount of the funds for the first year did get allocated to where the legislature said they would spend the money, and then behind closed doors, for the next 10 years, the bill was reshaped, remolded, added to, and pretty much changed to where it is today. And where it is today is not where the original intent of the bill was back in 1990. In other words, yes they took our money, or rather the gamblers money, and decided to use it elsewhere. And now there is nothing we can do about that. And now that that money is gone, they are coming back to ask for more.

Let's think about this for a second. When lawyers go to court to argue a case or point. one of the cards they pull out of their hat is... "What was the intent of the law?" In fact, this is going to be decided in a case up in Virginia, MN. When the smoking ban went into place, the Guthrie, and other theaters, balked at the idea that actors wouldn't be able to smoke on the stage. It really would cut down on the realism of some of the productions. Well, the legislature wrote part of the bill that would allow actors to smoke in public places. To get around the smoking ban, an establishment in Virginia decided that they would do theatrical productions in their bar and make all of the patrons actors! Well, they are using a loophole in the law to circumvent the smoking ban (some people will do just about anything, eh?). This is going to go all the way to the supreme court for a decision, I bet, but the argument that proponents of the bill is going to be... "What was the intent of the law?" Well, I have to ask, when it comes to the lottery that was put into place in the 90s... What was the intent on the bill? Or, what was the intent of the amendment? OR...What was the intent?

I believe that at some point, a question like that has to be answered and it has to be answered truthfully. Of course if you ask anyone in the law-passing business what was the intent of the Lottery Bill, they will say... "to get funding for our natural resources, of course." But was that really the intent? Maybe it was just another way of getting money. Remember that after the first year... the very FIRST YEAR after ther lottery came into being, the legislature were already slicing up that money and diverting it elsewhere. My point is... what REALLY was the intent of the lottery? Mmmmmmm?

Okay, so now it is 18 years later. We have a whole new generation of voters out there. And I bet most of them either don't remember what happened in 1990 or just never knew. The legislature is betting on the fact that we are forgetful or maybe stupid. There are a few things that you must remember. First is that once a tax increase gets voted for, it stays there forever, whether we need it or not. That's forever, folks! Second, and I have seen this time and time again, this isn't like a home or business type of budgeting and accounting that the legislature and all of Minnesota beauracracy follows. If there is money left over for anything, budget or department, it is spent by the end of the year no matter what. Why? Because these "things" are afraid of getting their budget cut for the next year. It's kind of like being penalized for saving money. What does this mean? It means the budget NEVER goes backwards or down. Third is that we don't know how these dollars will be distributed, and by who, and this should be of great concern to everybody. Sure we can pass this new bill that will guarantee the money for specific things. But who controls this and how much goes exactly where? Do we know that? No.

Well... I am probably going to vote for this but it really, REALLY pains me to do so. We have been screwed before, but to tell you the truth, I think we need the money allocated anyway. I mean, they take the money away and now they need more money, but there really isn't anything we can do about that now. The fact that this is DEDICATED funding probably, might, I sure would think so, it better, hopefully go for what it is intended for. If it doesn't, there may be riots in the streets on the legislature's hands.

Many of you may not remember, but there was once a constitutional amendment on the ballot that allowed Minnesota residents the right to hunt and fish in our state under regulations set up by the Department of Natural Resources. Since hunting and fishing is/was a way of life for Minnesotans, indeed it runs deep to our core, the amendment passed by a huge margin. Now I believe that since hunting and fishing is such a heritage to us Minnesotans, the legislature thinks this new amendment will pass by this huge margin as well. And they may be right. But think hard and look closely. It is one thing to ask for money because it is really needed, it is another to play on the heartstrings of voters to get something passed. Yes... up here in Minnesota we like to fish and hunt. Yes, we like the great outdoors. Yes, we would like to save the environment for future generations. But if, after ten or twenty years, after all the money has been funneled to just the arts, and there is no money left for what it was intended for, I hope... I pray there will still be some of us around to remember why we voted yes. And if another bill like this goes up to the people, maybe there really will be rioting in the streets.

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Daily Subscription Msg 30 Posted: 10:17 AM 03/04/08 (CST)
Kind of puts a new meaning into all of those lottery ads on the TV...
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