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ALEXANDRIA – Christopherson’s Bait & Tackle, Dana Freese, 2 blocks east of Big Ole, (320-763-3255) Right now there is a slow crappie bite which is happening for only an hour or two in the evening on Ida, Louise, Lake Geneva and Le Homme Dieu in 18-24 feet of water. Lake Mini, Victoria and Geneva are producing some sunfish during the day. Some crappie and sunfish action has been found on Lake Reno. Walleye fishing is fairly slow, but some are being caught in 30-50 feet of water in the evening between 4-7 p.m. There is not much going on after sundown. The ice has firmed up and there is no longer slush. Reports are that there is 12-13 inches of ice on the area lakes.

ANNANDALE - B.J.’s Bait & Tackle, Bill, west side of Clearwater Lake, between the two public accesses (320-274-3730) Getting some sunnies and crappies out front of the shop in 8-10 feet of water. Crappies have been doing fairly good at the black hole in 32 feet of water with 3-8 p.m. biting time. Northerns have been okay, both spearing and angling. Walleyes have been slow.

ANOKA – Action’s Fishing, Jack, 809 West Hwy 10 (763-422-4890) Round Lake in Andover still coughing up sunfish. Crooked Lake in Andover gave up a 22-pound northern to one lucky spear fisherman. Lots of northerns being caught from Lake George on large golden shiners. Long Lake in Isanti good for northerns, also on shiners. Walleyes hitting in open water on the Mississippi in the Anoka area using rainbow chubs.

BATTLE LAKE – Ben’s Bait & Tackle, Josie, Junction of Hwy 78 and 210 (218-864-5596) The walleye action has slowed down this week, but some are catching them in 30-35 feet on Battle Lake and Ottertail Lake using minnows. Sunfish are really hard to come by. A few small ones are being caught on South Turtle. Northerns are biting in the cabbage weeds if you use sucker minnows. Battle Lake is producing some crappies. People are still not driving on the area lakes, and 4 wheelers and snowmobiles are still being used.

BEMIDJI – Bluewater Bait & Sports, Mark Cook, 1 mile north of the Hwy 2 & 71 Intersection (218-444-2248) The perch bite has really picked up in 15-35 feet of water using a green or glow jig or a blue and glow with a crappie minnow or a regular fathead. Lake Bemidji, Lake Plantagenet and Cass Lake have all been great for perch. Lots of fishermen are getting limits of perch that are 10-13 inches long. The walleye bite has also picked up a little bit using a glow jig and a small shiner with a large fathead. We have gained a few inches of ice lately.

BIG STONE – Bud’s Bait & Tackle, Greg or Jim Rasset (320-839-2480) The best reports in the area are coming out of the Meadowbrook area on Big Stone. Perch and walleye seem to be in the same area of the lake in 12-14 feet of water. Perch action in the days and walleye action in the evenings. Some smaller perch are being caught on the south end of the lake in 11 feet of water. Long Tom Lake is producing some crappies in the evening in 9-11 feet of water.

BLACKDUCK - Timberline Sport & Tackle, Carl Adams, Junction of Hwy 71 and Blackduck Lake Rd (218-835-4636) This past weekend was a little bit slower because of the cold weather. Still some perch and walleyes were caught on Blackduck. Red Lake action was slow last weekend but picked up during the week. With the Superbowl this last Sunday and the cold weather, there just weren't many fishermen out.

BRAINERD LAKES AREA – Brainerd Guide Service, John Blong (218-825-8965) Colder temperatures this last week kept many anglers off the ice in the Brainerd Lakes area. The walleye bite on Gull has slowed, but there are still a few fish being taken in the evenings in 16-20 feet of water. The pike bite has been good on many of the smaller lakes throughout the area. A few of the local spear fishermen reported good activity on the Whitefish Chain over the last week. The panfish action remains spotty. John reports, “I’ve heard of a few good reports, but I’ve yet to witness them myself.”

CHISAGO CITY – Frankie’s Live Bait and Marine, Brad, Corner of Hwy 8 and Co Rd 77 (651-257-6334) Lots of panfish action starting on North Center. Crappies are stacked in the center of Chisago Lake in around 30 feet from 5:30 p.m. into the evening. Sunrise Lake is producing northerns, and walleyes are being caught in South Lindstrom out from the beach in 18 feet of water in the sand. Fishing in the area has been good.

CROSSLAKE - Holiday of Cross Lake, Lee (218-692-2708) Walleye anglers are finding fish in 18-34 feet of water. Jigging spoons tipped with either a shiner or rainbow minnow working best. Pelican and the Whitefish Chain have an evening bite going. Northern pike action on Crosslake has been good with anglers finding fish off the points. Try tip-ups with large pike minnows in 10-15 feet. Crappie and panfish action is taking place early morning and at dusk with most lakes giving up fish to small glow jigs tipped with waxworms or minnows. Try Clamshell or Loon lakes.

DETROIT LAKES - Dick Beardsley’s Guide Service (218-846-9230) The good news is that very cold weather in the area has firmed up the slush on area lakes. Extreme caution is still needed though. There are a few more people driving vehicles on the ice but you must know very well the conditions of the lake you’re on. There are a few walleyes being caught on Big Cormorant, Lizzie, Lida, Pelican, Detroit and Cotton. The key is to move away from any other anglers and be patient! Jigging Rapalas or Lindy Rattl’n Glow spoons with a minnow head are working well in 18-30 feet. Best time of day is right before sundown. The panfish bite is picking up. Perch are being caught on Little Cormorant and Height of Land Lakes. Small teardrop jigs and waxies are turning the fish. Star, Little Detroit, Floyd, Little Pelican, Prairie, Franklin, Cotton, Middle Cormorant, and Town lakes are all kicking out some crappies and sunfish. The key here also is to get away from the crowds and concentrate on the green weeds and you should do well.

DULUTH - Fisherman’s Corner, Scott, 7 miles north of Miller Mall on Hwy 53 (218-729-5369) Folks are getting ready for the Big Jig Contest this Sunday, Feb. 12th, on Pike Lake. Perch fishing has been very good out there, some seeing a lot of action in 20-25 feet of water, right on the bottom. Crappie minnows have been working the best. Some walleyes are being caught, but these are coming out of the 17- to 18-foot range. Caribou Lake is producing some crappies and northerns. Crappies have been found in 10-15 feet of water, and the northerns have been in 8-12 feet of water. Good crappie and bluegill reports coming out of Lake Nichols. Bluegills are found here in 8-10 feet of water and crappies are coming out 12-15 feet of water. Grand Lake has been producing a lot of northerns in 8-12 feet of water using tip-ups and smelt and shiners. The looper and coho action has been steady in Lake Superior near the French River on the cloud-covered days, morning and evenings have been the best. Try fishing the bottom with waxworms or looper bugs. Cohos seem to respond to blown-up nightcrawlers off the bottom. There are some good splake and brook trout reports coming out of the Ely area. The ice conditions are better right now than they have ever been this time of year. Lake of the Woods area is reporting problems with stained water which is pushing the fish into the main part of the lake and the fishing has been very tough. Local fishing has been very good!

DULUTH - Marine General, 1501 London Road, on the edge of Lake Superior (218-724-8833) It has been a good weekend for fishing cohos in Lake Superior near the French River using nightcrawlers and spawn bags fishing them off of the bottom. Some were also some caught using looper bugs and bobbers. On Pike Lake there have been some walleyes and perch caught in the evenings in 18-21 feet of water by jigging fatheads and smaller shiner minnows. Some are starting to get some nice panfish on Fish Lake in around 18 feet of water in the evenings. You should use crappie minnows for crappies and waxworms are working for the bluegills.

EDEN VALLEY – Mike’s Bait & Tackle, Mike, right off Hwy 55 (320-453-2248) Koronis and Rice are producing some walleyes in 12-25 feet of water. Crappies are being found in Rice and Horseshoe. We had a pretty good week for trout fishing out on Mud Lake. Some are angling northerns out on Clear Lake.

GRAND RAPIDS - Rapids Tackle, Don Wendt, 2 blocks west of Jerry’s Liquor Warehouse (218-326-9838) The colder weather has made the ice real good. The fish have become more active also. We have heard of some good crappie bites from Bowstring, Jessie, Cutfoot and Sugar lakes. The small minnow and a glow jig set-up works best, however a waxie and ice fly also works on slow biters. The evening walleye bite is holding out on Pokegama and Sugar lakes. Shiners and a jigging spoon is the answer most times in about 20 feet. Suckers and a tip-up have taken several nice northern this week. Fishing is getting better all of the time.

GREY EAGLE - Nancy’s Bait & Tackle, Rex, on CR 2, four miles east of the Rock Tavern on Big Birch Lake, four miles west of Upsala (320-285-2405) On the north end of Big Sauk Lake some anglers are hitting crappies in the 50-foot hole and some are finding sunfish off Diamond Point. Nice 1-pound crappies are also being caught on Big Birch Lake in about 50 feet of water and also some nice northern pike. Fishing has been kind of slow this last week. The latest cold snap has firmed up the ice.

HACKENSACK - Swanson’s Bait & Tackle, Jim Tuller, Hwy 371 on the north end of Hackensack (218-675-6176) The Eelpout Festival is coming this weekend, and we have a supply of entry buttons for the fishermen. Temperatures have been below freezing the last few nights and more people are driving on area lakes. There is 3-4 inches of new snow on the area lakes and the snowmobiling on the lakes has improved. Ice conditions now are what they should have been maybe 45 days ago. Ten Mile Lake, Birch and Pleasant Lake have been producing some small sunfish. Northern fishing has stayed the same, there have been mostly small fish found. Perch are found on Leech Lake. Midweek around Thursday it should start to get crowded with the Eelpout Festival this weekend. Last week there was a reported 14 inches of ice on Walker Bay. There should be more than that now with the latest cold snap.

KABETOGAMA-NAMAKAN – Gateway Store, US Hwy 53 & CO Rd 122, 30 miles south of Int’l Falls-Canadian border, Phil Hart (218-875-2121) Good cold weather and sunshine helped fishing. Action on Saturday was much better than in the past. Walleyes and northerns showed up making the cold temperatures more tolerable. The Ash River/Kabetogama area on the East end of Kabetogama remains the most reliable place to find walleyes. Depth ranges from 22-35 feet, using minnows and glow jigs is the best bet. Northern pike are scattered all over the lakes. Angling and tip-ups, using light northern suckers and plain hook doing the best job. Soft bottom bays at 8-18 feet is the best range. Crappie action is quite quiet throughout the network of lakes. Some early evening action, at sunset to the hour thereafter remains one of the best times for action.

LAKE OF THE WOODS –Area Tourism Bureau, Jane, near junction of Hwy 11 and Hwy 172 in Baudette (1-800-382-FISH) Even though we have not experienced the high success rate that many have come to expect from the world-class fishery that is Lake of the Woods, this winter season has definitely provided an exciting challenge for anglers of all skill levels. Resorts along the South Shore and Rainy River are fishing in 25-35 feet of water up to 10 miles out from Pine Island, and in 30-32 feet of water 3-5 miles north of Morris Point. A good mix of walleye and sauger, along with a few big perch are being pulled up through 20-24 inches of ice. Gold, red, and glow jigs of ¼-ounce seem to be finding the most success, although hot pink and blue have been reported as good colors as well. Both shiners and fathead chubs have been proving themselves effective bait. Many houses have been reporting slot-sized walleye suspended 2 feet off the bottom, and a few have even pulled up big northerns that have been in the area lately feeding on schools of tulibees. Northwest Angle area resorts continue one of their most exciting winter fishing seasons in recent history. With 20-22 inches of ice south of Oak Island, resorts are fishing in 18-20 feet of water. The overall bite has slowed some from the beginning of the season, but extremely nice perch are being pulled up on a regular basis, and the walleye bite remains strong on glow and classic gold jigs coupled with fat heads. The fish are noticeably reacting to sunshine on both sides of the lake, with brighter days bringing more fish to the bait.

LEECH LAKE – Anderson’s Resorts, Tim (1-800-516-0077) Fishing has been excellent. Looking forward to the International Eelpout Festival this weekend on Leech Lake’s Walker Bay. Visit www.poutfest.com for updates. This week’s cold snap should make it a great weekend! Perch bite has been good especially in Agency Bay and Sand Point. Walleye fishing is still a dust and dawn bite. Pike have been very aggressive. Tip-ups are key, and don’t be surprised if you happen to have a good 20 or 30 minute fight on your hands. Tim has heard of more muskies and big pike being caught this winter than in about 16 years.

MANKATO – The Bobber Shop, North Riverfront Drive (507-625-8228) Washington, Mud Bay, Bakers Bay and Brickpoint are producing sunfish in 16 feet using small jigs, waxworms and spikes. Walleyes are found on Eagle Lake in the early mornings and the evening hours using shiners and tip-ups in 6 feet of water. Walleyes are also being found in Lake Hanska off the north landing in the afternoon into the evening in 6 feet of water. Some nicer walleyes are being caught in the Narrows in around in 24 feet of water. There is around 11-13 inches of ice reported on the area lakes.

MILLE LACS – Lundeen’s Tackle Castle, Bill Lundeen, Onamia (320-532-3416) Angling pressure was a little lighter this week. The walleye bite is still mostly a prime-time deal, while the perch will bite on and off throughout the daylight hours. The best action this week has been on the mud flats again - 9-mile, Sherman’s and Blue Jug have all kicked out some fish in the deeper water OFF the edge of the flat. Gem Spoons and Fire Eyes tipped with a gob of waxies or a fathead have been the best approach. Silver, red and glow are your top colors.

MONTEVIDEO – DJ’s Sporting Goods, Jon Dahlvang, east Hwy 7, south side of Hwy, (320-269-7265) Fishing has been quiet, some are still catching fish in the open water of the Minnesota River in the Montevideo area. There is not much else happening.

NISSWA - Dave’s Sportland Bait & Tackle, Jason, 2 miles south of Nisswa at the Intersection of Hwy 371 and Cty Rd 77, next to Schaefer’s Foods (218-963-2401) We are still plucking a few walleyes out of Gull Lake. The walleyes have moved a little deeper. There have been good reports from 30-40 feet in the evenings with a few perch during the day. Plain hooks and fathead minnows or shiners are the ticket. The panfish action has been spotty. The small lakes are still the best option. Small crappie minnows or wax worms are working best in the evenings for crappies. The pike action is really getting good on Gull, Edwards, and most small lakes. Put out a tip-up and a sucker minnow for best results.

PELICAN RAPIDS – Park Region Sport Shop, Lee Brenna, Intersection of Interstate 59 and 108 in downtown Pelican Rapids (800-962-8553) Fishing has greatly improved in the last week because of the cold weather. Sunnies are biting again and the walleyes are starting to come in again. The slush is gone on area lakes.

RAINY LAKE – Rainy Lake Tourism (1-800-FALLS-MN) The fish are biting! The bite has gone deeper and is producing bigger fish. We had some more seasonable cold weather and snow and fishing has improved. Anglers are getting nice keeper size walleye, and quite a few in the slot, and they are finding them near Birch Point and Grindstone Island. There are also fish on the main reefs of Rainy and near Rainy Lake City. Try jigs and minnows in 30-40 feet of water for walleye and put a big sucker minnow on a heavy leader to catch a big northern pike. There’s been talk of crappies biting in the evening around Sand Bay, again, you might try a light jig and small minnow.

RED WING – Four Seasons Sport Shop, 2301 W Main St (651-388-4334) There have been some fish caught up near the dam this week by jigging minnows. From Hay Creek to the high bridge has also seen some action in 20-25 feet of water using a boat. As far as ice fishing goes, there is not a lot going on.

SAINT CLOUD – Corky’s Gas & Bait , Main Street in Rockville (320-251-1567) Fishing has slowed down a tad because of the cold front that has gone through but Goodner and Pleasant have still been producing panfish in 15-17 feet of water using waxworms. Walleye fishing has slowed, but some are getting a handful on Rice and Grand using shiners but they are really spotty. Crappie fishing has picked up and they seem to be in 22 feet of water suspended. You can find them on Rice Lake, Grand Lake and Pearl. You can try a glow jig with crappie minnows. Northerns are doing a little bit better and are in approximately 20 feet of water and can be found using sucker minnows and large shiners. Ice is OK for the upcoming contests, but still isn't drivable.

SAINT CLOUD – Stop Light Bait, Honest Don, 8th Avenue SE, St. Cloud (320-255-9689) The angler report a somewhat slower bite this past week. There have been positive reports of crappies being caught on Clearwater and Pearl Lake in approximately 14 feet of water. Sunfish have been biting on Clearwater and Sauk Lake. Perch are still biting on Little Rock Lake, with some nice fish kept after sorting through the smaller ones. Use waxworms, Eurolarvae or minnows. For walleyes try Rice or Koronis Lake. Northerns have been active on Pleasant, Pearl and Clearwater Lake. We now sell dead bait smelt with the heads, that are not gutted. Northerns, catfish and lake trout like to eat them.

SPICER - Mel’s Sportshop, Hwy 23 and Ruth Street (320-796-2000) Green Lake is still going good for walleyes. Try 20-30 feet deep. Walleyes are also being caught in Eagle Lake and South Long Lake. For the best crappie action try glow jigs and minnows out on Norway Lake, Nest Lake and Lake Florida. Norway Lake, Lake Florida and Lake Calhoun are still tops for sunfish. Small green jigs and waxworms work well as do small PowerBaits on the same jigs. The weed edges on most area lakes are still good for northern pike. Use shiners and sucker minnows for the biggest pike.

STARBUCK - Minnewaska Bait, Larry Jensen, Hwy 29 near the Starbuck Marina (320-239-2239) Sunfish are still hitting on the Glenwood side of the lake from Morning Glory Gardens all the way to the town of Glenwood. Sunfish are active in 16 feet of water during the day and are being sorted now more than they have been. Try using small jigs and waxworms. Crappies are starting to pick up in the area of the Fish Hatchery; you want to be in around 16 feet of water, suspended 3-4 feet off the bottom, and try in the afternoon. A camera is also working well. The northerns are still biting on the Glenwood side, they are chasing around the sunfish and small perch. Try a big shiner minnow or a sucker minnow on a tip-up with a 2nd rig and you could possibly tie into a 9-pound northern. No walleye or perch action in the area.

WACONIA - Mase’s In Towne Marine, Cindy, corner of Lake and Elm (952-442-2096) Some crappies have been coming in to be weighed this week, and we have seen some that have been up to a pound. You need to go out from 3:00 to dusk to have the best chance at them. Five- to 6-pound northerns have been coming in, some even larger. These fish have been caught near the weeds in 12+feet of water. The deeper holes in Waconia Bay are producing crappies and walleyes. Pillsbury Reef and Cemetery Reef are also producing these fish near the drop-offs in 20-23 feet of water. Sunfish can be found during the day. The ice is improved by firming up and is very usable.

WAYZATA - Wayzata Bait & Tackle, Tim or Bob, half mile west off I-494 on Hwy 12 (952-473-2227) The best walleye fishing this week has been found in Potato Lake in about 22 feet on the rock bars using fatheads. Northerns have been found on Fishhook Lake using sucker minnows. Call for more details.
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Minnesota fishing reports..2-9-06 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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