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Joined 02/26/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 07:52 AM 12/29/05 (CST)
Hey Everyone,

I wanted to bring to your attention something that Hoggie is starting at, it is called! I applaude his efforts in this. It looks like a great idea and I think we should endorse an effort like this as much as we can. If you have kids like I do, pulling your kids away from the TV and the video games can be tough, but I think that to educate the kids in all things outdoors, including fishing, will stick with them for a lifetime.

If you don't know what this is about, here is a quote from the site...

"K-12 schools across America can invite knowledgeable outdoor professionals into their classrooms
using the school computer! This is a fun and innovative way to learn about the outdoors online. It is easy, just register a user-name on our Catch-n KIDS FORUMS using your class information and school's location."


"Catch-nKIDS outdoor professionals list their discussion topics on the Catch-nKIDS FORUM under "TOPICS". These topics are seen with the dates and times for the interactive meetings. Each topic lists a suggested audience rating for classes K-12. These pros come from the Pro-Staff and other outdoor information sites across the nation. Many of our outdoor professionals work for companies that make outdoor related products, are outdoor radio and TV hosts, are outdoor writers, and are hunting or fishing guides or may compete in professional tournament trails. All of these pros are here to aid in educating America's youth so that they may fully and safely enjoy the great outdoors."

Good job Hoggie and keep up the good work!

More info can be found here...

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Joined 07/18/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 07:54 AM 12/29/05 (CST)
What a great idea! I hope it is successful Hoggie!


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Joined 07/19/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 08:12 AM 12/29/05 (CST)
Like I said... you gotto love this site :-)
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Joined 08/05/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 06:41 PM 12/29/05 (CST)
Better not let PETA see that.

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Joined 01/01/2005

Hoggie's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 5 Posted: 07:50 PM 12/29/05 (CST)
PETA will see us I am sure... and when they do I am also sure we will have that battle.
Taking the outdoors into classrooms is a project Smitty and I have worked on for the past four years.
I have spent many hours/days and gathered many Catch-N Pro-Staff in preperation.
It will take far far more staff than I have now. My hope is to use those I now have and gather more staff from other sites.
I also will use the staff from companies that become sponsors. These sponsor companies (and it will take many of them) will provide not only the breathing bodies of outdoors experts, but also provide needed funding that will aid in bringing the program to a national level.
Will PETA bar that door?
Likely so.
Will knowing that in advance deter us and this effort?
Not likely... considering the support we have from staff and sponsors.
Today we have ASI Image Studios / Bill Gench and the support of Humminbird/MinnKota. It is my goal to make that sponsor list read like a who's who in the industry. I am excited to say that I have proposals in front of at least 25 potential sponsors and will build on that to hundreds in the coming weeks.
Can this happen? Can we host a program that shows K-12 kids what their parents, teachers, and school books do not know or show about the "Great Outdoors".
I think so.
Can we start today... we did all ready.
The foundation is set, plans have been implememted, letters sent, and staff added.
Our armor in the battle of PETA against Catch-N Kids is that we have the professionals... not a kinda-sorta maybe-so geeIguessso bunch of wannabe's. Our team will represent the BEST of he industry and be a symbol to the 3 R's of the Outdoors... Respect, Relationships, and Responsibilities. By lawfully taking game and fish, we humans ensure the these animals are able to continue living with healthy populations in a natural lifestyle. Our attitude of respect in society will allow us to continue managing the outdoors and allow Catch-N KIDS to GROW. Future generations will need the lessons we can teach now.
Do we need help to get this going?
Can you help?
Ya sure.
Help spread the word of Catch-N KIDS.
Should you know who we should be takling to... let us know.
Thanks in advance!

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