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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 07:59 AM 11/29/05 (CST)
A jig and minnow will produce walleyes in 40 to 50 feet of water on lakes such as Miltona and Ida. Even so, most anglers seem to be waiting for ice before they fish again.


An occasional bass report comes off lakes such as Clearwater, Twin, and Sylvia. Crankbaits seem to be the presentation of choice right now. A jig and minnow is the best bet for walleyes in 15 to 30 feet of water on Cedar Lake and Clearwater.


Work the 20- to 30-foot breaks on Battle Lake for muskies. Most anglers are trolling deep-diving crankbaits or large sucker minnows. Walleyes continue to be caught by shore anglers on Eagle Lake during the evening hours. There's also a deep walleye bite on Otter Tail Lake, with shiner minnows. The ponds are iced over, but all area lakes show no signs of ice cover.


A few small lakes capped over with ice last week, but they have since reopened. You will find some limited shoreline ice throughout the area, which has ended any thoughts of fishing open water.


A few anglers have been "sneaking" on the north side of Upper Red Lake and fishing northern pike with tip-ups. There's still more open water than ice on the big lakes, but most small bodies of water have remained ice-covered. It wouldn't take but a night or two of cold weather for the ice fishing season to get going.


There is some shoreline ice starting to form, but "a boat or two" can still be found fishing walleyes on Gull Lake. Until it locks up, a jig and minnow is the best bet in 20 to 25 feet of water. There have not been any other fishing reports from the area.


Most anglers are waiting for ice, which was forming last week. Wind and warm weather opened up most lakes this week. With a few nights of cold, calm weather, many small lakes could lock up.


There's a dusting of snow on the ground, but it's been too warm for the lakes to freeze. All area lakes remain wide open and anglers fishing along the shores of Lake Superior can expect to catch loopers as long as the shorelines remain open.


The shorelines on most lakes seem to freeze every night only to open again during the day. If you're not ready to give up the open water season quite yet, there's a good chance you'll catch walleyes from shore on the Rum River near Princeton.


A few people continue to catch crappies in the channel between George Lake and Lake Sissiton. Most anglers have put away the open water gear and are waiting for ice, which has yet to develop.


You will find ice on the ponds, possibly a few small lakes, and along the shorelines of the areas bigger lakes. It just hasn't been cold enough to thicken ice depths enough to think about fishing.


There's a skim of ice on most small lakes, but not nearly enough to walk on. It just hasn't been cold enough for walkable ice to form. One week of single-digit temperatures could improve ice conditions very quickly.


The bays, harbors and parts of the main lake have been partially frozen throughout the week. The lakes should freeze rapidly with a few days of cold weather.


There's some shoreline ice starting to form, but you could still fish open water. The bays remain open and the occasional muskie angler has worked these areas with limited success. Walleye reports have been nonexistent this week as most await ice fishing.


Work the channels for northern pike with large sucker minnows. A few muskie anglers are throwing topwater baits in six to eight feet of water and finding an occasional hungry fish. Walleyes remain an option on the deep, outside weed edges in 35 feet of water.


Most open water activity has ended on the main lake. There was ice starting to form last week, but it has since melted or been blown open by the wind. The only fishing activity to report is on the Rainy River where a few anglers continue to catch walleyes.


If you can get through the shoreline ice, you'll still catch walleyes in 25 to 35 feet of water from a boat. A jig and minnow presented vertically has worked best. There's no ice to speak of the main portions of most lakes. The little that does form each night melts or gets blown open during the day.


As of Tuesday morning, the entire lake was wide open except for some shoreline ice. Last weeks limited blast of cold air froze about three-quarters of the lake so it wont take but a few days of cold temperatures to lock it up.


There's thin ice along the shores, harbors, and bays. You might also find a small lake tucked in the woods covered with ice, but nothing that's safe to walk on. By most accounts, it would only take a few nights of single-digit temperatures for some of these small lakes to offer walkable ice.


A handful of anglers continue to fish open water. Crappies are being caught in the narrows of Madison Lake. Look to Second Point and Bakers Bay on Lake Washington for walleyes. The Minnesota River remains an option for walleyes as well.


You'll find some ice in the bays, while the main portions of all lakes remain open. Generally speaking, there's too much ice to fish open water and not enough to walk on. It's going to take several consecutive nights of cold weather for walkable ice to form.


The small lakes are ice covered, but not with enough to walk on. A few anglers continue to dump boats in the Mississippi River and catch walleyes and smallmouth bass on minnows.


There was some limited ice on the small lakes last week, but they've opened over the past several days.


There was some ice covering the small lakes last week. They've since opened, and if it doesn't colder they'll remain that way. Despite the open water, there aren't any fishing reports this week. Most people seem content to wait for ice.


There are a few open water reports coming off the Rainy River. Most main lake activity has come ended with shoreline ice starting to form. The north end of Black Bay also has ice, although it's not close to being thick enough to walk on.


A few small lakes and bays were ice covered last week, but they have since reopened. Although you could still fish out of a boat, only the occasional angler has asked for minnows.


Ice had started to form with last weeks cold weather. It hasn't been cold enough over the past several days for it to get thicker, and on many lakes, the ice has melted. While it hasn't been cold enough to make ice it has been too cold to fish open water.


NORTHEAST METRO - Walleyes continue to be caught by a few anglers who have been on the St. Croix River. A jig and minnow has worked best in 20 to 30 feet of water during the afternoon. Even though all area lakes remain open, most anglers have put their boats away and are waiting for ice.

SOUTHWEST METRO - There aren't many anglers going out, and those that have aren't catching anything.


The only ice you'll find is along the shores and in a few bays. The boats are put away, and most anglers are waiting for walkable ice.

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 02:03 PM 11/29/05 (CST)
Thanks for the report BigBite!

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Minnesota Fishing Report - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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