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Big Sandy Report 7/20/19 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
Sand Burr
Joined 02/27/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 09:54 AM 07/22/19 (CST)
This week’s report 7/20/19
What a weekend! Friday started out with the storm rolling through my personal property. Compared to the surrounding neighbors I didn’t get hit to bad, lots of hail and trees down. We were able to get up to Eagle Pont a bit late and were met with a fresh batch of mosquitoes. The boys left without me and tried some night fishing. They were chased off the lake by 10pm by the bugs. Nothing to really report from that trip.

Saturday was a new day and new adventure. My wife wanted to head west and look for some crappies. We found a small stained lake and started by pulling Ring Grubs in 8-15fow. The first thing to show was a 4lb largemouth. On the other side of the weed bed was a 31” northern. The rain/drizzle hit and we toughed it out for the next hour. We were rewarded with a couple small walleye, crappies and sunfish. The sun soon poked out and the fish moved back shallow. More walleyes and bass. It was a good morning of fishing that scratched the itch.

Saturday night was a new adventure. We picked our favorite local clear lake and hit the water around 7:30pm. The walleyes and people were there to great us with open arms! The recreational boaters were mixing with the fisherman and it was awkward for a while. Things always clear out when it gets dark and it makes it manageable. The eater walleyes did not disappoint! We used ring plastics again, ring grubs and a Walmart paddle tail, staying in 8-10fow. The moonrise was not until 11pm and was not visible until midnight. We could have stay longer but I’m getting to old for that.

Sunday mid-morning was my Big Sandy day and it didn’t disappoint. I again went out looking for steep edges. Tops being at 6-8fow going down to 20ish fow. I start right on the edge and let my side imaging tell me where to go. We changed up and pulled Authntx Pulse-R plastics and it did not disappoint. We actually landed a 20” smallmouth, as many pike you could throw a stick at and walleyes galore. Fishing was good! I seen a full bucket in the cleaning shack, so fun was had by all.

We dropped my daughter off at Big Sandy Camp for the week and headed home. If anyone is looking for a faith-based camp, I highly recommend them. Great staff and a great thing for kids young and old. Link below.

Yes, there was an accident Sunday afternoon at the Eagle Point entrance. My wife was one of the first there and I can report that everyone is OK. It appears that the driver drifted off the road and hit the approach.

Authentx Pulse-R

Big Sandy Camp

Eagle Point Facebook link:

Good luck on the water and have fun with the family!

Shannon Kruse

Joined 02/26/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 07:26 AM 07/23/19 (CST)
Hey... thanks for the reports, Sand Burr!

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Big Sandy Report 7/20/19 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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