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Sand Burr
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 08:30 AM 07/15/19 (CST)
This week’s report 7/14/19
Yep, I took the week/pre-week of the 4th off and just had fun. The boat traffic was out of this world this year. The Fireworks on the lake were as spectacular as can be. If you have never seen fireworks on the lake don’t miss out!!!! Our events on Saturday at Eagle Point had the best participation ever! We had around 15 carts for the parade, 32 teams for the cornhole tournament and 8 teams for slippy tippy. We are starting to plan for the Halloween party in August.

On to the fishing. Pre-fourth I took some time and was a third wheel on a Canada drive in trip. It was at a resort about 1 ½ hours over the Grand Portage border. The fishing was ok based on the weather conditions. It was dead calm and HOT. We had plenty of walleyes to eat and even a few lake trout to bring home. I posted the resort link below. It was a good affordable stay with a sandy beach for the whole family to relax at. The week after Canada was a bust around Big Sandy. To many boaters, jet skis and pontoons. We mostly joined the forces and sat at the Sand Bars.

Last weekend we picked up were we left off. The sun was HOT and the fish flies are abundant. It is amazing what electronics will show you. I had many reports of “nothing” even the small pike didn’t want any action. I took my chances on Sunday and went in search. I was impressed to see a lot of traffic on the lake for a Sunday. A good portion of them fishing out on the main lake on the rock humps. I started by pulling some deeper cranks to see if I could locate some active fish. “Goose Egg”, again it was full of fish flies. I headed for deeper wind-blown water with steeper banks. I decided to pull some plastics. We were bouncing in the 8 – 26 FOW with a very slow approach. We used a couple types of plastics, ring-grubs and Hooksetter split-tails on ¼ ounce heads. Much to my surprise we located some active walleyes, small mouth and of course pike. We put nothing in the live-well, but we had some fun catching a variety of fish. Stay hydrated out there! It was stick hot and the storms rolled in late that afternoon. A very good tip for anyone that is new to the lake, its stained water. The best bite on this lake can be from 9am till 4pm. The walleyes love weeds on this lake, find the edge and troll it with anything. Yes, its full of pike but they taste good also! Good luck out there!!!!!!

Norther Light Resort, Thunder Bay

Eagle Point Facebook link:

Good luck on the water and have fun with the family!

Shannon Kruse

Big Sandy Report 7/14/19 - - - This thread has 1 message. Showing 1 through 1.
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