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big sandy report 6/22/19 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
Sand Burr
Joined 02/27/2004

Sand Burr's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 11:07 AM 06/24/19 (CST)
This week’s report 6/22/19
We headed north this weekend thinking it was going to be a washout. Much to our surprise we were blessed with a gorgeous Saturday! This week I decided to try a lake that I haven’t been on in at least 10 years. My recollection was that it was a semi-stained lake with an average for the area panfish/walleye bite. I then proceeded to make a series of errors… We ended up leaving a little late that morning, I didn’t have any worries because it’s a stained lake. Well upon arrival it was obvious that I was WRONG, clear and clean. As a matter of fact, we had a good mat of weeds in the 6-12fow range. My plan was to utilize plastics in the 7-10fow range, but it was obvious that I couldn’t find a good method to make this happen. Like most of the lakes in the area DNR mapping is bleak. Our side imaging on the boat was not working which became a major problem holding a weed edge. It was also becoming obvious that this was not going to be a mid-morning bite with the clear water. We did the next best thing and put on some 8-10 depth glass shads and fired up the kicker. We attempted to stay in the 12-18fow at about 2.1mph. We were blessed with every snot rocket known to man. Good fight and good action. We headed back for a late lunch and a game or two of bags. We decided to regroup and take my wife and daughter out on Sandy for a boat cruise and pull a few husky jerks. As usual it took no time to put a few topside but nothing to write home about. It was very relaxing, and you can tell with the boat traffic that everyone is ready for the 4th. The boat traffic is picking up and the sandbars are full when the sun is out. I did see a posting of a boat that crashed into the shoreline over on the east sandbar. Be careful out on the water over the next couple weeks!!! The clouds and wind rolled in and we called it a great day. I am still hearing of a decent panfish bite off the docks and typical weed lines. Look for areas with less boat traffic and you will find your fish. Lets start gearing up for the 4th! Fireworks will be off Floe Island on Thursday July 4th at dusk.

Many of you have seen the duck decoys just past McGrath. If you would like to know the history, please check out the special aired Sunday night. There is also a Facebook page, link below.

Ditch Ducks Kare 11 link:

Facebook Ditch Ducks link:

Eagle Point will be having its typical festivities this year on Saturday July 6th. (see flyer on Facebook page, link below)
Kids Games
Golf cart/ATV/UTV parade
Bean \Bag Tourny
Slippy Tippy (Adult Games, Awesome spectator sport!)

Eagle Point Facebook link:

Good luck on the water and have fun with the family!

Shannon Kruse

Domino Dave
Full Member
Joined 05/22/2009

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 10:11 AM 07/02/19 (CST)
Nice report on those colorful decoys on 65. I'm glad someone cares for them over the winter. My wifey wants to add to the mix now. So she is plotting her color strategy! lol

Fishing this weekend was fantastic! We did the usual, slept in on Sat morning from a long week of working hard. Put the boat in and went fishing at like 11AM. One would think that this plan would end badly! Nope, the midday bite was on. We caught a ton of fish, and kept a nice pile of 15-17" eyes, a few jumbo's and couple of pike. Finished up at 2:30pm. We would have caught a serious sunburn too if it wasn't for our topper on the boat. The presentation didn't seem to matter much, slip bobber with a colored or non colored hook, or a 2-3 foot live bait rig with a plain hook and a leech all worked well. The reason for the drastically different approaches mainly had to do with the bottom rocks! Fish were spread out from 9 feet to 24 feet. We just targeted active fish off the bottom a foot or so at any depth, and they cooperated nicely.

So we went to a Hillcrest for dinner, and went back out for the short but fun evening bite which went well.

Then the storms came overnight, thunder lightning, rain for 6 hours or so..oh my. So at noon on Sunday, we turned on the bilge for 20 minutes, and went fishing expecting notta! Wrong, they were still hungry...we had a blast! Had a huge walleye dinner, and headed back home to the grind!

Have fun out there people, and be safe!

smile smiley
Sand Burr
Joined 02/27/2004

Sand Burr's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 08:09 AM 07/08/19 (CST)
Great report dave and it was a blast seeing you on Friday.

big sandy report 6/22/19 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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