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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 07:52 AM 04/06/12 (CST)
It seems that moving the opener up a week may be happening and I gotta tell you I take this with a little umbrage. Sure, I will enjoy an extra week of fishing this year, if Dayton actually signs the bill, but this is totally screwing up a bunch of people I know out there. Isn't it funny how the establishment, being our duly elected officials, seem to be controlling just about every aspect of our lives now days? They say jump and we ask how high. The so-called “mom’s amendment” was sponsored in the House by Rep. David Dill, DFL-Crane Lake. Sen. Minority Leader Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, said he would offer a similar amendment in the Senate. Dill’s amendment was attached to the House Omnibus Game and Fish Bill, a collection of other provisions.

Some things to think about...

Some buddies and I have been getting together for the past 25 years for the opener, some have moved out of state and others have no other place to go go. We have a core group of people who open their cabins up for this event and it has grown through the years to over 30 people, I bet. Now that they are deciding to move the date for the opener, it is causing us all sorts of problems. Case in point... we have people who fly in for this event, some as far as Florida. Yes, we still consider them Minnesotans, but they have moved out of state for work, family or whatever. We aren't even sure at this point that the date will be moved, but these people have already purchased plane tickets and arranged for days off from work (we usually take the Friday and following Monday off for the event).

I called another buddy of mine who lives in Minnesota and asked what his plans are and he told me he had to put in for those days off way back in January and he can't change those. Another royal pain. I bet here are others who are in the same boat.

Also, there are resorts out there who are also conflicted about the change. Sure it would give one more week of possible revenue, but there could be problems for them. Believe it or not, there have been resort and lake associations that have met and debated this change and a majority of them opposed the idea of an earlier opener. Seems they think it’s a logistical and scheduling nightmare. Resort guests often plan their opening weekend vacations well in advance, and many want to stay in the same cabin on that weekend every year. Moving the opener around creates problems for resort owners trying to keep all their customers happy.

And what about the Governor? The Governor’s Fishing Opener, which was established as an event aimed at increasing tourism in communities around the state, already is scheduled for May 10-12 in Waconia. Those dates will not change.

And now, we are not even sure this is going to happen! If they spring it on us three or four days before it happens, all that would do is cause even more chaos. What a mess!

So sure... I would like an extra day of fishing. Not a big deal if you own a cabin and have a fairly flexible schedule, but come on, folks! Here we are, waiting to find out when the actual opener will be. The resorts are scrambling to prepare a week early and folks who have planned for this event are left in a lurch. I'll bet you a dime and a doughnut that we will find out when the actual opener will be about 3 or 4 days before May 5th. Leave it to the establishment to really screw things up.

Woodtic brought up a good point when we were talking on the phone last night. Our legislature can spend 10 years debating a Vikings stadium and never get anything done, but they can ramrod this down our throats in just a few weeks. Sheesh!

So what is our group going to do? Everyone I talked to decided damn the politicians. Our opener is going to be on the 12th whether it is official or not. We can't sit around and wait for the goons in our capital to decide what they are going to do. Plans have been made, time off work has been established and money has been spent. It just goes to show ya how much the decision-making in our government effects our lives.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 09:12 AM 04/06/12 (CST)
I'm with you on this one WD.

It doesn't make any sense to me as to why the would move it.

Supposedly the opener date is set so that it allows for spawning fish to be protected so why now all of a sudden can politicians without an scientific basis decide now is a good time to move up the opener? If the date is meant to protect fish then lets protect them and keep the date the same. If the date really doesn't mean anything in terms of protecting spawning fish then lets discuss moving the opener but not this close. This debate should have happened last summer.

I also see this as a huge logistics nightmare for resort owners. If i were them I wouldn't want to deal with it. The timing for this is just all wrong and is going to create more problems that it solves.

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 01:33 PM 04/06/12 (CST)
I couldn't agree more. I am really getting sick of the politians not understanding what the consequences are for their actions. crazy smiley

Joined 05/10/2005

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Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 03:34 PM 04/06/12 (CST)
I've wondered if they know there are different opener dates for different species?

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Joined 06/27/2007

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Daily Subscription Msg 5 Posted: 10:34 PM 04/06/12 (CST)
I don't understand your problem. Moving the opener up a week obviously doesn't mean you or the resorts have to change your plans and schedules and I don't see why you would. It'd probably mean more revenue for bait shops, hotels, etc that cater to anglers so why not move it up?

How is anyone adversely affected by an earlier opener?
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Daily Subscription Msg 6 Posted: 03:03 PM 04/09/12 (CST)
Maybe this will help you, Odin...




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Daily Subscription Msg 7 Posted: 11:29 PM 04/09/12 (CST)
I can see why resorts would balk at not accommodating clients who want to move their dates up but I don't see why that's a big deal, except for this -

"So on the one hand, we have tourism officials, resort owners and angling addicts who believe they can't possibly not fish on the first day it's legally allowed."

Are the resorts afraid if they say no that fishing parties will cancel and book other resorts a week earlier? Hard to believe people would write off their deposits just to fish the new opener. And if they do, that frees the resorts to book new business that week while keeping the deposits. That's a hardship?

All the other objections strike me as crap. The Governor's Opener can't be moved up a week? The Crappie Tournament will get short shrift because everybody will be fishing walleyes instead? Doubtful.

Big Muskie Fisher
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Daily Subscription Msg 8 Posted: 01:37 PM 04/10/12 (CST)
Moving up opener is just a way the state(politicans ) think they could make extra money. We didnt exactly have winter so the fish have probably spawned early meaning there patterns have changed a little. Fish aren't gonna change there patterns to the point that they cant be caught, we just might need to change our patterns a little to find them. I know that my hard water fishing wasn't as good as it has been in past seasons. I guess that opening the season(s) could work in everybodys favor except for the people who plan way in advance. This is a fishing state so it is an important holiday to us minnesotans. Just my thoughts on this subject.
Domino Dave
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Daily Subscription Msg 9 Posted: 03:18 PM 04/10/12 (CST)
The earlier that I can fry a walleye the happier I will be. Any resort owner out there that says they are not ready for an early opener should just tell people not to come till next week! Yeah, like that would happen, in this economy they will take any extra business they can get and be happy about it! And people would understand. As for the groups that always get together on the "opener"...it's still their opener so maybe just change the attitude a bit.

Besides, the odds of this actually happening are nearly zero! They can't even agree on stadium issues, budgets, and just talk talk talk, no action!

I think the real question right now should be what pattern will the fish be in when we finally get to the opener. Should I be rigged with crawlers and spinners already? Will the flats be going crazy already? It's going to be very different this year I think.
Minnesota Opener Maybe Moving Up a Week - - - 9 messages. Showing 1 through 9.
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