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Green angler looking for info re game fishing - - - 4 messages. Showing 1 through 4.
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 11:37 PM 07/22/11 (CST)
New to the forum, and fairly new to sport fishing. Used to fish for panfish when I was younger, but I was fairly uninterested back then. Now I'm trying to get into sport fishing for bass, pike, walleye, anything better than panfish.
I've been trying to learn as I go, trial and error method.
I mainly go to lake minnetonka because it's nearby and I remember catching plenty of fish there. I've lost lures and hooks to seemingly big fish there so I keep going back for that big fish.

What I'm doing now, feel free to make suggestions:
Shore fishing various spots on minnetonka like under bridges and off piers.
Typically using crappie minnows with a bobber, hook, and weight rig to at least see SOME action.
After awhile I'll bring out some topwater lures that I've caught bass with, it's pretty rare though. I just tie a line to the topwater lures and toss them out.

I catch panfish, as well as fairly small largemouth bass with my minnows. I've tried leeches that seemed to always get lost to sunfish, but also losing my hook to a pike because I wasn't setup for the pike's teeth.

I use a texas rig(for the weedy areas which seem to be everywhere) and whacky rig into weedless areas with plastic worms. I've tried different brands, but they all seem the same to me. Maybe someone can tell me differently. I've been out with some acquaintances where we just used whacky rigs off a boat and bass were hitting as soon as it hit the water. Haven't been able to find that kind of action on minnetonka.

What I'd like to know is which setups work for you guys for which fish, where(specific locations on lake minnetonka, or depths).
Like all of us anglers, I'd like to catch some big pikes, muskies, or walleyes. I catch a lot of bass, but they're usually pretty small.
Thanks in advance for any info you guys can dish out.
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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 10:33 AM 07/23/11 (CST)
Hey Skhots. Welcome to! You've found a great place for questions like these. It sounds to me like you are already on the right track; you just need to locate the bigger fish - and that's exactly what everyone here is trying to do.

I'm a big fan of topwater baits for bass and I always tie directly to the lure. Frogs are my personal favorites. Throw those on top of all the weeds you can find and pause in the holes. Work the edges when you can too. Try a fast retrieve, a stop and go retrieve and definitely a SLOW retrieve. One tip is to cast out a topwater and don't even move it until all the splashdown ripples are gone. Then just give it a twitch; then 2, before you bring it back in.

Texas rigged plastics should catch you fish anywhere. Try a craw or creature bait when a worm isn't working. Add a bullet weight to get it deeper. Even a seemingly light weight will work wonders. Another option is to Tex rig a Stanley Ribbit and buzz the surface at a mod pace. wink smiley Wacky worms (as you know) are killer. Senkos are the standard, but I've been trying out the slender "shakey head" worms on the wacky jigs lately (Creme Scoundrel, NetBait SlimShake). Have you tried a wacky jig head? The extra weight might help when you get the bait to sink deeper faster and add a bit of distance to your cast. Work it the same way - let it sink on a semi-slack line and then jiggle a little after it's sat on the bottom for a bit.

Also, try a swim jig! You can throw those anywhere, I swear, and they rarely get hung up. I have thrown swim jigs more than nay other bait the last few years. Just Google it if you're not familiar yet. (

As far as line breaking, There's nothing you can do about those dang Northerns that lurk in the weeds. But consider a higher test, a hybrid like Yo-Zori or even braid too. And check your knots. Make sure they are tight. The trusty Palomar is my standard for just about everything.

I'm sure some other folks will have some (other than bass) tips for 'ya too smile smiley

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 02:32 PM 07/23/11 (CST)
Hey Skhots,

Welcome to My Fishing Pals. Glad to have you aboard!

I fish Minnetonka quite a bit. The fish I target are Bucketmouths and Walleye. I've caught some nice 'eyes in the lake, but a lot of that depends on the current bite and weather. I find that if a weather pattern has been consistant, the fishing is usually pretty good. In other words, if there has been a high pressure or low pressure for several days, the fish aren't as spooked and they tend to bite better. Sometimes the best fishing is after several days of consistant weather right before a weather change is going to happen. A thunderstorm rolling in after 4 days of high pressure can be a couple of hours of great fishing. After the storm and the pressure drops... more then likely the dead sea.

As for where and what... for 'eyes, I tend to fish the edges of drops from 10 to 25 feet. I concentrate on the weed edges. I know people hate the milfoil, but I have seen some really nice fish caught on the edges of that stuff. Try to fish the windy sides, if you can. A point with a drop with waves crashing in can be the ticket, sometimes. As for tackle, I keep it very simple. I usually use a plain colored hook and a sinker. I tend to like lime green or metalic red. I will add a colored bead right above the hook, usually the opposite color of the hook itself. Lately, I've been adding a small bullet or egg sinker with a tiny sinker to keep it away from the hook... usually 2 to 3 feet from the hook. This allows the bait to swim a bit more freely, though a light bite might be harder to detect. For bait, I usually use leeches the first half of the year and tend to go to minnows during the latter half. I always have both, but I throw out whatever seems to be working the best at the time.

As for bass... I use Texas rigs with grape Culprits. Early in the year, we'll troll the shoreline and cast under docks, in the weeds, off the points or wherever it looks like a fish might be. Later on in the year, I'll start fishing 10 to 15 feet looking for holes in the weeds and dropping the Texas rig in those. Minnetonka is considered a great large mouth fishery and I've caught some 5 to 7 lbers in there. It's a blast to catch one of those on an ultra-light with 4 or 6 lb test. (ultra-lights are all I use, by the way).

Anywayz... I hope this helps!

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Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 10:59 AM 08/02/11 (CST)
great info guys, thanks a lot. I haven't found time to go fishing in the recent weeks but i'll report back when I do go.
Green angler looking for info re game fishing - - - 4 messages. Showing 1 through 4.
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