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READ AND FISH THE WIND CURRENTS - - - 8 messages. Showing 1 through 8.
The Fisher
Joined 12/13/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 03:44 PM 07/27/10 (CST)
This past week I was staying an hour or so West of the cities. During that time I fished a few days and caught over 100 fish a day by myself. The friends and family with me did not catch as many but did land a good number as well. This was a multi species (largemouth bass, bluegill, northern pike, and yellow perch)accomplishment. I should also add that this was done FROM SHORE each time and that we observed a great many shore and boat anglers that had only very marginal success.

How could this be?

Was it the quality of lures? I don't think so. All we used were original Rapala's, spoons, crappie jigs, night crawlers, and the Berkley Gulp baits... nothing out of the norm there. The only other tackle at all consisted of some slip floats, small aberdeen hooks, and small lead sinkers.

Was it the superior skill of those doing the catching? Well all of the guys with me are decent anglers... but not that much above lots of other guys. Sure, some skill was involved.... however I think almost anyone who fishes at all would have caught 75 plus. No.. not the superior fishing skills of those involved.

WHAT THEN? What caused me to catch 100 plus fish a day in Minnesota, my family and friends to each catch dozens a day as well, and the other folks we saw catch only marginal numbers? Remember..we were confined to shore fishing this week... some of the other anglers we saw were also shore bound while many others were in boats... but all of them were catching very few fish.

The answer is the one real estate agents have been harpng on for years..LOCATION-LOCATION-LOCATION!

I would suppose that 90% plus of the fish we caught came because of one main reason...and only one reason. We read and purposefully fished the wind currents. That wind can concentrate fish is no great secret. However few folks seem to actually apply that knowledge.

This week was unique in its application of wind currents. As most of you know the pads and weeds are in full growth mode right now. This past week saw lots of strong winds blowing. The strategy we implored was to go to the wind blown side of the lake and find holes or gaps in the weed/pad beds. Those gaps created a very real current on the surface of the lake. That current would then flow through those gaps in the weeds/pads... much like a small stream with the weeds/pads acting as the shoreline. It was then a given that the fish would start to set up on those weed edges and points just simply waiting for the wind to create currents in the lake that brought the food to them. This required no effort on the part of the fish to find easy food ...except to be in the right location! It then worked just like a river fish resting in a slack water area waiting for the current to bring his dinner right to the door step.

When that situation happened this last week all you had to do was cast out past the weed/pad edges and let the wind currents drift your bait into the gaps. If you would do that you would get bit. Initially the smaller fish came in to feed on the microscopic food being freely blown around. The smaller fish of course brought in the big girls.

It was a wonderful couple of days with consistent action on numbers of fish and some fish with size. Interestingly we talked with guys at the boat ramp that did not do well at their traditional spots on the lake. Spots that normally produce fish for these locals. It all boiled down to one thing...location!

I might also add that this was played out over the week on three different lakes. The strategy works when there are strong winds into the beds of pads, etc. It isn't for every trip... but if those conditions exist take a good long look at the wind currents... see what currents they are creating in the actual water surface.... look for ambush points on those currents... and you are in business.

So often we get concerned over minor details... things like, "I only have a brown jig and not an orange one"....these normally have VERY LITTLE to do with catching fish. Color is a factor WAY, WAY down the list. Next time you are out think about that real estate agent. Think about location, location, location..... it can pay off for you big time if the conditions are right!

Good Fishin To Ya,

The Fisher
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Joined 08/17/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 03:49 PM 07/27/10 (CST)
Very Good Post, Fisher...

Domino Dave
Full Member
Joined 05/22/2009

Domino Dave's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 06:08 PM 07/27/10 (CST)
Excellent post. Surface currents create underwater currents as well. Large lakes like Mille Lacs also create underwater currents that need to be thought of. When a persistent strong wind is blowing in a particular direction, lets say from the south, it will "pile" water up on the north end of the lake. This water has to go somewhere. So it flows down and to the sides creating underwater rivers in some places. Especially on the close in flats. Fishing the north side of these flats as the flow comes to them and around them is the key. These flats can be huge, and many of the fish may concentrate on a very small piece of structure where the current is providing a meal. It also will create eddies around rock piles on the edges of these currents on NE & NW corners as well. If you go to these spots and are not catching fish, move to the other side of the structure to take advantage of these underwater currents. Location is the key. I believe this is why you sometimes find the fish concentrated on the otherside of the flat from where they were "last" time. Fish do things for a reason, keeping a log of weather conditions, and what part of the structure the fish are active on can really pay off. Keep in mind that these currents can last for days even after the wind dies down.
Advanced Member
Joined 06/27/2007

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Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 09:18 PM 07/27/10 (CST)
I'm curious as to the breakdown of the 100-plus fish you caught. How many would you estimate were panfish (bluegill, perch, etc)? What were the biggest bass and pike?

On most of the lakes I fish, I could probably catch a hundred panfish in an hour or two using worms. Not necessarily because of fishing water currents but just because there's a hell of a lot of hungry panfish down there.

I've been toying with the idea of filling an small empty spice container (one with several holes in the lid) with fish food or cornmeal and suspending it on my line between bobber and bait. I'd like to see if enough would wash out to attract schools of bait fish into a feeding frenzy and bring in the bass and pike. Anyone here ever try anything like that?
New User
Joined 07/19/2010

mareas's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 5 Posted: 02:08 AM 07/28/10 (CST)
Hi Fisher

I found your post very useful and will give it a go when i head up to the lakes in a couple of weeks.

The Fisher
Joined 12/13/2004

The Fisher's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 6 Posted: 08:39 AM 07/28/10 (CST)
Domino Dave- I believe you are spot on on your observations of the under water currents created by strong winds above the surface. You make some excellent points in your post. I especially like your details of the kickback currents that happen after you have wind blowing strongly in the same direction over a longer period of time on a large body of water. Think about it. You have undewater currents flowing INTO the direction of the oncoming wind. It is just done around the edges of the bay and out of sight as it is several feet below the surface. THAT concentrates fish at the resulting ambush points. In my opinion the ability to understand and effectively fish unseen underwater currents in lake systems is the next great mystery of the fishing world to be unlocked. Most everyone has seen it even if they did not understand what was happening. Most of us have seen an object of some sort in the water, a can, piece of grass, or whatever, a few feet under the water and it is drifting away from the area into the direction oif the oncoming wind. Sometimes it could certainly be going at an angle away from us until it hits an underwater boundary... like the edge of the back of the bay...and then swings around to go directly toward the incoming wind. We may not be noticing it much...but we can rest assured the fish certainly have...and they have positioned themselves accordingly. Location-Location-Location! Good thoughts Dave.

Odin- You asked, "How many would you estimate were panfish (bluegill, perch, etc)? What were the biggest bass and pike?"

The fewest species caught by me were yellow perch. Maybe 8-10 of those. The rest were pretty evenly divided between largemouth bass, bluegill, and pike. However I feel confident that I could probably have caught 100 of ANY ONE of those species at that time if I had focused on just that species. If I had focused on simply catching pike then I feel I could have caught 100 of them..same with bass or bluegill. It simply depended on what I was fishing with. When I used spoons or Rapalas I caught pike, Bass came on Rapalas, Gulp bait, marabou crappie jigs and night crawlers. Some bluegill were caught on night crawlers...including a few giant bulls...but the most effective bluegill bait was a 1/64th ounce marabou jig suspended about 2 feet under a slip float. The wave action in the water made for a nice jigging mottion on the jigs. I actually used the night crawlers in hopes of hitting a few walleye. I had never been to any of those three lakes before, and don't know if they even have walleye in them, but felt a crawler sent drifting through the current between the weed beds might produce one if they were there. No walleye...but the yellow perch and largemouth loved a big juicy night crawler drifted by them. As I stated earlier...there were plenty of guys fishing there..just not catching much. They were using the same baits as us in spots they normally catch fish..weed beds, drop offs, pilings..but they weren't in the wind currents and therefore it did not produce many bites for those guys on those days.

As for the second part of your question Odin...average bass was maybe a little over 2 pounds with the largest bass probably about 3.5 pounds. Average pike about 2.5-3 pounds with the largest perhaps 4 or 4.5 pounds. Average full hand sized bluegill by in large..but a few really stellar giant bulls in the bunch. The yellow perch were on the small size..maybe 6-8 inches.

Just as an FYI.....all fish were released to be caught again another day.

This entire idea and thought process about wind currents is one that will be used more and more by successful anglers in the future. In my humble opinion as angler pressure increases the ability to read and apply those subtle differences in the watershed will be a bigger and bigger factor between being able to put fish into the boat or just wetting a line.

Good Fishing To Ya,

The Fisher
Joined 02/26/2004

WebDude's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 7 Posted: 09:42 AM 07/28/10 (CST)
Excellent post, Fisher!

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Sand Burr
Joined 02/27/2004

Sand Burr's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 8 Posted: 10:44 AM 07/28/10 (CST)
Excellent post!

When I fish a wind blown side I will also use a locator lure like a rapala shallow shad and do a quick troll down the shore to see if I can locate aggressive panfish for my boaters. Helps key in on certian areas.

READ AND FISH THE WIND CURRENTS - - - 8 messages. Showing 1 through 8.
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