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Minnesota Fishing Report - July 7, 2010 - - - This thread has 1 message. Showing 1 through 1.
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Annandale area: Anglers have been reeling in bass on Clearwater, John and Sylvia lakes using pigs and jigs or spinnerbaits along the weedlines from the shallows out to 15 feet. Northern pike have been biting along the weedlines out to 15 feet using sucker minnows. With the warmer weather, anglers are now taking northerns on spoon plugs and fishing in deeper waters on Clearwater, Sugar and Maple lakes. There have been a few reports of walleyes biting on Clearwater and Pleasant lakes using spinner rigs in 16 to 24 feet of water.

Lake of the Woods: Even on the slow days, huge fish are being taken on the big lake at the Northwest Angle and islands. Muskie season is in full swing, and anglers are having success with walleyes by jigging with 3/8-ounce gold, yellow or pink jigs tipped with a leech or minnow. Near the mainland, walleyes are being take on gold spinners or gold, pink and orange jigs in 26 to 32 feet of water. Anchoring and jigging is still the way to go right now.

Lake Vermilion: Water temperatures are finally in the low 70s after a warm week, giving muskies a bit of an attitude. More fish are chasing baits such as double No. 10s and Hawg Wobblers, and while the action is good, it's not superb. Walleyes are biting nightcrawlers and leeches around the rock piles during the day and around the mud at dusk. Northern pike and sunfish are active in the weeds and are taking the traditional baits. Some smallmouths are in the shade eating Senkos, while others are on the rocky humps taking leeches as anglers fish for walleyes.

Lakes Kabetogama and Namakan: Wind and rain have slowed the smallmouth fishing on these lakes, but the walleye fishing has been better. Anglers are taking walleyes on the reefs using leeches and Lindy rigs in 24 to 30 feet of water.

Leech Lake: Walleyes are continuing to bite, with many being caught on the main lake bars and reefs using live-bait rigs and Shad Raps in the evenings. A 56-inch muskie was reported as being released near Minnesota Island. Perch and pike are going strong in most of the bays.

Lake Winnibigoshish: Crawlers and leeches have been the bait of choice for a solid walleye bite on the main lake structures, such as the bottom side of humps or bars at 20 to 26 feet. Northerns are showing up along the pencil reeds or along shorelines, trolling with rapalas or spoons. Perch action is also good along shorelines off main lake structures.

St. Cloud area: Briggs and Two Rivers Lake are the best lakes for crappies and sunfish, using crappie minnows at about 18 feet. Sugar Lake has produced some crappies and walleyes. Nice-sized catfish on the Mississippi.

Minnesota Fishing Report - July 7, 2010 - - - This thread has 1 message. Showing 1 through 1.
You Are Currently Viewing - Minnesota Fishing Reports  

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