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Lake of the Woods South Shore Outdoor Report 9-16 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 01:19 PM 09/17/09 (CST)
Sportsman’s Lodge
Baudette, MN


Another great week!
A great week of summer weather, excellent fishing and good times have been experienced by Sportsman’s guests this week. Temperatures have been in the upper 70’s lower 80’s and the fish have been just as excited as the humans. I believe the weather has been tricking the fish into thinking it is July, based on the size of fish that have been caught and the techniques used. We have seen tons of nice eater fish and trophy fish continue to be caught on a daily basis, check out this picture of the Leach party.

Fishing for the limit and getting back in to enjoy other recreational activities was their goal and they met and exceeded their goal both Monday and Tuesday, by noon! It seems as if the fish were literally “jumping in the boat”! That is how good the fishing has been this summer on Legendary Lake of the Woods, absolutely awesome!

The scoop
Areas around Zippel Bay and Long Point continue to be producing the best walleyes and saugers lately. Twenty-five to thirty feet of water jigging with gold, glow in the dark, pink or orange jigs tipped with a minnow or trolling with shad raps silver and red or white and red have been the best presentations. As long as the warm weather stays I would bet the fishing will continue to be good in these areas. A look ahead to the cooler temperatures we will start to see the fish migrate towards the Lighthouse Gap and Rainy River.

Plan on at least two to three days of fishing for the best experience
It is true; as long as the weather cooperates it has been easy to get your limit of walleyes in one day of fishing this summer on Lake of the Woods. This is quick trip if your short on time, but if you have a few more days to relax I encourage you to stay a few extra days and really experience Lake of the Woods. For the fishing enthusiast plan on fishing the first day and enjoy our famous island shore lunch, this is a great experience to enjoy fresh walleye prepared over an open fire all with a back drop of the beautiful lake. Then, fish day two for trophies catch and release your heart out, day three fish for your limit to take home to share with friends and family. Still not done fishing? We have more! Take the trip to Oak Island and enjoy fishing the islands for muskie, northern pike and slab crappies. Don’t forget we have more than fishing too. Goose, duck, partridge, small game, deer and elk hunting is world class in our area. Check out our “hunting” link on our website for guided hunts. Also come and enjoy fall foliage, golf, fall festivals, small town shopping, visit the largest walleye, Willie Walleye, take a boat tour to the Northwest Angle and Islands, county museum and much more. Log on to for details.

Annual Emerald Shiner Run
We continue to see a few shiners starting in the river however due to the warmer than normal temperatures we have been experiencing the run has slowed. It looks like cooler temperatures will start again by Monday, Sept 21 so stay tuned a good cool week can really change the status in a hurry.

DNR reports this years’ sauger class the best they have seen in years. Saugers which are almost identical to the walleye other than the walleye has a white marking on their dorsal fin and walleyes tend to be larger are prominent fish caught in the mid to late season of winter fishing. Sounds like it will be a good winter! Get your reservations in now prime dates are booking up. If you’re looking for trophy walleyes make sure you plan to visit the first three weeks of December, first ice is always the best for trophy walleye fishing.

Lake Sturgeon
Only a few more weeks left to be able to keep a sturgeon. Sept 30 marks the last day to do this until next spring. The rainy river and four mile bay of Lake of the Woods are the best areas to snag one of these prehistoric monsters.

Early Goose Season is now thru September 22
The geese are flying and the hunt is hot! Check out these pictures from this morning!

A group got their limit in just a few hours and said their was plenty more that flew over. If you’re looking for a hunt, give Eric from Quack Addicts Hunting a call 218-202-0030 and Sportsman’s Lodge for your lodging and meal accommodations at 800-862-8602.

Sharp tailed Grouse
The drumming count is the highest in years and our region is has the highest count in Minnesota. Season starts Saturday!

Fall Hunting Dates to Remember
Early Goose Season 9/5-9/22/09
Youth Waterfowl Hunt Day 9/19/09
Small Game – Rabbits, Squirrels 9/19/09-2/28/2010
Sharp tailed Grouse Season 9/19-11/30/09
Waterfowl Season opens 10/3/09
Deer Hunt Archery Season 9/19-12/31/09
Deer Hunt Firearm Opener 11/7/09
Deer Hunt Muzzleloader 11/28-12/13/09

Come explore the Beltrami Island State Forest right out of our back door! Over 66,000 acres to explore!

Looking for a Free Ice Fishing Trip? Click Here to Enter to win!

Sportsman's Lodge
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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 02:41 PM 09/17/09 (CST)
Thanks for the update, Sportsman's Lodge!

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 10:40 PM 09/18/09 (CST)
see ya all in two weeks and the week after that

Lake of the Woods South Shore Outdoor Report 9-16 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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