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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 03:40 PM 06/02/09 (CST)
I sure wish that summer would come to Mille Lacs soon. We get a couple of days that are warm and then back into the freezer we go, week in and week out. We are going to get frost tonight and then it looks like cooler temps and a chance of rain for the next week or so. It does not make it any easier that the wind this season has been atrocious and it has been from the wrong direction also. We should be having a prevailing wind from the West Southwest and instead we have been getting winds from the North, North East and South East. I was able to get out for a couple of hours on Sunday with the wind out of the S.E. at 30 mph and caught 4 walleyes out on the humps. Needless to say none of them were in the slot, but that was fine by me it was just great to be on the water. For me, it really does not matter what I catch, just that I catch something, unless it is tournament time. I know that for many of you, it is tuff to catch fish that you continually have to dump back, but it is not all about the fish that you can keep, it is the memories that you make while catching them. So come on up to Mille Lacs and catch some of the biggest walleyes in the state on a regular basis. You can not do that just anywhere, and I also have to say; once again, that the lake is in very good shape and there is a decent bite out there. I have been working over a few spots out in front of the Resort that are producing fish, but they may not be here next week for the tournament. Right now, we are on, what I would call a bubble bite, which means the fish will be on the move soon. It will be difficult to pin them down over the next week or so. That is what makes this particular tournament so challenging, it is the unknown of where these fish are going to be. The water temps are still in the upper 50 degree range and with all of this cold weather we are having, the fish do not know what to do either. We should be in the lower to middle 60 degree range right now and the fish should be moving out to their summer haunts. We will see what the next week or so has to offer us. With the Wave Wacker Tourney just 9 days away, I will be pre fishing starting Saturday or Sunday depending on my work load. It will be interesting to see what is going to happen this season. We had the worst season for tournaments that we have had for over 10 years last season. We did not cash a check in any of them, and I do not take to being a donator very well. That was the first time in ten years that we did not cash a check in at least one of them and place in the top 5 in one of the others. So this year we are going to turn up the heat on these guys and put a slightly different program together, in hopes of changing all of that. I will keep you all posted on the program that we put together, after the tournament, so do not look for a report until a week from next Monday. I will be very tight lipped over the next 9 days or so just in case there are any tournament guys watching the report, as I know that some of them do. I would if I knew that the competition was posting the results of their pre fishing days on the water. That is all I have to say about that. To rap it all up, the walleyes are biting and you will catch fish, but sometimes you may have to work for them. This is not a bath tub, this is Mille Lacs and you will always have a chance to catch lots of fish here, they just may not be the ones that you can eat.
Lastly, I have 3 cabins open for this weekend, so if you are maybe trying to plan a trip up this weekend and can not seem to afford it, check us out for this weekend. If you take Friday and Saturday, I will give you a decent discount, just mention that you read it on the report, give me a call @ 320 532 3431 and we will see what we can do together, to make this a great summer season for us all.

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 06:59 PM 06/02/09 (CST)
thanks for the report i will be up in 2 weeks

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 06:50 AM 06/03/09 (CST)
Great report, as always smile smiley

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Rockman Report - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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