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Herby Husker
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Joined 03/17/2005

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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 06:22 PM 06/30/05 (CST)

Well folks, this is my last chance to try and pick your brains before I head on up north to join you tomorrow. I see that there's some weather patterns coming thru, and there's a chance of T-storms Sunday night. Should make the week interesting. If you have any advice I'm all ears, I'm hitting both Plantajenet and Leech.

Hopefully my next post will have some pictures attached. Have a safe and pleasant 4th.

Herby Husker

Joined 02/26/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 06:36 AM 07/01/05 (CST)
Herby Husker,

Good luck on your fishing. Photos here would be much appreciated.

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 06:52 AM 07/01/05 (CST)
Leech has been a mixed bag, some catching a lot of fish, some not. Seems to matter on what particular day you happen to be out there. I was up there a few weeks ago and caught a lot of 'eyes in the 20" range. One was a 26". There is a big controversy on the cormorant thing. Not sure if you have been keeping up with that. Opinions on this seem to vary. Some say it has no affect, some say it is killing the fishing. I haven't had any problems.

Here is an article I found. You can decide for yourself. Keep in mind that this was written by an audubon dude...

Mark Martell: Slaughter of cormorants based on excuses, not on facts
Mark Martell
June 2, 2005 MARTELL0602

The recent news that double-crested cormorants, one of our native, fish-eating birds, are being slaughtered on Leech Lake by federal agents with the help and approval of the Department of Natural Resources was stunning.

Contrary to good wildlife management practices, no studies were done before the effort to eliminate 80 percent of these birds. Minnesotans were given only the flimsiest of excuses trying to link a decline in walleye populations to cormorants.

Like other fish-eating birds, such as loons, bald eagles, white pelicans and ospreys, cormorants are widely distributed in Minnesota (including the Twin Cities) and are guilty of nothing more than going about their daily lives as they have done for thousands of years. But unlike loons or bald eagles, cormorants have been vilified in the press and by anglers. The Star Tribune recently compared them to vultures (their Latin name actually means "bald headed raven").

Maybe their habit of nesting in large colonies makes them too visible and an easy scapegoat. Attracted by prime real estate, and each other, cormorants flock to islands in large numbers, sort of like Minnesotans to Miami Beach in winter, for breeding and resting. Cormorants often share colonies with other birds such as pelicans, herons, egrets, gulls and terns.

Apparently this combination of colonial nesting habits, a preference for fish and a lack of cover-girl good looks -- even Audubon has failed to feature a cormorant on the cover of its well-known magazine -- has made them a target for "control." Rebounding from persecution, habitat loss and the effects of DDT, the increasing numbers of cormorants are being blamed for fish losses at aquaculture facilities, fish hatcheries and Minnesota's lakes.

Around 2,000 cormorants a year are already killed in Minnesota, and now federal, state and tribal agencies have implemented plans to kill even more. Up to 7,500 birds a year will be killed simply because of the perception that fish-eating birds are responsible for declining fish populations in certain lakes, or pose a threat to commercial fish operations -- a perception that has not been supported with data or study.

There is no evidence that cormorants are out of control in Minnesota, or are having a major impact on fishing or the businesses that rely on it. There is no evidence that low or declining fish numbers are due to cormorants, or other fish-eating birds. Pressure to "manage" cormorant numbers is a knee-jerk response to the repeated refrain that there are too many birds, with no link to how the number of birds affects the number of fish.

Audubon Minnesota believes that Minnesota deserves a well-thought-out plan to improve fishing on Leech Lake. Management of both fish and birds must be based on the best scientific data available.

A proven link between cormorant numbers and economically harmful fish population declines must be established before any further control. Plans should include a review of all possible causes of fish declines.

Audubon Minnesota believes that setting bird population numbers based on fisheries' goals is contrary to good bird management and sets a bad precedent for the future of other fish-eating birds, such as loons, bald eagles and pelicans.

Furthermore, managing fish populations by killing birds without well-established cause and effect is bad fisheries management and a waste of our money.

Mark Martell is director of bird conservation for Audubon Minnesota.

Papa Gramps
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Joined 07/01/2005

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Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 02:25 PM 07/01/05 (CST)
Try Traiders Bay. Off the West shoreline there is a 15ft reef. Not a likley spot but just slow troll that reef with long Lindy rig and leech. 27.5" and 25"

Good Luck

Papa Gramps
Last chance - - - 4 messages. Showing 1 through 4.
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