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Pike Lover
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Joined 02/11/2008

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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 06:04 PM 05/07/09 (CST)
So I run Power-Pro on my Heavey pike set-up. I use it to cast all my big pike lures (sorta like smaller sized muskie stuff). Anyhow. Obviously a steel leader is in order. Would I be overthinking it to think I need to find a way to place a section of heavy mono or fluoro leading up to that steel leader? The options would be to direct tie a peice which would be risky for bigger sized fish. Or I could use a barrel swivel. I could tie it to my power-pro and use 12 inches or so, and just make sure to always cast witht he barrel outside the rod guides. I use a swival snap for most of my big lures, so a smaller leader could last a long time. Would a short leader even make a difference?
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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 06:56 PM 05/07/09 (CST)
In very clear water a flouro leader might make a slight difference but I doubt in normal conditions it would help. The chance of losing a nice fish makes me stick with a 12 inch wire leader attached directly to my Power Pro. This combination has caught me thousands of nice pike in any water clearity.
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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 09:18 AM 05/08/09 (CST)
when dealing with big fish or really any fish I would be cautious about adding any more potential fail points into your line.

If you have your main line of power pro plus some sort of momo leader and then a steel leader you'll have 2 possible fail points. 1 where you join the power pro to mono and another where you join the mono to the wire leader.

I would go power pro right to the wire leader so you'll only have 1 potential fail point. Pike don't seem to be that discriminating in terms of line visiability. Usually they see the flash of the lure from a ways off and then rocket over to hit it. They don't give themselves time to see the line or leader before they hit the bait.

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Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 11:46 AM 05/08/09 (CST)
What about using a heavy #130 lb floro leader if you want clarity and not the steel leader to be seen? Just wondering. JEff
The Fisher
Joined 12/13/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 5 Posted: 12:25 PM 05/08/09 (CST)
Hey Pike Lover,

Good questions. It sounds like Jeffd is on the right track there.

A lot depends on what type of fishing you will be doing and where you will be doing it. For example..if you are pulling spinnerbaits over, through, and under slop, weeds, and logs then the leader visibility really doesn't matter as most of the strikes are simply reactionary and the fish aren't really getting much of a look at the lure anyway.

However, if you are fishing more open water....or especially clear water... then the leader visibility can, and often does, make a HUGE difference in the number of strikes you get!

A Seaguard Fluorocarbon leader in the 80-150 pound range is every bit as fail safe as a major league steel leader. In addition it is virtually invisible to the fish. This can at times translate to LOTS more strikes! If I feel confident that the fish can not see my leader then I also fish with a great deal more confidence ...which is a major factor in success as well. Your best bet is to attach a 18-22 inch Seaguard fluoro leader directly to your main line with a double uni knot. Some folks will also use a bimini knot...but the double uni is your best bet in most situations. Tie your swivel directly to the fluoro leader and attach to the lure. I would also emphasize that with this set up you purchase top of the line barrel swivels. Guys fish this rig for tarpon, marlin, sail fish, king fish, etc. all the time. I also use it in a slightly bigger version for muskies and have never had a bite off. I also have seen dozens of 20 pound plus muskies boated on this set up and never seen a bite off. It is every bit as reliable as a steel leader.

However, I would add that if you are using small muskie glide or jerk baits (Reef Hawg, Eddie, Suick, Burt, etc.) then a straight wire leader the 150-200 pound range will give your bait a much better action and ultimately produce more strikes.

The other thing to consider is that if you are trolling and smashing rocks a good bit then a stranded leader in the 90 pound range is a good bet...especially if you are using a crank bait.

Hope that gives you some ideas. They are all good options at times...it is just matching your best and most productive option to the conditions and situations you are facing on that particular day.

Good Fishing To Ya,

Jason "The Fisher" Pence

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Daily Subscription Msg 6 Posted: 02:49 PM 05/08/09 (CST)
As a wise old man told me when I was still had on my fishing training wheels 35 years ago."Get the led out son".I still go fishing at times with people who can't comprehend that fish have eyes.When fish are in a neutral or negative feeding mode which is most of the time,9 times of 10 you will have more opportunities if you set your rig up like the fisher suggests.If they are feeding aggressively you can throw the kitchen sink at em and they will hit it.SET THAT DRAG! Good luck Pike lover. wink smiley
Heavy Pike Set-up Question - - - 6 messages. Showing 1 through 6.
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