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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 06:43 AM 04/27/09 (CST)
I'll try to make this short, though I always feel like I need to explain why certain things are done.

You are going to see something new when posting a new topic. We have added text next to the test box when posting new topics. Since we have made it fairly easy to see the latest posts, users are sometimes confused as to what forum they are in and a lot of times they just click new topic and start a new thread. The problem is that many times, the moderators here have to move a post to a more appropraite forum.

This is causing a bit of a problem on Google and a bit of confusion amongst the users, at times. This site gets crawled very fast by Google. I have seen posts make it in Google less then an hour after they have been started. The problem is that when a post is moved to another forum, then Google will see a 404 error (page not found) and that post will stick in Google and many times the post that was moved will not get indexed.

What we have done is added a little reminder to the left whenever you post a new topic. Please try to adhere to the forum rules. We think we have created enough forums so there is a place for everything. As a rule of thumb, here is a very quick breakdown of forums and what posts are good in those forums...

Reports - must have a geographical reference! A lake a town... something. A fishing report without a location should go in the general forum.

General - questions on specific species, pictures, articles of interest found on the WEB, news stories or anything else related to fishing. If you are not sure where to put a post, this is probably a good place as long as it is related to fishing.

Reports Outside of Minnesota - same as reports, but for other goegraphical locations outside of MN.

Hunting - anything to do with hunting.

Controversial - anything controversial when it comes to fishing, hunting or environmental issues. Also a good place for politics, bills, laws or anything that could be deemed controversial.

Kids - this is a place for kids to share information on fishing.

Products - anything to do with commercial products. Looking for a particular lure? Net? GPS? Questions about chips, line, rods reels boats or whatever.

Want Ads - for users to sell or try to find something from other users. For non-commercial products.

New Users - for new users to announce that they have joined or for new users that have questions on where to find stuff or question about the site.

Not Related to Fishing - for posts that have nothing to do with fishing.

That's about it. Any questions, you can always ask.


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Appropriate Forums - - - This thread has 1 message. Showing 1 through 1.
You Are Currently Viewing - Minnesota Fishing Forum - Unrelated  

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