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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 08:30 AM 03/24/09 (CST)
If you have been visiting this forum for a while, you know that every once in a while we post statistics on how the site is doing. We do this because we feel that we are all a team here and everyone deserves to know some of the information that pertains to this site. The site is 5 years old (our birthday was February 6th) and considering how young the site is... Well... it appears we are doing great! If this stuff bores you... just pretend this post isn't here.

Don't know where to start so I will just dig in!

In January and February of 2009, we continued to pick up on new users. This is a good thing! It started in December and still continues. September, October and November was pretty dead but then WHAM... we really started to pick up... all because the hardwater season kicked into full gear. We also got great responses on the tournament page which continues to rank very well in Google (#1 for minnesota fishing tournaments AND ice fishing tournaments). In February we got a bit over 102,000 visits. This was up by about 4,000 from the previous month. Not bad considering February only had 28 days in it. We also had an upturn in forum views from December to February. December views were at 213,123 and February shows 222,487. Cool Beans, eh?

All in all, I think we are off to a great start for 2009. Like usual, it is clear that the fall and spring months are busier then the winter and summer months and we are steadily climbing from year to year, overall. This is the best winter season we have had so far and I would like to thank the ice fishing community for stepping in and really keeping the forum going strong. We are getting some good reports from all over the state and that is what this site should be about... I can remember the days when we were getting a post a week... things have changed quite a bit since then and that was just a few years ago. So... keep on moving forward, eh?

The bounce rate has gone up again, though crazy smiley It was down to 36.12% but has gone up to almost 66%. The Bounce Rate is the number of times a user hits a page and then just leaves. It hasn't been this bad since October when it was over 60%. We used to be very bad at this and saw some improvement and now are slipping again - a lot of first time visitors hit the home page and then leave. Hopefully the new design will help keep people around a bit longer.

In February, 74.92% of all new visits were referred by a search engine - I still get a kick out of this. 6.41% were referred by another site (this is up a bit - it was a bit over 6% last month), and 18.68% were not referred. What this means is that 18.68% of the visitors either filled in the site in the browser address bar or bookmarked the site (this is up a couple of points from December).

So what are the most popular pages in February? Well, I thought you would never ask!
Here are the top 5...

1. /Minnesota-Fishing-Forum.taf (main forum page)
2. /minnesota-fishing-pictures.taf (fishing pictures page)
3. / (homepage)
4. /fishingprofile.taf (people looking at our users again)
5. /fishing-directory-and-resources.taf directory pages)

I find it interesting that our users are getting looked at. There are some bad fishing sites out there trying to farm email addresses. Be careful about whether or not you really want to show your email address in your profile, eh?

Following are search engine referrals...

1. google 68.74%
2. yahoo 13.87%
3. msn 10.15%
4. live 3.97%
5. aol 1.50%
6. search 1.29%
7. ask 0.23%
8. altavista - who cares
9. cnn - cnn search?
10. alltheweb - does anyone even use this one?

Google has pretty much dominated like usual... but I see that Yahoo and MSN are picking up ground. Goolge used to have 77% and has now dropped 10 points.

Ranking has been all over the place on Google, the phrase Minnesota Fishing is popping us up at #10 (down 1), sometimes #9. Minnesota Fishing Forum we are still at #2. Minnesota fishermen and Minnesota fishing tournaments and ice fishing tournaments - we are still #1 - - - HORRAY!!! Minnesota DNR is at #10 and #11 (down a couple) - That's a tough one to get, folks! MN fishing reports stayed at #6 and #7. Minnesota fishing tournaments are at #1 and #2 along with mn fishing tournaments. MN fishing pictures and Minnesota fishing pictures are at #1 and #2. MN fishing articles and Minnesota fishing articles, we are at #1 and #2. MN fishing news we dropped to #5 and #6. Minnesota fishing news we went up to #2 and #3. Ya da ya da ya da...

I used to give stats on Yahoo and MSN, but what the heck. We aren't getting enough referrals from those search engines to even worry about it anymore. If the market share changes on this, in the future, we will start adding these stats back in, eh?

Some of the phrases being used to find us. Here is a list of the top 10 for all searches...

1. mn fishing reports
2. minnesota fishing reports
3. minnesota dnr
4. minnesota fishing tournaments
5. minnesota lake maps
6. fish house for sale
7. lake maps minnesota
8. myfishingpals
9. minnesota fishing forum
10. MN lake maps

mmmm.... Dontchya find this stuff interesting!

Now for referrals from other web sites. A BIG THANK YOU!!!! These are people who were at another site and clicked a link to get here. Here are the top 7...


Click 'em folks! It's the least we could do!

Anyway, that's it for now. Not bad for a site that is barely more then 5 years old! The birthday for the site is February 26, 2004. That is the first day we went live. I would like to thank everyone for their support. If anyone has any questions, you can post them here.

Catch Ya Later!

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 08:40 AM 03/24/09 (CST)
with the rankings like that it goes to show how much we all love this site
and a big thanks to DUDE smile smiley smile smiley smile smiley

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 06:59 PM 04/07/09 (CST)
I,m glad things are going well WebDude.This really is a great fishing site.
Statistics for MFP - February, 2009 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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