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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 05:05 PM 02/13/09 (CST)
This is long but it now has a companion with Bi partisan support Ive listed the number of the new senate file at the top.

H.F. No. 621, and SF 0631 as introduced - 86th Legislative Session (2009-2010) Posted on Feb 09, 2009
1.1A bill for an act
1.2relating to game and fish; eliminating slot limits for northern pike while spearing;
1.3amending Minnesota Statutes 2008, section 97C.385, subdivision 2.
1.5 Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2008, section 97C.385, subdivision 2, is amended to read:
1.6 Subd. 2. Summer Angling limits must be same as and spearing limits. (a) If the
1.7commissioner reduces the limit of a species of game fish taken by spearing in any waters
1.8under section 97A.045, subdivision 2, the commissioner must reduce the limit for taking
1.9of the species by angling in the waters during the following open season for angling.
1.10(b) The commissioner shall not limit the size of a northern pike allowed to be taken
1.11by spear.

What does this do?
1. It will force the commissioner to lower the limit of Pike on these lakes to 1 fish so they cannot spear more than one within the open water/ice line anglers slot, you’ll also have to stick with one fish for other types of angling that have to abide by the slot, what is really needed is the removal of more small pike to help restore the average size fish, we’ve been told by possibly the best pike biologist in the world (also a Darkhouse angler) that allowing the harvest one fish in the slot will nullify the regulation. He has done a study spanning the mid seventies to 2007 that is in Peer review right now showing these regs work.
2. Or the DNR will be forced to remove all slots and minimum size limits and pushing the fishery deeper into the abyss of Hammer Handle lakes, open water/ice anglers will never go for a one fish limit outside the “open water/ice slot” to offset the unregulated harvest with a spear.
3. It grants one form of angling special permission to harvest without regulation of the resource because by law they have taken away the commissioners power to protect Pike in these lakes that have already been damaged by over abundances of stunted pike.
4. It makes us all look bad, Sportsmen of any genre don’t need to be divided by one groups preference to harvest over another’s and it makes those writing this legislation look shameless, I don’t understand how they can site the commissioners powers to help push one bit of legislation then in the next stroke of a pen eliminate his power to do just that; protect the resource.
5. We are all under attack by Anti-Fishing, Hunting groups, they are calling fish “Sea Kittens” in an attempt to have children guilt their parents into not fishing or eating fish, no less torturing them with Catch and Release while calling Daddy a MURDERER; this just fuels their fire and makes them embolden.
6. This I feel is an attempt to derail the long range Large Pike and Muskie plan that has recently been adopted by the DNR, hampering their attempt to create a very miniscule number of lakes that would hold large pike; narrowing the available lakes to just one, Mille Lacs.
7. It takes lakes like Upper Red, Cedar and Crow Wing that have large size limits of one over 40 inches will only apply to open water/ice anglers but spears could harvest one of any size.
8. What’s to stop a special law? Only you the voter, what’s next for the legislature since the managers and biologists we the people are paying salaries for are almost completely disregarded? Who knows? Lets just say only archery can harvest over a 10 point buck or how about allowing us to shoot one hen then take away the commissioners power to shut down the harvest when the population plummets.

This is not anti-spearing, there is enough anti garbage between sportsmen; this is just plain dangerous to all of us no matter if we hunt or fish it sets a precedence of disrespect and disregard.

Call and tell the authors your opinion as well as your own legislators.

Representative David Dill (DFL) District: 06A
651-296-2190 or 800-339-0466

Representative Al Juhnke (DFL) District: 13B

Representative Tom Anzelc (DFL) District: 03A

Representative Loren Solberg (DFL) District: 03B
651-296-2365 or 888-682-6154

Senator Tom Saxhaug (DFL) District 03

Senator Paul E. Koering (R) District 12

Muskies Inc Chapter 54
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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 11:46 AM 02/14/09 (CST)
This bill looks like a good way to destroy what little quality northern pike fishing we have left in Minnesota.
Legislation - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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