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Rockman's Report/Mille Lacs 01/13/2009 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 06:28 PM 01/12/09 (CST)

Where has everyone gone? Even with the 25 percent discount, we only had one taker for the entire weekend and I only had 3 house rented. Now I know that money is tight and there are a lot of other things one can do with the money that you have left. Why not fish it away? I am spending the money I have left on plowing roads and trying to stay ahead of Mother Nature, with her many different ways that she has to beat me up all winter long.

We are supposed to get a few more inches of snow tonight into tomorrow, but it is the wind that will keep me plowing for the next few days. I finally just got a road plowed out to the Second Reef on Friday and Saturday morning, as I was driving out to see how it was, as I was driving down the new road, all of the sudden the bank that I had plowed up on Friday, which by the way was very, very heavy, started to sink. It was pretty cool to watch it go from 5 ft high to just over a foot high when it was done sinking in just over 10 minutes.

I have never seen it sink before, at least not while I was driving by it. Thankfully, I had the road nice and wide so we could still use most of it; you just had to stay away from the water. It is all good now and will freeze over nicely in the next few days. Now let us get back to the wind that is on its way tonight and into tomorrow. We are going to get 25 to 35 mph winds later today, and the drifts are going to get really big, especially if we get any snow today. We are on the edge of it as I look at the radar.

Pray that it does not blow for to long with the temps getting down to 20 below and the wind driving the snow, the drifts will get as hard as a rock tonight and it will be a bitch to get through it. It will be the V plow to the rescue once again for many, many hours. On Saturday I had widened the main road to about 175 ft and it was so nice that a 2 seater plane decided to land on it and came into the bar to have a drink. He said it was the only road wide enough on the lake that he felt safe enough to land on.

That was a cool thing to watch, as he landed and took of again. I have always wanted to get my pilots license, but I have not made enough money yet, to afford the gas for the plane let alone the plane itself so that will have to wait along with many other things. There is still time, if the economy would turn around some time in the next 2 years. I know that is not going to happen soon, but it will happen, you can be guaranteed of that.

�Now getting to the fishing report from this past weekend, it was a pretty decent weekend for fishing, seeing how there were not a lot of people out, there were some very nice walleyes caught. There are still not a lot of bigger perch showing up as of yet, but there are big walleyes being caught. There were 4 walleyes over 26 inches and 1 walleye that was just over 28 inches caught out of the houses this weekend. The keepers walleyes seem to be out in 22 to 24 ft of water just roaming around in small pods.

There are a lot of smaller 14 and 16 inch walleyes being taken off of number 1 hump and number 2 humps, if you get off of the structure about a block or so in 26 ft of water. That is about it for the fishing report, as I said before there were not too many people out and about fishing this weekend, so the report is going to reflect that fact. Even with that being said, it was pretty decent for catching some nice big walleyes. You will only get 3 or 4 chances at them so make them count. Hopefully now that all of my roads are plowed off to all of the spots that I go to, the fishing report will be a little more accurate with more people, fishing more spots. I will keep you posted as always.

Have a great week

We will see ya

When we see ya

The Rockman


I would like to thank, Randy and Viv for coming by this weekend, just to see us and say high. Randy and I went fishing for a couple of hours with nothing to show for it mind you, but it was just nice to wet a line a shot the bull for a couple of hours. Viv stayed in a hung out with patty and had guys hitting on her the whole time she was here. I know she likes that, a lot. Thanks a lot for the company. We really enjoyed it. Remember, Nascar is only 24 days away.

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 08:17 AM 01/13/09 (CST)
Thanks for the report, rockman!

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Rockman's Report/Mille Lacs 01/13/2009 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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