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FISHING REPORT 11/20/08 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 03:45 PM 11/20/08 (CST)
Northeastern Minnesota
International Falls

A few anglers continue to fish the Rainy River, but recent cold temperatures have prevented most from accessing the water. With ice forming in the shallow bays, anglers are hoping for an early start to the winter ice fishing season.


On Lake Vermilion, a few muskie diehards are trolling for the next state record, with limited success. Most bays are now covered in ice, making boat launching difficult.


On Lake Kabetogama, the few open water anglers that ventured out last weekend had lots of success with the walleyes. A coating of snow and single-digit temperatures earlier this week have ended those opportunities.

Grand Marais

Fishing reports are mostly nonexistent now that ice has started to take hold on many of the smaller lakes and bays.


Too much ice has formed to allow boat access on area lakes, however there is still not enough ice to walk on. Anglers trolling for kamloops along the north shore of Lake Superior are having some success. Look for these fish to move closer to shore within the next couple of weeks, making shoreline fishing a great opportunities.

Northcentral/West Minnesota

On Lake of the Woods, walleye anglers continue to take fish on the Rainy River, however shoreline ice is limiting boat access. Most bays and creek inlets are now covered with a thin layer of ice, so most resorts and anglers are turning their attention to the upcoming winter fishing season.


The open water fishing season has come to an end now that the small lakes and bays are capped with ice.


A skim of ice has taken hold on the bays and shorelines, preventing all angling opportunities.


On Lake Winnibigoshish, most resorts are gearing up for the ice fishing season. Ice is forming along the shorelines at night, however most of it is disappearing during the day. Any stretch of cold temperatures should result in a layer of thin ice on area waters as long as the wind stays relatively calm.


On Leech Lake, the open water fishing season has ended, and ice has started to form along the shorelines and around the bays. Some of the smaller bays and most of the large ponds were covered with a skim of ice early this week.


The small lakes, bays and ponds are covered with a thin layer of ice. Ice is also forming on some of the larger lakes overnight, but it usually melts during midday hours.

Park Rapids

Open water angling has come to an end as ice takes hold along the shorelines, and on the small lakes and bays.

Detroit Lakes

A few cold nights have created a skim of ice on many of the bays, small lakes, and ponds, and open water fishing is no longer an option. Most anglers are waiting for walkable ice to form, which should happen soon if it stays cold and calm.

Battle Lake

The larger ponds are capped with ice, but most area lakes remain open. Despite the open water, it’s been too cold for most anglers to venture out.


With shoreline ice taking hold, the open water fishing season is over. An extended stretch of cold and calm weather is needed before the lakes are entirely covered in a skim of ice.


On Lake Osakis, anglers willing to brave the cold continue to take walleyes and northern pike from 8-10 feet of water. The shorelines, smaller lakes and bays now have a skim of ice, so the open water season should end very soon.

Sauk Centre

Ice has taken on hold on most area ponds and small lakes this past week.


Many of the bays and ponds are covered with a thin layer of ice.


On Lake Mille Lacs, a few “diehard” muskie anglers continue to work the Garrison end of the lake, with a couple of 50-inch fish taken just last weekend. Most of the shorelines, bays and harbors now have a skim of ice, ending most open water angling opportunities.

St. Cloud/Eden Valley

Ice is forming on the smaller lakes, bays and ponds, which has brought an end to fishing opportunities until safe ice has formed.

Twin Cities vicinity
Elk River/Zimmerman

A skim of ice has formed on most ponds and on some bays. Lake ice tends to form overnight and disappear during the day.


Cold temperatures have caused ice to form in the bays, channels, and shoreline areas.

Prior Lake/West Metro vicinity

There is ice on the small ponds and shoreline areas, which has ended most open water angling opportunities.


On Lake Minnetonka, fishing reports are mostly nonexistent. Most anglers have put away their boats and are waiting for the winter fishing season to begin.

White Bear Lake/Northeast Metro vicinity

Some open water fishing continues on the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers. Walleyes can be found scattered at a variety of depths, with fish coming in on jig and minnow combinations.

Southern Minnesota
Red Wing

Large walleyes and limits of 2- to 4- pound sauger are being pulled from the Mississippi River, tight to the dam. The best approach has been a Sonar or a hair jig and minnow worked in 15-30 feet of water, with catfish and sturgeon also being taken. Work the docks at Baypoint Park for panfish during midday hours.


While a few anglers continue to fish for walleyes on the Minnesota River, most are waiting for some good solid ice to form. A skim of ice is beginning to develop on the ponds and along the shorelines.


The ponds and sloughs are covered with ice. Some ice does form on the larger bodies of water during the night, but this usually melts during the day.


Ice has started to take hold, and most ponds, bays, shorelines and smaller lakes have a skim of ice.


Please Note: Explore Minnesota Tourism grants you permission to distribute this information freely to friends, family and others for personal use. However, any republication of the materials, full or partial, in electronic, print or other format, must prominently include the following statement: “The information in this report is provided courtesy of Outdoor News, and Explore Minnesota Tourism.”
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Thanks, holdem!

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FISHING REPORT 11/20/08 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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