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MFP Statistics for August, 2008 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 12:23 PM 09/10/08 (CST)
Well... Once are the latest stats for August. I probably missed July, but what the heck...

If you have been visiting this forum for a while, you know that every once in a while we post statistics on how the site is doing. We do this because we feel that we are all a team here and everone deserves to know some of the information that pertains to this site. The site is 4 years and 9 months old and considering how young the site is... Well... it appears we are doing great! If this stuff bores you... just pretend this post isn't here. smile smiley

Don't know where to start so I will just dig in!

August of 2008 was not quite as good as June. And June was not quite as good as May... oh well. In June we got a bit over 90,000 visits but for August, we only got a bit over 85,000. Still very good, but I was hoping we could top our original May numbers. Probably due to the fact that analysis of the months going back a couple of years has always shown May as our banner month and then things settle down a bit for June, July and August... people probably out fishing and not taking the time to go online, eh? We also had a downturn in forum views from June to August. June views were at 168,736 and August shows 144,227. Well you can't always be going up, I guess.

All in all, I think the year is going great so far, it is clear that the fall and spring months are busier then the winter and summer months and we are steadily climbing from year to year, overall. I can remember the days when we were getting a post a week... things have changed quite a bit since then and that was just a few years ago. So... keep on moving forward, eh?

The bounce rate has gone down to 58.44% from 60.40%. The Bounce Rate is the number of times a user hits a page and then just leaves. In May it was 59.60%. Just a note, though... we used to be very bad at this - a lot of first time visitors hit the home page and then left. This is very much improved from trends we have seen in the past and hopefully it will continue.

In August, 74.79% of all new visits were referred by a search engine - I still get a kick out of this. 8.14% were referred by another site (this is down a bit - it was a bit over 8.8% last month), and 17.06% were not referred. What this means is that 17.06% of the visitors either filled in the site in the browser address bar or bookmarked the site (this is up a couple of points from June).

So what are the most popular pages in August? Well, I thought you would never ask!
Here are the top 5...

1 /minnesota-fishing-forum.taf (forum page)
2 /minnesota-fishing-pictures.taf (pictures page)
3 / (the home page)
4 /fishing-directory-and-resources.taf (the directory)
5 /fishingprofile.taf (people still trying to get email addresses - be careful about showing yours)

Once again, this shows that a lot of people are going directly to the forums and bypassing the home page. Not sure if this is good or bad... oh well. Lots of good stuff in the forums and it is the primary reason people come here.

Following are search engine referrals...

1. google 74.83%
2. yahoo 10.65%
3. msn 8.28%
4. aol 2.09%
5. live 2.08%
6. search 1.71%
7. ask 0.22%
8. altavista 0.05%
9. cnn 0.05%
10. alltheweb 0.01%

Google has pretty much dominated for August... like usual!

Ranking has been all over the place on Google, the phrase Minnesota Fishing is popping us up at #9 (went up), sometimes #8. Minnesota Fishing Forum we are still at #2. Minnesota fishermen and Minnesota fishing tournaments we are still #1 - - - HORRAY!!! Minnesota DNR went up to #5 and #6 from #8 and #9 (good deal) - That's a tough one to get, folks! MN fishing reports went from #6 and #7 to #7 and #8. Minnesota fishing tournaments are at #1 and #2 along with mn fishing tournaments. MN fishing pictures are at #1 and #2. MN fishing articles and Minnesota fishing articles, we are at #2. MN fishing news we went up to #2 and #3. Minnesota fishing news we went down to #3 and #4. Ya da ya da ya da... smile smiley

I used to give stats on Yahoo and MSN, but what the heck. We aren't getting enough referrals from those search engines to even worry about it anymore. If the market share changes on this, in the future, we will start adding these stats back in, eh?

Some of the phrases being used to find us. Here is a list of the top 10 for all searches...

minnesota fishing reports
minnesota lake maps
minnesota dnr
grumman sport boat
mn fishing reports
mn fishing report
bir zoo (huh? what the heck is this?)
fishing team names
mn fishing forums

Seems people are actually searching for our site...mmmm.... Dontchya find this stuff interesting! Looks like people actually search for my fishing pals... Dontchya find that REALLY interesting?

Now for referrals from other web sites. A BIG THANK YOU!!!! These are people who were at another site and clicked a link to get here. Here are the top 7...


Click 'em folks! It's the least we could do!

Anyway, that's it for now. Not bad for a site that is still less then 5 years old! The birthday for the site is February 26, 2004. That is the first day we went live. I would like to thank everyone for their support. If anyone has any questions, you can post them here.

Oh... I almost forgot... people have asked me to post some of the wacky searches people are using to find the site. I may as well put them here now, lest we have requests for this again...

bir zoo
grumman sportboat
fishing gams
Fishing names
slow death fishing
yamaha zuma for sale
catch 6
Never Piss Off A Guy That owns a Backhoe
how to clean grouse
fan boat
banjo minnow
1995 Jayco travel trailer
herters catalog
reata 1850
nhra zoo
obama antichrist
thorne brothers
Dealing With The Vehicle Computer
wood arrows
chris kuduk
mom and pop motels ely mn
the zoo at bir
screws in fiberglass boat
brainerd zoo
Travis Slaathaug
how did fishing start?
cabelas cloquet
minnesota tadpoles
nemo gams
flying lures
play gams
cabelas duluth

Catch Ya Later!

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 10:18 AM 09/11/08 (CST)
Interesting stuff!! smile smiley smile smiley smile smiley

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 03:57 PM 09/22/08 (CST)
Not to shabby Dude wink smiley
MFP Statistics for August, 2008 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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