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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 11:43 PM 06/14/08 (CST)
how should i fish bucktails when fishing muskies? how fast? how deep? where?does it matter what the water temp is? I'll be fishing on middle eau claire lake.

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 03:07 PM 06/16/08 (CST)
There is no wrong way to fish a bucktail. You can just cast them out and crank them or you can impart different types of action and direction changes on the retrieve. The fish and the conditions your fishing can dictate how to fish them. Different lakes seem to have different favorite colors and I have not fished the lakes your going to but I would start with bucktail with white hair and a silver blade during the day and black hair with a silver blade early and late in the day. Let the bait sink to near the weed tops before starting to crank. During the retrieve try hesitating a couple of times. Just stop cranking for a split second once in a while. Always turn your bait in an L shape at the end of your cast before taking it out of the water. Watch for following fish. If you see even a shadow go into as deep a figure eight as you can without moving a lot or making any noise. Retrieve speed, size of bucktail, depth of retrieve and color of hair and blade all come into play and make a bucktail a very versatal bait.
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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 05:52 PM 06/28/08 (CST)
In the early season my preference leans toward small to medium size bucktails with French blades and small fluted blades. There's exceptions to every rule of course, and I have caught some 'skies on big 'tails early as well. Experiment and let the fish tell you what they want. I use what I call a normal retrieve speed. I like to let the bucktail drop and tick the tops of the weeds, or work it right through them. Spinnerbaits are deadly as well. I like the models with single hooks and short arms that I can "grind" right down in the weed growth. When fishing rocks, sand, etc I use basically the same retrieve, but I throw in a little hesitation periodically to flush the hair or skirting on the 'tail. As the season progresses into mid summer, I'll start to throw more of the bigger bucktails and spinnerbaits. I like big number 10 Colorado and large fluted blades as well as the larger willow blades. A faster retrieve speed will sometimes work better, and I mix in some directional changes by moving my rod tip from side to side. This is the time of year when "burning" a 'tail at a high rate of speed also works well, especially as the fish begin to get pressured. In the fall I stick mostly to the bigger baits. I continue using a normal to fast retrieve speed, but at times I'll slow it down a bit if they aren't responding to the quicker presentation. If you are interested in more detailed info on muskies, as well as walleyes and trophy pike check out www.esoxangler.com. You can read my articles as well as many more by some of North America's best fishermen and writers. grin smiley

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BUCKTAILS - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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