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Rockman's Report/Mille Lacs 06/04/2008 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 09:28 AM 06/03/08 (CST)
We finally got one day of really nice weather, with just a little wind and some nice warm sunshine. I was able to finally get out on Saturday for a few hours in the afternoon. I was very impressed with the amount of fish showing up for this time of the year on some of my farther out spots. I also did some mud flat fishing and there are fish out there too. I caught a fish or two every where I fished. I did boat 6 fish and all but one where out of the slot. The biggest was 26 inches and very fat a sassy. I did some Spinners and some Lindy rigging and of course I finished up the day with the bobber thing at about 5:00pm.

I caught fish with each method that I tried and there where a lot of fish caught this weekend off of the Reef and out in the sand in Vineland Bay. The best Reef bite is at 8:30pm until just before 10:00pm with leeches and a small jig under a bobber. The morning bite is still very good down in Vineland Bay in 12 to 18 ft of water pulling a lindy rig about 6 ft long with a red hook and a green bead. The best bite seemed to be just at the break line, just outside of the hole on either side. The walleyes are still just picking it up and mouthing it with the lindy rig.

You can just feel a change in the weight on your rod, when you do set the hook. A lot of guys told me that they missed a lot of fish on Saturday because they could not tell if it was a bite or not. My saying has always been, when in doubt, set the hook! They are not hitting it very hard. Now spinners on the other hand it is totally different, they are just crushing it. I was pulling the spinners at just less than 1 mph. The bobber bite is good, they are taking it down pretty fast and keeping it down. I was bobber fishing off of the First Reef in 13 ft of water just before the top.

I know that the fishing is getting better, just by the amount of fish guts in the fish cleaning shacks freezer. I had 3 full 5 gallon buckets in the freezer this weekend, so the bite is getting better every week. I have a couple of guide trips this week and will have a better handle on the bite later in the week. The Small Mouth Bass are going crazy from what I have seen and heard. There are guys that normally fish just for walleyes, out there fishing the Small Mouth. My dock has a couple of real dandies hanging around and there was a 2lb large mouth bass that Marie caught this weekend. The Bass are definitely biting. If the walleyes where biting as well as the small mouth, there would not be an open spot on the whole lake rite now. Instead there is plenty of room everywhere.

If I find something out there this week worth posting, I certainly will keep you posted. I think that the bite will just keep getting better and better as the water warms up. I had 58 degrees on the water on Saturday, but we are going to get some rain and clouds most of the week, that will slow down the water warming up. The Wave Wacker is just a few weeks off now, and I am starting to get that competitive feeling in my bones already, Jordan is already there of course!

You will see What The Rock Has Cookin in a couple Weeks.

Be Safe

We will see ya

When we see ya

The Rockman

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 09:31 AM 06/03/08 (CST)
Excellent report, Rockman!

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 09:06 AM 06/04/08 (CST)
I have to get up there one of these days...

Rockman's Report/Mille Lacs 06/04/2008 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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