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Minnesota Fishing Report 05/20/05 - - - 8 messages. Showing 1 through 8.
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 03:49 PM 05/23/05 (CST)
Walleye action has been best during lowlight hours since area lakes are very clear due to last weekend's cold temperatures. For the most fish, try a jig and minnow on Oscar, Reno or Mary lakes. Crappie action continues to be good on the Chain of Lakes.


Last weekend, most walleyes were pulled from 12-20 feet of water on minnows, with a few taken on leeches. The largest walleye reported was a 29.5-inch fish. Anglers had the most success at the weeds of Ottertail, Silver, Rush and Battle lakes, with plenty of northern pike also being reported. Crappies have moved into 10-12 feet of water, and are also hitting minnows. Sunnies can be found in slightly deeper water.


On Lake Of The Woods, anglers were not disappointed as they pulled in limit after limit last weekend. The South Shore offered excellent fishing in 11-15 feet of water on jigs tipped with minnows or leeches. Walleyes in the 15- to 19-inch range were abundant, with a few 21-inch catch-and-release walleyes taken as well. Rainy River anglers had success at the airport area near Baudette. The river is currently high due to heavy rains and water having been released from the east. At the Northwest Angle and Islands area, anglers were limiting out in the bays, near the resorts, using nightcrawlers in 14-18 feet of water.


On Lake Winnibigoshish, opening day weather was tough with the high winds, rain and even some sleet. The water temperature decreased and the walleyes moved deeper than usual, and electronics showed schools of shiner minnows at similar depths. Mallard, Sugar, and The Highbanks areas produced the most limits, as well as many catch-and-release walleyes. A light fireball jig and small shiner minnow was the best approach. A slow presentation was key. Check the area off the first break in 10-20 feet of water for the most walleye. This weekend's warmer temperatures should improve fishing considerably. Once the water warms, try Tamarack Point, The Dishes and Plughat Point--these areas are typcially where shiners spawn and traditionally where the walleyes will be for several weeks.


Last weekend the walleyes were biting in 10-14 feet of water on Blackduck Lake. A jig and minnow combination, or leech under a bobber produced the most fish. And the crappie bite on Upper Red Lake has been good when the wind dies down, and water temperatures warm.


While the fishing opener was slow, a few days of warm weather should result in increased walleye action. Crappie action remained good, with numbers of fish taken from the shallows. Many walleye anglers gave up and turned their attention to the crappies. The best approach was a small jig under a bobber in 3-5 feet of water.


Although the opener was cold, the action was pretty good, and anglers reported quite a few walleyes. Chisago Lake produced the most fish, however walleyes were also pulled from Green, North and South Center lakes. For the most fish, hit the gravel and sand using a jig and fathead, or a leech under a bobber in 6-13 feet of water.


Last weekend, Whitefish Lake gave up some nice walleye on jigs tipped with shiner minnows or leeches in 12-24 feet of water. Pelican, Edwards and Crosslake also produced a few walleyes in depths of 16-24 feet. Northern pike action was good, with both northerns and bass being pulled from the shallows. For consistent crappie action, work the shallows near shore using small jigs and minnows.


Anglers reported good results during last weekend's opener. On Fish Lake, most anglers caught lots of fish, with many limiting out on walleyes between 14-22 inches. There were also reports of large crappies mixed in with the walleyes. Fish were found in 12-18 feet of water hitting jigheads tipped with shiners or rainbows. On Island Lake, there were also high numbers of walleyes taken using the same approach, although in slightly deeper waters. St. Louis River anglers reported great action using jigs and minnows from the 23 Bridge, all the way down to Spirit Lake. Some anglers are also having success using crawlers and leech rigs. Along the South Shore of Lake Superior, there has been good coho and laker action using bombers and thundersticks on top.


During the opener, walleye action was best in the river pockets off the Horseshoe Chain. At present, walleyes are hitting shiners worked in 12-14 feet of water on Horseshoe Lake. Walleye can also be found in the shallow weeds on Lake Koronis, and in slightly deeper waters on Rice Lake. Try a jig and minnow combination for the most fish. Northern pike can be found in the shallows, using shiners or sucker minnows. Crappie action has been slow, but numbers of panfish are being pulled from the shallow on waxworms. Fishing should improve considerably by this weekend due to warm temperatures.


Some of the best action last weekend was on the Mississippi River, which was disturbed less by the winds and fronts. The forecast is looking much better for this weekend so fishing should improve considerably.


Anglers had success last weekend on Rainy Lake once they got out of the wind and into a protected bay. Some large northern pike and several keeper walleye were taken when using a jig tipped with a minnow. There were also some reports of success when fishing the Rainy River, although the bass were more active than the walleye.


On Lake Mille Lacs, anglers had the most success last weekend on the north end in 8-14 feet of water. A few decent reports also came from Vineland Bay. Leeches and shiners produced the most fish, especially during early morning hours. Look for fishing to improve as the weather improves. For northern pike, try suckers in Cove and Wahkon Bays. Please remember that the temporary night ban is now in effect on Lake Mille Lacs. No one may fish for any species or possess fishing gear on the lake from 10 p.m. through 6 a.m. The night ban ends at 12:01 a.m. on June 13.


On Lakes Kabetogama and Namakan, cold temperatures and strong north winds have limited angler activity. Anglers worked the shallow bays and off resort docks, but the walleyes were not to be found. There were, however, many reports of small northerns being pulled from all depths, but primarily from the shallows. The majority of successful walleye anglers fished mid-depths down to 35 feet using a jig and minnow. Some success was reported when fishing shallower depths on the north-facing shorelines where the winds were somewhat obstructed. More sun and warmer temperatures are in the forecast, which should help with some shallow water fishing this weekend.


During last weekend's fishing opener, a few large walleye came out of 28 feet of water on Lake Washington. Lindy rigs with long snells tipped with crawlers or leeches worked best. On Lura Lake, action was good when trolling spinner rigs and crawlers along the weedlines. On Crystal Lake, numbers of smaller walleyes and a few decent-sized walleyes were taken on a jig and minnow combination. Crappie action has been best in Crystal Bay on Lake Washington. For the most fish, try a small flu flu jig, a hair jig, or a minnow under a bobber in 4 feet of water. Catfish can be found using large suckers on the Minnesota River.


Anglers are taking walleyes from the shallows of Lake Lac qui Parle on jig and minnow combinations. A mixture of walleyes and northern pike are being pulled from the Minnesota River near the Hwy 75 Dam, as well as at the dam in town. For the most fish, try casting spoons, or jigs and twister tails. A few walleyes are also being taken from the Chippewa River. Crappie action continues to improve on Lac qui Parle as water temperatures rise.


While the opener was tough, some anglers did find walleye in the deeper waters. On Gull Lake, walleyes were hitting shiners in depths of 20-35 feet. Round Lake produced a few walleyes in 16-24 foot depths. Anglers trolling rapalas at night had mixed results. As the water warms, the fishing should gradually improve. Crappie action remains good, especially on lakes Margaret and Hubert. On Margaret, the larger crappies could be found in 5-10 feet of water. On Hubert, a recent bug hatch led to crappies feeding on bugs near the surface, with anglers finding fish just one below the surface. Small crappie minnows and puddle jumpers under a bobber seemed to work best. The sunfish are also up in the shallows--try angle worms or small leeches for some nice-sized panfish.


On Big Stone Lake, walleye are most active during evening hours, especially along the south end of the lake and near Laguna Beach. The best approach has been a leech under a bobber, or a plug cast into roughly 3-4 feet of water.


Walleye anglers are having success fishing above and below the Blanchard Dam, and below the 10th Street Dam on the Mississippi River. Alexander and Rush lakes are also producing fish. Clearwater, Grand, Cedar Island, Briggs and Sugar lakes are giving up panfish, and Little Rock Lake has been good for northern pike and perch.


On Leech Lake, the fishing opener was very windy, making it hard to fish. By Sunday, the wind died down, and lots of fish were taken, although most were slot fish. The best approach was to work the shallow points and bars, as well as the weed edges of the northern bays using a green or orange jig tipped with a minnow. Numbers of northern pike were also reported. Fishing is expected to improve as the water warms.


Walleye were taken on shiners worked in 14 feet of water on Island, Potato and Eagle lakes during last weekend's opener. Northerns were hitting jig and sucker combinations in 12 feet of water. Panfish action was down, but this week's warmer temperatures should improve fishing considerably.


A few walleye were taken last weekend from Lida and Pelican lakes. This weekend should be more productive due to warmer weather.


On Pelican Lake, numbers of good-size, 3- to 4-pound walleye were taken by trolling through the shallows using a shiner minnow. On the Chippewa River near Benson, walleyes were hitting nightcrawlers and slip sinker rigs off shore. On Lake Minnewaska, the walleye opener was slow, however plenty of crappies and sunnies were pulled from the Starbuck Marina and the Fish Hatchery.


On Lake Waconia, walleye action was excellent during the fishing opener. Several fish over 24 inches were caught and released, with the largest weighing 8 pounds, 12 ounces. Jigs tipped with fathead minnows, and any type of shallow-water crankbait seemed to work well. A jig and minnow was best during the day. Anglers reported many northerns mixed in with the walleyes. For crappie action, try crappie minnows and small flu flus once the water temperatures rise.

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 03:50 PM 05/23/05 (CST)
Very Good Post BigBite!

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 10:32 AM 05/25/05 (CST)
Great Report! Do you have anything for the lakes around Detroit Lakes?
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Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 10:49 AM 05/25/05 (CST)
Hey beeg1727,

Welcome to My Fishing Pals. Glad to have you aboard!

After hitting the lake, why not give us a report here. I think you'll find the users pretty friendly with lots of info to share...

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Daily Subscription Msg 5 Posted: 05:05 PM 05/25/05 (CST)
where do you get these reports from BigBite?

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Daily Subscription Msg 6 Posted: 08:33 PM 05/25/05 (CST)
The reports look like the ones that can be found in Outdoor News each week. I don't get the Star Tribune. But I know that years ago they used to have the same reports in their paper each week.



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Daily Subscription Msg 7 Posted: 08:32 AM 05/26/05 (CST)
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1 Walleye - 13 feet - golden shiners
2 smallish snakes
1 small mouth
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Daily Subscription Msg 8 Posted: 10:51 AM 05/26/05 (CST)
Thanks for the update beeg1727.

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Minnesota Fishing Report 05/20/05 - - - 8 messages. Showing 1 through 8.
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