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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 01:47 PM 05/04/08 (CST)
I'm a bit disappointed in their willingness to promote Anti-Muskie propaganda and fuel the fire.

Please attend the meeting in Waterville this Thursday night at 7:00 if possible, I hope this meeting will help those of us with doubts and questions.

Here was my letter to The Outdoor News:

In regards to the letter concerning Rob Kimm’s article on The Long Range Muskie and Large Pike Plan:
As they say if you have the proof you use it and if you don’t you pound on the table, I hear allot of pounding from the Anti-Muskie Guys.

I was fortunate to be involved in every meeting and in two round tables as well during the formulation and growth of the Long Range Muskie and Large Northern Pike Plan, the entire plan was the work of "All" members of the Esocide Workshops, the members included two Non affiliated Muskie and Northern Pike anglers, Minnesota Darkhouse Angling Assn, Northerns Inc, Muskies Inc, The Minnesota Muskie Alliance, a Outdoor writer, Sportsmen For Responsible Muskie Management, a Central MN Guide, and DNR Biologists, Managers and the Chief of Fisheries.

At no time has the DNR been bullied by Muskie fisherman or Muskies Inc, that has never happened, we have accepted all the biological data and information no matter the outcome, we committed to that before the research and work began on this plan, Muskies Inc, MMA and the unaffiliated Muskie fishermen involved have stated time and again that we will not support any stocking that will damage Minnesota’s waters, we want a healthy diverse fishery for “ALL” anglers.

SFRMM presented their issues and put them on paper, The DNR worked to answer all the questions of which they did in June of last year, giving two presentations on the new research, SFRMM’s only rebuttal was "We have more questions" they just didn’t have those questions available at the time and I never saw any further questions presented.

For one presentation delivered that day they showed how they looked for stocked lakes that had negative impacts due to Muskie stocking, in these 41 lakes their results showed Muskies showed actually no effect on any of the lakes after stocking good or bad, but Muskies did help create a diverse fishery with no adverse effects to the health of the lakes in question from Southern to Northern MN.

This plan sites 70+ publications and scientific reports used in its compilation, so to claim MN DNR doesn’t know the science or the effects on the fish and ecosystem after stocking is wrong or a misrepresentation of the facts.

I have several of the studies used to create this plan including the research (as does every member that attended these meetings) I stated if anyone wants to look at the plans draft or this information to make a educated decision drop me a email at and I will send you the PDF Files and help you find the facts in this matter.

John Underhill
Vice President Muskies Inc Chapter 54 Southern MN
Co-Chair MMA
Rochester MN

Muskies Inc Chapter 54
The Outdoor News - - - This thread has 1 message. Showing 1 through 1.
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