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FISHING REPORT 4/18/08 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 08:19 PM 04/18/08 (CST)

Please remember that ice is never considered totally safe. The DNR reports that 4 inches of ice is the minimum thickness recommended for travel by foot. Ice safety guidelines also recommend a minimum of 5 inches of new, clear ice for snowmobiles and ATV’s, and 8-12 inches of new, clear ice for cars and small trucks. Please note that melting and refreezing makes ice less stable, especially in areas with springs or current. Anglers are asked to please call ahead for the most current conditions before venturing out. Anyone choosing to venture out must use extreme caution and check ice thickness often.

Anglers may obtain fishing licenses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by dialing 1-888-665-4236 , or accessing

Northeastern Minnesota
International Falls

On Rainy Lake, the walleye season has closed and few ice fishing anglers are venturing out. Anglers can still get out onto the lake, however most people are waiting for open water. Look to the Rainy River for good sturgeon action in the coming weeks.

Grand Rapids

While it is possible that there will be “fishable” ice this weekend, anglers should call ahead for the most current conditions. And, some open water panfish action is being reported at the warm-water discharge plant on the Mississippi River.


The ice is getting “soft” around the edges, yet some anglers are still venturing out onto Fish Lake and taking bluegills and crappies from 10 feet of water. Please note that warm temperatures are causing ice conditions to change rapidly. And, all rivers along the North Shore are free of ice, and kamloop fishing continues to improve.

Northcentral/West Minnesota

On Lake of the Woods, the walleye season has closed and anglers have turned their attention to sturgeon fishing on the Rainy River. While the season is currently catch and release, the spring season opens on April 24. All access points on the river are now open for boat launching.


The accesses and areas with current are open on most area lakes. Even though main-lake ice remains, the wind and warm temperatures are causing it to melt rapidly. Open water options are right around the corner.


On Lake Winnibigoshish, snow and ice still covered most areas of the lake earlier in the week. Most access points are now closed, and fishing reports have been minimal. Anglers that were able to get out early this week were taking perch from the shallow breaks on the west side of the lake.


On Leech Lake, the shorelines remain intact, but the slush and snow have kept anglers off the lake.


Anglers were fishing through the ice earlier this week, but conditions were marginal at best. Anglers must call ahead for the most current ice conditions prior to venturing out.

Park Rapids

The shorelines were holding up well earlier this week. Anglers were catching bluegills on Fish Hook Lake in 14 feet of water. Island Lake was producing sunfish and crappies in depths of 10-12 feet. Open-water anglers were also doing well, with waxworms producing rainbow trout on the Straight River.

Detroit Lakes

While quite a bit of ice remains, the abundance of melting snow has kept anglers off the lakes.

Battle Lake

Anglers were walking on most lakes earlier this week. Battle Lake was kicking out panfish in 10-20 feet of water, and Dead Lake was producing fish in slightly shallower waters. Star Lake has been good for sunfish in depths of 6-8 feet. The deep holes on Star, Pickerel, and Mollie Stark lakes have given up lots of tullibees. All anglers should call ahead for the most current ice conditions before venturing out.


While a lot of ice remains on area lakes, the shorelines are open. Open water angling is right around the corner.


Lake ice is melting fast. This week’s wind has broken up many areas, and anglers may be able to hit the bays and harbors as early as this weekend for some good panfish action.


This week’s wind and warm temperatures have caused the shorelines to open up on most area lakes. Some anglers have already begun fishing the open water in the channels and harbor areas.


Ice conditions are marginal at best, especially along the shorelines. As recently as Tuesday morning, anglers able to access the lakes were fishing through two feet of ice, with panfish coming from the shallows.


On Lake Mille Lacs, while there is still a lot of ice on the main lake, the shorelines, channels and harbors have begun to open up. Look to the shallow bays and harbors to start producing crappies within the next week to 10 days.

St. Cloud/Eden Valley

The shorelines are open, and the ice fishing season has ended. Open-water panfish action is probably at least one week away.

Twin Cities vicinity

As of Monday, a few anglers continued to fish through the ice on lakes Sylvia, Clearwater, and Sugar. Although two feet of ice remains on many lakes, the shorelines are deteriorating rapidly. Open water angling may only be a week away.

Prior Lake/West Metro vicinity

The shorelines of all area lakes are starting to open up. In another week or so, the lakes will be open. The bays should be producing panfish soon. At present, the Minnesota River is providing good channel catfish action.


A lot of ice remains on the main portions of most area lakes. The shorelines and channels have opened up, and anglers may have success with the crappies as early as this weekend.

Chisago City

The shoreline ice is breaking up, yet some people were ice fishing earlier this week. Anyone choosing to venture out onto the ice this weekend must call ahead for the most current ice conditions.

White Bear/Northeast Metro vicinity

The shorelines have started to open up, and ice is melting rapidly. Open water angling is right around the corner. At present, white bass anglers are having success at Pool #2 on the Mississippi River.

Southern Minnesota
Red Wing

The larger walleyes and sauger are hitting below the dam on the Mississippi River. These fish have moved into shallower waters, and can be found in 10 feet of water or less as they begin to spawn. For the most fish, use a jig and fathead minnow, or try a plastic.


The lagoons on all area lakes opened earlier this week. Lake Sakatah was first to open up, and windy conditions caused other lakes to open throughout the week. The Morristown Dam area on the Cannon River is currently giving up a few crappies.


The smaller area lakes are open, and the larger lakes are opening up fast. Some anglers are already fishing open water on Madison and Crystal lakes, with little or no success. With continued warm temperatures, look for the crappies to move into their traditional spring locations very soon.


By this weekend, most shallow, prairie lakes should be free of ice. The larger lakes still have a lot of ice, and a few anglers were actually walking out to fish as recently as Monday. Open-water anglers should be out in force by this weekend.


The border walleye season opens this Saturday, April 19. Warm temperatures have caused the ice on Big Stone Lake to break apart. As of Tuesday morning, a large area on the south end was fully open, and the wind was breaking open other stretches of the lake as well. Boats should be able to access the lake by this weekend.


All area lakes are free of ice, and the traditional spring hot spots have started producing a few crappies. The shallows of Perch Lake are currently best for crappie action.


Please Note: Explore Minnesota Tourism grants you permission to distribute this information freely to friends, family and others for personal use. However, any republication of the materials, full or partial, in electronic, print or other format, must prominently include the following statement: “The information in this report is provided courtesy of Outdoor News, and Explore Minnesota Tourism.”
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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 11:28 AM 04/19/08 (CST)
Thanks for the report, holdemtwice! I appreciate it. Now for some open water reports, eh? smile smiley

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FISHING REPORT 4/18/08 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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