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Sand Burr
Joined 02/27/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 08:00 PM 05/18/05 (CST)
I will be fishing the crosby area Saturday. I believe the lake is little and big menomie(?). Any kind words of advice?

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 05:50 AM 05/19/05 (CST)
Hi Sand Burr,

Our staff just returned form a Crosby fishing opener. We were primarily fishing for Trout in the Crosby mine pits. Did quite well.

Here are some pics and more are being processed:
Troutin' Pics

We had mixed luck on Kego Lake, North of Crosby. We blame the weather. Usally good for crappie this time of year.

North of Crosby there were alot of boats on Lake Emily, which is unusual. With a max depth of around 20ft, maybe it was easy to pattern the walleyes with the weather pattern that we were dealt.

The current report for the area is:


Opener came in like a lion. Cold, rainy weather kept most anglers dockside Friday night. Few reports of walleyes being caught, but by mid-morning Saturday anglers started to venture out. Whitefish gave up some nice fish on jigs and shiner minnows or leeches in 12-24 feet of water. Pelican, Edwards and Crosslake also produced some walleyes in 16-24 feet. Northern pike action was good with fish reported to be in shallow, with lots of bass hitting. Crappie action continues to be good, fish are being found in shallow water. Try small jigs and minnows next to shore.


The cold, wet, windy weather put a damper on the walleye opener in the Brainerd Lakes area. The number of walleyes being caught was few and the size being caught was small. This action should improve with a few more days of warm weather. The bright spot in the fishing action came in the form of crappies. Despite the poor weather conditions, the crappie action in the shallows remained constant. There were many “walleye” fishermen that gave up the chase and switched to crappies instead. The best crappie action occurred in 3-5 feet of water. Shallow, muddy areas continue to out-perform other locations. Small jigs below bobbers continue to be the best baits. If the weather conditions improve, we should start seeing a good bite soon.


Opening weekend for walleye fishing greeted the excited anglers with less than ideal conditions. High winds, rain and cold temps made conditions a little tough on the lakes in the Brainerd/Nisswa area. Overall the reports were pretty dismal. The anglers that did find a few walleyes caught them scattered in deeper water. On Gull Lake walleyes were biting on shiners in depths from 20-35 feet. Round Lake produced a few walleyes in 16-24 feet. The night anglers trolling Rapalas had mixed results. Some did very well with some walleyes in the 3-pound range while others caught some smaller fish. The water temps are still very cold, less than 50 degrees. As the water warms the fishing should gradually improve. Aside from the walleyes, the crappie fishing was fairly decent. Anglers experienced great results on Lake Margaret and Lake Hubert. On Margaret the nicer crappies were biting in 5-10 feet of water. On Hubert a recent bug hatch has flies buzzing around the lake. The crappies are feeding on these bugs near the surface. Anglers are catching crappies only a foot down under the bobber. Small crappie minnows or Puddle Jumpers working best. The sunfish are also feeding up in the shallows. Use angle worms or small leeches for nice sized panfish.


Fish the shallow weedlines in 6-10 feet for walleyes. Jigging with small 1/8-ounce jigs with a spot-tail shiner the ticket. If fish seem stubborn, try a 1/16-ounce size. Slip bobbering with leeches will work along or in last year’s weedbeds. Don’t forget to try night fishing with lighted bobbers. Pike prowling the shallows following the baitfish so be prepared to try sucker rigs on slip sinkers or even bobber fishing with suckers can be a good test of patience. This can be the best time for panfishing as the water warms.

Hope this helps.

Buck Anderson

JustNorth Outdoors
Joined 02/26/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 06:42 AM 05/19/05 (CST)
Good report Robb! Thanks! I'll have to go and click on some stuff on your site now.

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Crosby Area - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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