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Minnesota Fishing Report 05/16/05 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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1. Lake Vermilion

With a warmup this week, walleyes should start moving to the shallows where crankbaits could become effective, according to Lake Vermilion Trading Co. One note, two groups of anglers caught 57- and 58-inch muskies while walleye fishing.

2. Mille Lacs Lake

Johnson's Portside reports walleye action on slip bobbers and leeches in 8-12 feet during the day and in 5 to 8 feet of water in the evening.

3. Lake Minnetonka

Wayzata Bait reports walleye are scattered and unpredictable and hitting crankbaits, live bait rigs and jigs and minnows in 6 to 30 feet. Good northern action on sucker minnows in 10 to 12 feet. Crappies fishing is sporadic. Fish can be found on top of the milfoil in 14 feet using slip bobbers and jigs and minnows.

4. Bemidji area

Fishing is still tough and water temperatures are still cold, according to Kobilka's Sporting Goods. But persistency will produce some walleye action in 7-9 feet using jigs and shiners in the smaller lakes; try Lindy Rigs and leeches in the bigger waters in 20 to 21 feet.

5. Alexandria area

Crappies can be found in the shallow, emerging pencil weeds in 6 to 8 feet of water, according to Alexandria Outfitters. Minnow-patterned crankbaits, floating Rapalas, nightcrawlers and leeches can all be trolled along shoreline breaks to find active feeding walleyes. Jig and minnow or leeches will target fish holding on deeper structure. Northerns should also become more active and aggressive as the temperatures warm. Try throwing large spoons or spinner baits.

6. Lake Osakis

Walleyes still are hitting at night, according to Fisherman's Corner. Anglers using minnows and leeches with slip bobbers has been producing fish in 8-12 feet. Also try trolling crank baits. Some crappies and sunfish have been hitting near the weedlines in 10 feet on worms and small minnows and leeches.

7. Devils Lake

Walleye and pike fishing is slowly improving between the rain and fronts that keep coming through, Devils Lake fishing guide Jason Mitchell said in his weekly report. Some decent catches are coming out of shallow water, and a few white bass also are showing up, Mitchell said. Typical for this time of year, anglers are having their best luck pitching crankbaits into shallow water. Spots worth trying include Pelican Lake, the north shore of Minnewaukan Flats and the north end of Six-Mile Bay.

8. Lake of the Woods

There are a few people fishing northern pike and sturgeon, but anglers are anticipating this weekend's walleye opener. The Lighthouse Gap and shoreline breaks near Pine Island should kick out plenty of walleyes this weekend in 10 to 15 feet of water. The Rainy River is worth noting, as well. Harvest season for sturgeon ended last Saturday, and catch-and-release season closes Sunday.

9. Red River

Catfish action along the Grand Forks stretch of the Red has been good, even with the recent cool temperatures. Wednesday night, week two of the Red River Valley Catfish league brought 18 teams to the south ramp in East Grand Forks. Teams weighed in 19 cats for a total of 179.94 pounds. Placing first with a two-fish total of 34.3 pounds were Dewey Bedard and Troy Sott. Second place went to Mike Boushee and Randy Skjordal, with a two-fish total of 33.4 pounds, and third place went to Jayson Deziel and Dave Thompson, with a two-fish total of 25.64 pounds.

10. Crookston area

Panfish action has been slow, reports Stuart Bensen, conservation officer for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in Erskine, Minn. Bensen says he's seen a few catfish taken on the Red Lake River. With walleye season opening Saturday, look for Maple Lake to serve up decent action. The Red Lake River in Crookston, along with Union Lake and Lake Sarah near Erskine, also are good opening-day bets.

11. Bemidji: You'll find crappies biting in shallow water on most small lakes in the area. Anglers have been tightlipped about specifics, but the mud-covered bays on many fisheries seem to be holding fish. Look to Lake Bemidji, Lake Plantagenette, Big Wolf Lake and Lake Andrusia as safe bets for opening weekend walleyes. There should be plenty of fish caught from these lakes in less than 12 feet of water.

12. Upper Red Lake: Despite more than 2 inches of rain last week, the crappie bite continues to be very good along the shorelines. Most of these slabs are hitting minnows in 5 feet of water. The wind has been the only factor that has shut them down. Look for plenty of good pike action, as well, when fishing season opens Saturday. Walleyes on Upper Red are off-limits until May 2006.

13. Blackduck, Minn.: Most small lakes in the area are turning out crappies in shallow water. Gilstead and Rabideau lakes have seen the most activity. You'll find sunfish mixed with the crappies - not as many numbers, but they've been good-sized. Look for Blackduck Lake to provide consistent walleye action this weekend. It's traditionally one of the safest bets in the area during the first few weeks of the walleye season.

14. Cass Lake, Minn.: The best crappie reports are coming from 20 feet of water on Kitchi Lake and in Allen's Bay on Cass Lake. Minnows are working best, and these fish are tight to the bottom. Work the 6- to 8-foot reed beds on Cass and Pike Bay with a small jig and minnow for perch. The walleye spawn has been done for a couple of weeks, so the walleye opener is expected to be good. One spot worth noting is the Plughole between Kitchi and Cass lakes.

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Another great post BigBite. I appreciate it.

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Minnesota Fishing Report 05/16/05 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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