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279 lb field dress 9 pt'r - - - This thread has 1 message. Showing 1 through 1.
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News Tribune Today...

There's a picture in the article, and if you're not a news tribune reader, it's free to create a log-in and look..

The article:

Late Saturday afternoon near Alborn, Robert Graves of Proctor shot one of the biggest bucks registered in recent years in Northeastern Minnesota.

The buck weighed 279 pounds field-dressed when it was registered at Fisherman’s Corner in Duluth on Sunday morning.

“That’s the biggest buck I’ve ever seen,” said Scott VanValkenburg, owner of Fisherman’s Corner.

The buck was a nine-

pointer with long tines, but its body weight distinguished it.

“It looked big, but the more I looked at it, those big bucks — they’re long,” VanValkenburg said. “They have more of a horse body.”

Large bucks usually are ranked by antler measurement for record books. Body weights are usually recorded only for the purpose of big-buck contests at various registration stations. Over the years, hunters have registered a handful of bucks in the 270-pound class and perhaps one that hit 280 pounds.

Graves, 55, shot the buck late in the afternoon Saturday. When he went to look for it, the buck jumped from where it had been lying and ran ahead. Graves decided not to search farther that night, and he returned to look for it early Sunday morning. He found the buck dead not far from where he had last seen it, he said.

Graves said he didn’t realize how large the buck was when he saw it alive. But that changed when he walked up to it Sunday morning.

“I thought, this is big,” he said. “A guy can hunt forever and hope to get one like that. I’m pretty happy.”

Graves shot a buck that field-dressed at 232 pounds many years ago, he said. That was a nine-pointer, too.

“I thought that was going to be my biggest,” he said.

He’s debating on whether to have this buck mounted.

Graves had entered the big-buck contest at Fisherman’s Corner before the season and now finds himself in first place, VanValkenburg said.

Minnesota’s firearms deer season opened Nov. 3 and continues through Nov. 18.

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279 lb field dress 9 pt'r - - - This thread has 1 message. Showing 1 through 1.
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