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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 08:00 AM 11/01/07 (CST)
Minnows continue to produce walleyes in 20 to 25 feet on Lake Le Homme Dieu, Lake Carlos, and Lake Darling. A few walleyes also can be had in deep water, 40 to 70 feet, on lakes Ida and Miltona. Bass are still an option via crankbaits on the remaining weed edges and flats of area lakes.


Clearwater Lake and Cedar Lake are the areas two best walleye options with minnows in 12 to 20 feet. Look to Pleasant Lake, Lake Sylvia, and Clearwater for bass and pike, most of which are hitting minnows or crankbaits. A few crappies have started showing up in the deep holes of Clearwater as well.


Minnows remain the ticket for walleyes on Otter Tail Lake in 40 to 50 feet during the day and in 10 to 12 feet at night. Clitherall Lake is producing walleyes in 16 to 30 feet. Crappie and pike action has slowed, but West Battle Lake continues to produce muskies for those trolling the weedlines.


Minnows continue to produce walleyes for the few anglers who continue to fish. Work 10 to 12 feet on lakes such as Gull, Island, and Blackduck.


Gull Lake and North Long Lake continue to produce walleyes via redtails and jigs in 16 to 30 feet. Crankbaits are triggering bass along the deeper weedlines of North Long Lake and Round Lake while many of the areas smaller lakes are producing panfish. Look for crappies to be suspended over deep water and the sunfish in shallower water.


Walleyes have bit very well during the evening hours in the channel between Big Green Lake and Little Green Lake on minnows. Trolling with crankbaits in the channel between Chisago Lake and South Lindstrom Lake also has produced walleyes. Bass continue to hit spinnerbaits and crankbaits on most lakes.


Jigs and redtail minnows are producing numbers of walleyes on lakes such as Pelican and Rabbit. Fishing reports for other species have been limited.


Walleyes are being taken on minnows at two depths: 6 to 14 feet early and late in the day and in 20 to 25 feet during midday hours. Lakes worth noting are Pelican, Big Cormorant, Big Detroit, Island, and Melissa. Muskies continue to be caught on Big Detroit with CowGirls, but panfish action is limited.


Chubs are producing walleyes in 10 feet of water at Fish Lake and Island Lake. Fish Lake also is a safe bet for crappies in 12 to 14 feet. Large sucker minnows have started triggering muskies on the St. Louis River.


Briggs Lake continues to produce walleyes and a few good-sized crappies in eight to 12 feet. Blue Lake is a safe bet for crappies over 20 feet of water. Smallmouth bass continue to hit crankbaits on the Rum and Mississippi rivers.


Walleyes are very active on the deep drops of most lakes. Some bigger perch and good-sized crappies also have been found in deep water, primarily with minnows. Lakes such as Shagawa, Fall, and Burntside are worth noting.


Crappies continue to be pulled from Sissiton Lake and behind the filtration plant on Budd Lake. A jig and minnow is producing walleyes near the bridge on George Lake.


A jig and fathead minnow combination is turning numbers of walleyes on the bars and humps of Shields Lake during the evening hours. Anglers fishing from the shoreline in the channels of Cannon Lake are catching smaller walleyes.


Fishing activity has dropped considerably. A few anglers continue to use chubs in 20 to 25 feet for walleyes at Gunflint Lake, Lake Saganaga, and Seagull Lake with marginal success.


Minnows are triggering walleyes throughout the Mississippi River, Trout Lake, Sugar Lake, and Big Cutfoot Sioux Lake. The best action has taken place in 12 to 24 feet during the day, with some crankbait activity during low-light periods. Look for suspended crappies in the deep holes of Lake Wabana and Lake Pokegama.


Woman Lake continues to provide the areas best walleye action in 18 to 20 feet. Some perch also have been caught along with the walleyes on minnows. Panfish, bass, and pike reports are limited.


Minnows are providing a mixed bag of fish in deep water. Walleyes, sauger, and pike all are hitting in 32 to 45 feet from the middle of Lake Kabetogama to the east end of the lake. The bigger pike tend to prefer large suckers, while the walleyes and sauger are hitting smaller versions on a jig.


LAKE MILLE LACS — Perch still are being caught on minnows or waxworms in the bays over nine to 14 feet. Most of the walleye action now is taking place after dark with crankbaits. Work the rock reefs, shoreline drops, and rock-covered points in six to 10 feet. Muskie anglers continue to work the bays with limited success.


Look for walleyes to be hitting minnows in 24 to 30 feet in the larger bays of Lake Minnetonka and on Lake Independence. Minnetonka also is producing pike along the 15-foot weedlines via spinnerbaits and sucker minnows and a few crappies over 20 feet of water.


Limits of walleyes are being caught on the Rainy River in 12 to 14 feet. A jig and minnow is working best from the Lighthouse Gap to Birchdale. Water levels have receded and the current has slowed, which has made river fishing easier. Big walleyes have been tough to find with 16- to 18-inch fish most common.


The walleye bite has been very good with a Lindy Rig and redtail minnow working best. Work the sunken island on the north end in 29 feet, the flats in 22 to 24 feet, and Three Mile Bar in 42 feet. Crappies are being found suspended over 32 feet of water off the north-end point.


A blue or chartreuse jig tipped with a minnow is producing walleyes in 28 feet of water. Find a saddle, point, or sharp break and you should find walleyes at this depth. Water temperatures are still around 50 degrees, which means the whitefish and tulibees have yet to move shallow and this has made for a slow muskie bite.


Angler numbers have fallen. A few boats continue to fish the shallow points and shoreline breaks with a jig and minnow combination, but walleye numbers have been limited. A few better walleye reports are coming from the Cutfoot Sioux area in 18 to 24 feet. Expect some good-sized crappies in this area as well.


Walleyes are hitting jigs and minnows or crankbaits in eight to 10 feet. Work Pine Point, Cedar Point, Sand Point, and the Hardwoods. Perch action has dropped, but you'll still find them in seven to nine feet in Sucker Bay. Muskie anglers are seeing a few fish, but nothing real exciting here.


Walleyes are hitting a jig and minnow combination along the shorelines of Lake Hanska and Crystal Lake. The Minnesota River, Madison Lake, and Lake Washington have produced walleyes as well. Look for suspended crappies over 12 to 16 feet on Washington and Madison.


Walleyes are hitting shiner minnows on Big Sandy Lake in 25 feet. Look for crappies and northern pike under the bridge on Big Sandy as well.


Anglers fishing from shore during the evening hours are catching walleyes on the Ortonville end of Big Stone Lake. A jig and minnow is working best and there are some nice perch to be had as well.


Walleyes and northern pike are hitting minnows in 20 feet of water at Long Lake and Fish Hook Lake.


Minnows are producing walleyes at the mouth of the Tamarack River in six to eight feet. This same area has given up some large northern pike via crankbaits.


Walleyes and pike are hitting minnows in 18 to 22 feet off Birch Point, the Reinier area, and in Sand Bay. The mouth of the Little Fork River also is kicking out walleyes. The Rat Root River area of Black Bay is worth noting for crappies in shallow water.


There's a very good sauger bite and a few walleyes being taken below the dam on the Mississippi River. A jig and minnow is working best in 10 to 15 feet. Hit the backwaters and docks in Baypoint Park for panfish.


Look for walleyes on Horseshoe Lake, Rice Lake, and Lake Koronis with minnows in eight to 17 feet. Sunfish action also remains decent with lakes such as Becker, Pearl, Grand, and Cedar Island producing the most fish in six to 10 feet.


McCormick Lake and Sauk Lake are producing walleyes in six to nine feet of water. On Big Birch Lake, walleyes continue to hit minnows in 20 feet of water. Red Barn Bay on Sauk remains a safe bet for panfish in four to six feet of water.


The fall crankbait bite is in full swing along the bulrushes of Lake Minnewaska. The best action is taking place from sunset late into the night. During the day, minnows are producing some walleyes along the deeper points of Minnewaska.


NORTHEAST METRO — The only fishing action worth noting is taking place on the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers. Both rivers are producing walleyes, white bass, and some pike. Crankbaits or minnows worked on the current breaks or channel areas have been best.

WEST METRO — Main-lake reefs of Lake Waconia are producing walleyes. Work the top of these reefs during low-light periods and slide off the edge during midday hours. The Minnesota and Crow rivers continue to produce a few walleyes as well. Bass action remains consistent with crankbaits and spinnerbaits with Lake Minnewashta and Steiger Lake producing the most numbers.


Walleyes continue to be caught on minnows at Green Lake in 20 to 55 feet of water with 25 to 30 feet being most productive. Walleyes also have been active on Eagle Lake in 10 to 20 feet and on Diamond Lake, you'll find eyes and panfish in 10 feet. Anglers fishing from shore on Big Kandi Lake are catching walleyes during the evening hours.

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 11:08 AM 11/01/07 (CST)
Thanks for the report, BigBite!

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Minnesota Fishing Report - 11/01/2007 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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