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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 10:24 AM 08/31/07 (CST)
Greetings...........after leaving Northern Minnesota (Duluth Area)in 1970, I am looking to retire and return to that area in the very near future. It is my desire to purchase property on a lake within 25-30 miles of Duluth and preferably on a Lake that offers reasonable fishing opportunities. Having lived Maryland for the past 27 years, I am accustomed to fishing/trolling for Striped Bass (Rock Fish) so I expect I have lost my touch and knowledge base regarding the local species of fish (Walleyes, Bass, Northern Pike, etc).

In August I visited the Duluth area for a family reunion and spent several days looking at lake property. Island Lake which is just North West of Duluth was very attractive to me but I have no insight as to the quality or lack-there-of fishing on this lake. I am hoping that people on this message board who live near that area or who have fished in that area can provide me with some recommendations and insight to Lakes in that area that would be ideal for my interests. Any/all inputs would be greatly appreciated and of course I would reciprocate with a beer or 10 of your choice.
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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 11:17 AM 08/31/07 (CST)
Welcome to the site Instigator.

And welcome back to the great state of Minnesota, where mosquitos often get confused for small birds.

I don't live in Duluth but I was born there and still have alot of famil in the area and I do know the lakes in the area.

Island lake is a great lake. The average fisherman will tend to get alot more small walleye out of Island Lake but that doesn't mean that the lake doesn't hold bigger fish you just need to know where to look, also most fisherman won't move around if they are catching fish so they will sit on a school of smaller walleye all day long instead of moving around looking for the lunkers. Island lake is also a very good Smallmouth Bass lake if that interests you. All in all a great fishery for the area.

Other lakes in the area include Fish Lake (my favorite) Rice Lake (my Dad's favorite) along with alot of other lakes.

Fish Lake is a great all around lake. Walleye, Pike, Blue Gills, Crappie, Perch and Large Mouth Bass are all present. Its possible to pull a trophy walleye, Gill and Perch out of the same spot in the same day. Its a great lake to live on in my opinion. Its close to Duluth but the entire lake isn't developed. There's more undeveloped land then anything else.

Rice Lake is smaller then Island or Fish lake, its pretty much a round bowl with alot of submurged rocks and stumps. Its has some nice walleye, perch, and pike fishing but the shoreline isn't all that great, I'm not even sure if there are any homes on the lake.

Fish, Rice and Island lake are all reservoirs created by the daming of the Beaver River. They are all within a few minutes drive of each other and are only a few miles from Duluth. If you lived on one you could easily trailer your boat to any of the three within minutes. The beauty of these 3 lakes is that one of the three usually has a hot bite going. Fish lake is usually in June, Island stays hot through late summer and Rice Lake can fill in the voids. If you are open to targeting different species if the bite is tough for your intended target you can almost always catch fish on these lakes. I haven't been skunked in years. You just need to remain flexible and move around until you get things figured out.

I envy you in your ability to move up to one of these lakes, my wife and I want to buy a second home on Fish Lake someday but that will be many years down the road if ever.

Let me know if you need any more info on these lakes. I can steer you toward the fish on Fish Lake without much trouble.

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 11:46 AM 08/31/07 (CST)
Hey instigator,

Welcome to My Fishing Pals. Glad to have you aboard!

I grew up in Duluth and did a lot of fishing on Island Lake. In fact, I have done several Openers on that lake. The pike and walleyes make it definitely a lake worth visiting. If you have an itch to live on that lake, I would have to say it would be a good choice as far as fisheries are concerned. It is also a recreational lake and it does have a lot of cabins and houses on it. From Duluth, it is a favorite swimming spot too. So you may want to consider that also. And as nofish said, there are other lakes in the area worth visiting. AND don't forget the streams and rivers... a lot of good trout fishing in the area.

There are several users here that live up in that area and I am sure they will chime in.

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Bobber Down
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Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 03:07 PM 08/31/07 (CST)
Welcome to the site, hopefully those guys information is helpful in your hunt!


Gotta Run

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Daily Subscription Msg 5 Posted: 06:53 PM 09/17/07 (CST)
Fish, Rice, and Island are great choices for lakes near Duluth. I've been catching some good sized Smallmouth Bass on Island lately. Boulder is a good fishery just above Island lake, the land is no longer leased out by MN Power there though. Keep in mind Fish, Rice, and Island is mostly leased by MN Power.

Caribou is a great Largemouth Bass lake, it is located just south of Fish. Also look into Pike lake (great for northerns), just south of Caribou, and Grand lake, just west of those two.

Great site for lake maps and fishing info
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Daily Subscription Msg 6 Posted: 12:27 AM 10/03/07 (CST)
Instigator, I think NoFish had it down pretty well. I would add that Island Lake is the biggest and it is the Cloquet River that is dammed for it. It has the best smallmouth bass fishing to be had in the area, the only other one like it is the St. Louis River. As WebDude can contest to, we have a few fishing leagues up here that fish all these lakes and the river a lot, so we can point you in the right directions for fish on any of our home waters. Yes I live in Duluth and fish this area over 120 days a year. We have world class fishing for any species of fish, if you know when and where to go for them.

Wow, "Any/all inputs would be greatly appreciated and of course I would reciprocate with a beer or 10 of your choice." You could get a lot of information with a sales pitch like that.. wink smiley Any time you want to chat fishing in the Duluth area, just post. I get out here a bit, but I am not hard to find.

Go luck. I an jealous, I am hoping to buy on one of the lakes in a few years, so leave me one good spot. My boat and truck will get me to the fish. Yes Nofish had it right, there are a lot of great lakes and fishing within minutes of those three lakes and a lot of the best fishing is on the smaller lakes, that don't get talked about a lot.

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Moving Back To Minnesota/Need Some Advice Please! - - - 6 messages. Showing 1 through 6.
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