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DNR's Aug. 22 2007 statewide fishing report - - - 5 messages. Showing 1 through 5.
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 09:31 AM 08/22/07 (CST)
DNR's Aug. 22 statewide fishing report

ANNANDALE - Sunnies have picked up a bit, biting mainly on the weedlines in about 10 feet of water, mostly worms. Northerns are biting better too on the weedlines with medium sucker minnows. The walleyes have been kind of quiet, and a few crappies are being picked up in the evening on the weedlines, in about 5-10 feet of water on crappie minnows. The bass bite has been good, using mostly worms and deep running cranks on the sharp drop offs. The lake is up about 6 inches from the previous week’s rain.

ANOKA - The good news is the river level is back up, the fishing hasn’t been the best though. But getting the water levels back up will be key to the fall bite. The Rum River should be picking up soon, and the bass fishing should be good. Some nice panfish reports from Anne and Rush Lake. And also on Knife Lake we’ve heard some good reports using small crawlers.

BATTLE LAKE -The walleyes are still hitting on Ottertail on some cranks in the morning and evening out on the flats, mainly in 7 to 12 feet of water and deeper, 18 to 24 feet, with crawlers and suckers. On West Battle, they’ve been having the best luck for eyes in 30 to 35 feet of water with leeches and minnows. On Rush Lake, try between 16 to 21 feet deep with leeches or some now using shiners. For sunnies, try Star, Fiske, Blanch, Deer and Norway. The crappies are biting on West Battle in about 20 feet of water suspended 10 feet down. The bass and northerns are biting everywhere; Clitheral and West Battle are probably the two main lakes to hit.

BEMIDJI - The walleyes have been biting out on Bemidji in about 20 to 26 feet of water on bigger redtails. It’s been a good bite off Diamond Point on the south side out by the rock pile and grass island. A few muskies have been caught on the northern end of the rock pile right after sunset. For some nice crappies try Grace Lake and you’ll pick up a few bluegills there too. Also try Plantagenet for muskie action, seeing a lot of them on the top water baits.

BLACKDUCK - The walleye bite on Blackduck is still going and also on Round and Island Lakes. The crank bite has been the best option as the fish are scattered along the shoreline, so covering a lot of ground has been the key to picking up some fish. We’ve had quite a few bear sightings as baiting started this week.

CHISAGO CITY - The panfish are biting on Chisago really good from the eagles nest to the a-frame in about 8 to 20 feet of water.

The bass bite continues to be excellent all over. On North Center off Nelson’s Island in about 10 to 20 feet of water they are picking up some crappies and the occasional walleye.

CROSBY - This week the bite was hot, but then started to slow due to cold front. Walleyes are being caught along the weedlines of Serpent and Rabbit lakes, as well as the pools on the Mississippi. Bass can be caught along the lily pads and shallow water on topwaters and spinnerbaits of area lakes. Pike have been so-so, but can be caught using a sucker minnow or crankbaits. For panfish, give Little Rabbit or the Mississippi a try. Our biggest sunfish have been coming in from the river. Trout have been slow on the pits. Musky sightings have been regular, but getting them to bite has been the trick. Cedar has produced a few fish in the midnight hours, as has Mille Lacs.

CROSSLAKE - Walleye action has been good. Whitefish, Crosslake chain is giving up fish in the 18 to 22 foot range on Lindy rigs and leeches. Early mornings and evenings appear to been the best fishing time. Bass anglers are reporting plenty of action along weed lines and dock areas working worms or surface plugs or spinner baits. Northern pike are hitting spinner rigs and spinner baits fished along weed lines on all area lakes. Panfish and crappie action has been great with bigger fish hitting in 16 to 18 feet of water. Waxworms with small jigs slip bobber fished or slow retrieve through and along the outside weedline.

DULUTH - Island Lake still has to be the lake of the week for walleyes. Guys are fishing in about 18 feet of water using blown up crawlers on a rig. For crappies, try Fish Lake in about 15 to 18 feet of water. You’ll find them suspended about 13 feet down and biting on crappie minnows. For bass, try Fish, Pike and Caribou under and around the docks. Out on Lake Superior the salmon and lake trout action has been the best out of Two Harbors. A few fish are being caught in the St. Louis River trench and the upper river smallies are going good and they have been getting some nice ones too. Some smallies up to 21-22 inches. They are concentrated in the deeper pools.

ELY - The fishing has been steadily improving in the past several days, and the fishermen and women have been showing up in droves. Our field reports have been coming in with limits of walleyes coming from several of the most popular lakes. The top spot to fish this week has been White Iron Lake. This lake has really been hot this summer. Walleyes are lounging around the sunken islands and reefs in 9-14' of water and they are responding to a multitude of baits and presentations. Live bait anglers are doing very well, but trolling rapalas and other crankbaits are doing their fair share of culling the larger specimens from the schools. Remember that this lake has a slot limit, and walleyes from 17-26" must be released. The crappies coming out of White Iron have been the slab-sided two pounders, taken on both minnows and small jigs and tubes. Little Long lake, one of the lesser known "sleeper" lakes, has been the most diverse producer. Crappies, sunnies, and walleyes are all making their presence known, and occasionally a bragging size pike will find its way boat side. Basswood continues to please all those who make the journey northward too. The best method here appears to be slow trolled spinner rigs tipped with either crawlers or minnows. Those in search of trout are having big fun on Miners Lake, the Glacier ponds and Tofte. The Burntside bite that was so hot a couple of weeks ago has cooled. Sporadic reports of walleyes are still coming in, but for now, it's not the top choice. The water temps are dropping slowly, but this is a good thing because as we all know, some of the best fishing comes in the fall, which is right around the corner.

FOREST LAKE - Rain, wind, fish? The St. Croix has been ok for walleyes and panfish. Green Lake has been good for bass fishing. Clear Lake is still putting out some decent panfish numbers, mostly on the weedlines and deeper and suspended. For muskies, your best bet is Forest Lake with spinner baits.

GREY EAGLE - The walleyes have been biting on cranks in about 5 to 8 feet of water on Pelican Lake. On Pine Lake by Upsala has been putting out some nice crappies and sunnies. Big Birch Lake has had a good sunfish bite, some nice ½ to ¾ pound fish coming in. The walleyes are also biting on Big and Little Birch in about 12 to 15 feet of water lindy rigging. There continues to be a good bass bite on all area lakes and the pike and sunnies too are biting everywhere. Kings Lake is another one that is getting some good sunnie and crappie action.

HACKENSACK - The muskies are biting on Leech and the bass are still biting well. The water temps are starting to drop. A jig and a minnow is working better for walleyes now as we are starting to see more fall like habits as the temps get down lower at night. Woman Lake has been producing a few walleyes, and trolling on Ten Mile for walleyes at night has been producing some fish.

KABETOGAMA-NAMAKAN - Fall is in the air; cool nights have contributed to water temperatures dropping to below 70 degrees on the surface. Walleyes are schooling up better now than most of the summer. Many anglers are fishing with minnows at the 30’ plus depth and having success with walleyes and saugers. Artificial lures contribute to success when used at the 20’ range trolled at around 1½ miles per hour. Reef ledges and shorelines provide the best action. There is lots of reported success for anglers using crawlers and leeches between 8’ and 20’. Slip-sinker rigs trolled slowly over soft bottom structures as found on many shorelines or bays seem to kick out feeding walleyes and bass. Pike are aggressively chasing artificial lures regardless of your method; casting or trolling, your choice. This cooler weather usually brings the big fish, all species out to aggressively find food prior to the onset of fall, making the backside of August and September good months to fish. As of this writing, a fire ban is in effect for St. Louis County; campers may use gas grills and stoves, but remember charcoal grills are included in the ban. For the near future, unless we have major weather changes, the most consistent walleye bite on Kabetogama will be 18-28’. Namakan offers a little different picture, depths of 25-40’ has been working well. Pike bite still favors the outskirts of vegetation, both shorelines and bays producing nice pike and occasional bass.


fishing on Lake of the Woods continues to be strong this week. Most of the action has been down rigging in deeper water, from 31-35 feet. Trolling while pulling plugs has also been working very well near the flats. August is known as the trophy walleye month at Lake of the Woods, and that saying holds true again this year with several keepers being caught. The bite on the Rainy River has slowed the last couple days but they are still biting in 16-20 feet of water. Clementson Rapids all the way east to Vita’s Landing has been producing some nice fish. The Northwest Angle and Islands has been giving up some beautiful fish around Oak Island and the rocks around Flag Island. Jigging with a crawler seems to be working the best to hook onto that trophy walleye.

LEECH LAKE - Muskie fishing has been the big news on Leech Lake.

Huddles, Big Rock and Pelican Reefs have all been good. The biggest I have head of being released was 53 inches with other reports of 45- to 49-inch fish. Red and black bucktails are the preferred methods. The cooler weather has seen the walleye fishing improve trolling with deep diving rapalas still the best followed by a leech/bobber set up. Pike and bass have been biting up in Steamboat Bay. Jumbo perch are biting on the south side of Bear Island.

METRO AREA EAST -The catfish are biting well all over on the deep pools in the river and Silver Lake with the standard stink bait and cut up suckers. The muskies bite is going well. The northerns and bass bite has slowed a bit over the last week. Some walleyes are still being picked up on the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers.

MILLE LACS LAKE - The jumbo perch and walleye action continues to be fair. The walleyes were caught bobber fishing on the rocks and the perch were picked up going along the shoreline. The muskies are biting in the bay, just not a lot of people fishing them. We’ve heard of lots of bears hitting bait piles already and a lot of pheasants are being spotted around Milaca.

LAKE MINNETONKA - For walleyes try floating rigs tipped with leeches out in about 20 to 24 feet of water. The muskies are biting okay on the weed flats chasing everything. The bass are a little deeper in about 17, 18 feet of water and plastics are working for them.

Lake Osakis - The northerns are biting along the weedlines. The sunfish are biting out on half-mile bar on waxworms. A few walleyes have been biting here and there but it really hasn’t been a study bite. If you work at it, you can pick up a few fish.

PARK RAPIDS - The walleyes have slowed a bit, the fish they are getting have been in the 18 to 28 foot range in the early morning or late afternoon. Potato and Fishhook Lake are the two best ones to try. The panfish bite has been excellent. The gills have been biting in 12 to 14 feet of water with waxies. The northerns are biting well on Long Lake on suckers in 6 to 18 feet of water. He bass continue to hit shallow in 2 to 6 feet of water on plastic worms.

PELICAN RAPIDS - With all the recent rain, the reports have been low and slow. Jig fishing on Lida and Pelican for walleyes with guys moving over more to using minnows again.

RAINY LAKE - Rainy Lake walleye are being caught in anywhere from 35-45 feet of water. There have been good reports from the submerged reefs, but also in some surprisingly shallow areas. Leeches and crawlers have been working, but the bite is swinging toward minnows, you might want to have a variety of baits. Smallmouth bass have been found on those same submerged reefs, but not quite so deep. A graph will be a big help in locating fish. Crappie and northern pike continue to be caught in Black Bay and Sand Bay. The border water sturgeon season remains open until September 30, and there tags and other special requirements, do obtain a Minnesota regulation book and abide by the rules.

RED WING - The rain has slowed the amount of guys going out. But once the weather shapes up I would imagine the northerns will still be at the mouths of the Rush and Pine Rivers biting on red eyes and larger spoons. The walleyes continue to be in the deeper water on Lake Pepin pulling shad raps and lead line. And the bass are on the rock piles out there too.


Lately the weather has been affecting the fishermen as much as the fish.

However local anglers are still catching some sunfish, bass and northerns on Clearwater, Briggs and the Horseshoe Chain Lakes. The Mississippi River bite is still good and crappies, smallies, walleyes and catfish are being caught. Anglers are fishing with night crawlers, fathead minnows, small suckers and leeches. Other reports of fish biting have come from Big Birch and Lake Alexander. We are still carrying panfish and medium/large and jumbo leeches in bulk quantities. If you have the need for a special bulk bait order we will take care of that for you. Big Sandy Lake has been producing bass and northerns and some crappies too.

SAINT PETER - The catfish were running on the river before the rain, hard to say what they will do. The river has gone up 5 to 6 feet. The sunnies are still biting on Washington and Madison.

SOUTH CENTRAL MINNESOTA - A well deserved rain was welcomed here in Waterville, brought the lakes up approx 10" behind the shop. Lake Tetonka is doing well after the rain we had numerous reports of walleye and bigger crappie were reported. Chubs have been bringing northerns in the boat as well as spoonplugs. A good turnout for the bass tournament was also reported with some good catches. As the season comes to an end (for the summer) Lake Tetonka, hands down was the best all around lake in the area. The crappie bite and stripers should be coming real soon, so grab your pole and head down to Waterville.

WACONIA - We’ve had a good panfish bite all summer that still continues. Try deeper water off Kegs and Pillsbury reefs and the milfoil line in about 12 feet of water by the beach in the S.E. corner. The bass are up in the pencil reeds and bulrushes and biting on topwater baits and they are also off the south end of cemetery reef in about 20 feet of water and off North reef in about 16 to 18 feet of water. The muskies reports were spotty before the cooler weather hit.

WINNIBIGOSHISH - Big Winnie has been an on again off again with the shoreline bite best. Walleye fishing has been pretty consistent, as long as you fish shallow. Weedbeds along the East side near Highbanks and Musky Bay producing on jig and minnow and a crawler and rig. Ravens Point is another spot that has produced and the Spine of Raven's has been the best. Some nice northern pike showing up and many fish over 5 pounds. Look for the crappie and bluegill bite to improve as the water begins to cool.

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Thanks again BigBite

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 03:11 PM 08/22/07 (CST)

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Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 11:13 PM 08/26/07 (CST)
Any word on Cass Lake? Thanks fish guys!!
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Hey Randalizer,

Welcome to My Fishing Pals. Glad to have you aboard!

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DNR's Aug. 22 2007 statewide fishing report - - - 5 messages. Showing 1 through 5.
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