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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 03:44 PM 08/20/07 (CST)
Hey folks,

I posted in the newbie section some time ago asking for advice before moving here from Texas. Finally got a chance to take some time off and take my son fishing. We hit a few lakes around the northern metro area and put some of your advice to work and had a great time!

We ended up with a bunch of crappie (largest went 10.5"), some nice sunnies, a drum and 5 nice largemouth. We don't have a boat (yet!) so all this was from piers and the shore. Unfortunatly, we didn't have a camera.

Could some of you share some advice for targeting pike or muskie for a land-locked angler?
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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 03:55 PM 08/20/07 (CST)
Sounds like a good day out there. It can be tough from shore in the metro with the weed growth late in the summer but it looks like you managed pretty well.

For Muskie from shore I would check out the Minneapolis chain of lakes. Calhoun and Harriet have muskie and also plenty of shore line to work with.

For pike I would suggest either going to one of the fishing piers and tossing out a bobber with a sucker and hoping for the best. Or you can see if you can find some shoreline to cast spinner baits or spoons. Again you'll be dealing with weed issues in some spots. As the weeds die off you'll probably find the fishing easier.

I wish you continued luck, and keep coming back and giving us updates.

The Fisher
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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 04:11 PM 08/20/07 (CST)
Hey Mantis-

Thanks for the report. Sounds like you had a great time!

Here are a few ideas for muskies or pike from shore in the coming months...

Muskies--ahh, shore fishing for muskies. If there is a dam on a river that has muskies then in a month to six weeks they will generally start moving toward the deeper water and holes, although the flats can at times be exceptional for giant fish in the fall. However, current breaks close to deeper water are the most magic magnet. The fact that there are not a lot of muskies makes them a bit more difficult though. However, here is a great technique that is dynamite for shore fishing muskies in the fall to winter seasons in lake systems. Find the most prominate, giant point you can that touches the main lake basin (If it has boulders and weeds that makes it much better). Buy or catch some 6-20 inch long suckers (If you can't find or catch any then bluegill and carp are OK bait options--not as good but ok--they are legal in most states for bait but check local regs--bluegill are not legal bait in Minnesota. Then soak one of the suckers on a quick strike rig under a muskie float about half way between the surface and the bottom. Soak a second one on a similar quick strike rig under a muskie float but set the depth on this one for maybe 2-3 feet from bottom. This way you have a good coverage of the water column. Cast them out a good ways and set back, build a fire, toast a cheese sandwich and take in nature. If there are muskies in the lake they will eventiually be swimming this main lake point at some time in the day (presuming the lake has muskies). When they do you have a VERY GOOD chance at hooking up on a couple in the day. Also, I have found it good to use one larger sucker and one smaller so they have an option no matter how they feel. This is a great method in fall--but very poor in spring because they are located elsewhere in a lake early in the year. If you are fishing Minnesota this technique would require that there be two anglers as only one line is allowed in the water per angler... at least as I understand the law.

A second consideration is this... in shallower or weedier lakes as the shallow edge of the weedline dies out it leaves an ever and ever smaller ring of actual green vegetation in progressively deeper and deeper water. Often this helps to concentrate the fish. The suspenders and free roamers of the open water make their way into this small ring of remaining weed growth where much prey is found. The fish that related to shallower structure move a little deeper and they converge on this thinner span of weedline. This creates a larger amount of fish in a smaller area meaning they are often more aggresive in taking a lure or bait as they are having to compete with more fish to pack on the fall feed bag. THIS IS A VERY GOOD THING! Soak suckers under a muskie float over the remaining green weeds closest to deep water... sharp breaks make it even better. Cast jerk baits out and over the remaining green weed beds... slow the retrieves down as we head into fall over the next month or so.. stuff like Suicks, B Flats, Eddie baits, Burts, etc. will all be outstanding at that time frame.

One final consideration for ski's or pike (or any species for that matter) is what there prey species are up to at this time. Muskies and big pike will be with their food target species. As an example--muskies in a lake with good populations of tulibee/ciscos/whitefish will be on rocky main lake points as the water temps go below 50 degrees and the ciscos/tulibees move there to spawn--well if the lunch ticket is there so are the big boys. Incidentally, the fall ciscoe/tulibee spawn will concentrate almost every giant fish in the system--from muskies, pike, to walleye and smallmouth. Best chance to have contact with lots of big fish at a specific location at one time--YOU GOTTA LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope that gives you a few ideas to try out!

Good Fishing To Ya,

Jason "The Fisher" Pence

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Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 05:47 PM 08/20/07 (CST)
Hey Mantis,

Thanks for checking in. Ditto what Fisher said. There are also a lot of lakes with fishing piers that do not have muskie in them, but a lot of pike. Long Lake comes to mind (New Brighton) and I am sure there are quite a few others. Appreciate the report!

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Daily Subscription Msg 5 Posted: 02:41 PM 08/23/07 (CST)
This is a bit late, but for shore fishing Big Pike and Muskies, I think?? ... try Vadnais Lake in Saint Paul... this is a reservoir system, so no boats of any kind are allowed. Make certain you get there early and bring a rod / reel with some really heavy line, the trick to fishing this lake is to get past the weeds. If you have a strong arm.. crank baits work... you will be sore by the end of the day. Or just slip a sucker minnow on a hook with a bobber and wait, it shouldn't take long. Remember to be successful you need to be able to get your line out near the edge of the weed bed, if you can do that you will have a good day. Oh... and if you don't have any luck with the pike or northern in this lake there are a ton of big carp.. just bring a can of corn with you as back up bait

First MN fishing outing - - - 5 messages. Showing 1 through 5.
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