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Joined 08/20/2007

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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 11:13 AM 08/20/07 (CST)
Hello all, as you can tell I am a new member and what a great site, I think I will end up being a regular visitor here in the summer months. Anyway, I will be going out to Lake Koronis for the first time this week for 11 days. I was hoping someone on these boards had fished the lake recently and could give me some advice on the lake. E.g. What works, what doesn't, best lure colors, etc.
Sorry, I know I am not being very helpful but considering how long I am going to be out there, I suspect I will be fishing for a little of everything. However, I assume Walleye and Pike will be my primary focus.
Anyway, I will be very grateful for any tips or advice I receive.

Thanks in Advance, smile smiley

Joined 06/30/2005

nofishfisherman's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 11:23 AM 08/20/07 (CST)
Welcome to the site, glad to see you plan to hang around.

If you are going to be there that long you should be able to figure out a pattern and some hot spots before you leave.

I would start be trying to find a deeper weedline. The eyes should be moving through those areas if they are active, also pike will be there feeding as well.

Really all species will be using those deep weedlines to some extent probably. But every lake is different and will have slightly different patterns.

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 11:42 AM 08/20/07 (CST)
Koronis has been very tough this year. I've been catching a few walleyes on cranks around the islands at 25 feet. Other then that, the bucketmouths have been doing well this year. Smallies too. People have been using leeches and crawlers. Try to get out to the bouy out by the 3rd island. Boat traffic has been horrendous, but probably better with this cold snap and rain. Good Luck!

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Joined 08/20/2007

aricww's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 09:55 AM 08/21/07 (CST)
Thanks for the quick, informative replys! I don't leave until Friday, so if anybody has anything else to add I will be more than happy to listen grin smiley
Joined 07/18/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 5 Posted: 10:48 AM 08/21/07 (CST)
Welcome to the forum, aricww!


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Daily Subscription Msg 6 Posted: 06:55 AM 08/22/07 (CST)
Welcome to the site, aricww!

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Joined 08/20/2007

aricww's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 7 Posted: 01:55 PM 08/23/07 (CST)
Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I guess I didn't do the polite thing and say hello in the new members area first, sorry about that.

Anybody else have anymore information on Koronis for me, especially after all this rain?
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aricww's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 8 Posted: 11:37 AM 09/07/07 (CST)
Well, I am back from Koronis... and man what a trip.
I did a lot of reading before my trip, and I thought I knew exactly what to expect, turns out I had no idea.

On my first weekend at the lake, it took awhile to figure out what the fish would bite on. I started out in the shallows with my trusty mepps spinners...they rarely fail to catch me a fish. They failed miserably on Koronis.. after a couple of hours trying every color in my box I only managed to catch a stinky little rock bass. Over the next hour or two Jerk baits and spoons got similar results. Finally the old man and I tied on some jigs..and man oh man we couldn't keep the fish off unless we used bright colors.

From the DNR reports and everything I had read I expected I would be catching lots of Smallies, northerns, and hopefully some walleye.
This just was not the case... the big consistent biters were the large mouth bass, I have never seen so many good sized largies in my life. We unfortunately didn't catch any monsters but we saw a few other people had caught and... eaten frown smiley that had to have been 5lbs +.

We did catch some smallies and the ones we did catch were of really good size 3-6lbs, they were just rare. We also caught quite a few northerns, all on jigs... nothing else seemed to get bites. Unfortunately due to the fact that we were jigging everyone lost some real monster northerns from sharp teeth and snapped lines. Whomever manages to make the first leader that does not interfere with lure / jigging action will be rich beyond their wildest dreams I think.

Due to having a full pontoon, of people who did not really care what we caught as long as we were catching fish we only brought in two walleyes the whole trip. One on a leech and one on a jig, according to others I spoke to minnows were hot with the walleye, I just never got a chance to verify. We also caught quite a few crappies, but most were too small for eating. I am certain there has to be a few good schools in the lake but I don't think I would waste my time trying to find them as they were few and far between.

This lake is also full of carp which surprised me, I am not certain why. We managed to bring in two of the stinky buggers that weighed 25-30 lbs. lol, both on jigs and one on an ultra-lite with 4 or 6lb test... go go fireline.

As the trip wore on, fish were biting less and less.. I think mostly due to the sun coming out and the days getting hotter. Or maybe, the fish just got hip to our game. Despite this, the fishing was still good and fairly consistent for the entire trip.. the only disappointments were loosing some monster northerns, didn't catch more walleye, and somehow I managed to get tired of catching large mouth bass... I did not think it was possible. I don't think I was alone in this as near the end of the trip the following dialogue was common place. me: "Got a Fish on the line?"
Old Man: "Yup"
Me: "Need the net?"
Old Man: " .. nope... its just another largemouth..(sigh)"

Well, to wrap things up some quick words of wisdom for anyone who wants to try lake Koronis:

LAKE INFO: Bring a map of the lake and a depth finder... this lake is very strange and your depth finder will be your best friend as the maps seem to be a little off, and the bottom of the lake is very random. Finding shallows that are 4' deep that extend 100+ ' from shore is not uncommon. While spots that are 20 to 30 feet deep 4 feet from shore is not either. Don't expect to fish visible weed lines as it is likely 3' deep with no fish and you may just ruin your prop.

FISH: Fish of every type seem to be in the weeds just before and around drop offs.. nobody seems to hang out on the rock ledges and drop offs like they are supposed to. Fish that are biting can be found mostly in 8' to 16' of water.

Hot Bait / Lure: Jigs with dark colored heads worked for all types of fish.. people with bright colored jig heads did not do as well. For body colors use something dark as well with a single tail, we were most successful with in the following order:
1. Pumpkin (dark (brown/orange) or green variety)
2. Camo
3. Rootbeer
4. Junebug
5. Black
6. Other
** Note: for some reason purples, dark reds, and blues did not seem to work well at all. Apparently crappie minnows were working well for walleye but I did not get many chances to test it out.

Hmmm, I think that's it.. if anybody has any questions feel free to ask if I think of something I may post again... and I may put up some pics when I have some time!

Take care and tight lines!


Joined 02/26/2004

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Daily Subscription Msg 9 Posted: 11:45 AM 09/07/07 (CST)
Excellent report, Aric! Thanks!

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Daily Subscription Msg 10 Posted: 02:59 PM 09/17/07 (CST)
We just got back from Koronis and we didn't catch anything. you are right about the lake being very tough to fish, not to mention that our pontoon died a couple of times because the battery was not re-charging. Anyways, did not catch any walleyes this year...caught a ton of Large mouth bass...and of course the perch are always there. where have the walleyes gone?? We're going again next weekend and will take into consideration the report about jigging.
Lake Koronis - - - 11 messages. Showing 1 through 10. Go to page: 1   2 
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