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The Fisher
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 10:25 AM 07/25/07 (CST)
The following are the Canadian records for fish from all provinces. A few real surprises in they are


Bass,Largemouth Preston Lake ON 10.43 lbs
Bass,Rock York River ON 3.00 lbs
Bass,Smallmouth Birchbark Lake ON 9.84 lbs
Bass,Striped Mira River NS 54.06 lbs
Bass,White Lake Ontario 3.02 lbs
Bluegill Lake Erie 1.83 lbs
Bowfin Whitefish Lake ON 14.66 lbs
Bullhead,Brown Raleigh Township ON 2.37 lbs
Burbot(Ling) Litle Athapapuskow lk.MB 22.50 lbs
Carp Ganaraska River ON 38.00 lbs
Channel Catfish Red River Manitoba 44.50 lbs
Char,Arctic Tree River,NT 32.56 lbs
Cisco Cedar Lake MB 7.37 lbs
Crappie,Black Hillman Marsh Lake Erie 3.78 lbs
Crappie,White Kratz Pond ON 2.24 lbs
Drum,Freshwater French River ON 20.60 lbs
Fallfish York River ON 2.34 lbs
Gar,Longnose Ottawa River ON 13.10 lbs
Gizzard Shad St.Clair River ON 4.31 lbs
Goldeye Battle River Dam AB 4.13 lbs
Grayling,Artic Katseyedier,NT 5.94 lbs
Greenling,Kelp Port Renfrew BC 3.44 lbs
Halibut,Pacific Langara Island BC 172.00 lbs
Mooneye Bay of Quinte ON 1.43 lbs
Muskellunge,Natural Georgian Bay ON 65.00 lbs
Muskellunge,Tiger Longlegged Lake ON 34.59 lbs
Perch,Yellow Moose Lake Alberta 2.97 lbs
Pickerel,Chain Doctors Lake NS 5.38 lbs
Pike,Northern Delaney Lake ON 42.12 lbs
Pumpkinseed Notawasaga River ON 1.88 lbs
Redhorse,Shorthead North River ON 8.81 lbs
Redhorse,River Trent River ON 8.73 lbs
Rockfish,Black Langara Island BC 8.50 lbs
Rockfish,Quillback Port Renfrew BC 5.00 lbs
Rockfish,Tiger Port Renfrew BC 2.50 lbs
Salmon,Atlantic(Great Lakes) Lake Ontario 24.30 lbs
Salmon,Atlantic(Sea Run) Cascapedia River QB 47.00 lbs
Salmon,Chinnok(Great Lakes)New record pending Credit River ON 45.38 lbs
Salmon,Chinook(Sea Run) Skeena River BC 92.00 lbs
Salmon,Chum(Sea Run) Edye Pass BC 35.00 lbs
Salmon,Coho(Great Lakes) Lake Ontario 26.64 lbs
Salmon,Coho(Sea Run) Cowichan Bay BC 31.00 lbs
Salmon,Kokanee Okanagan Lake BC 9.38 lbs
Salmon,Pink St Marys River ON 13.06 lbs
Sauger Saskatchewan River SK 7.75 lbs
Splake Georgian Bay ON 20.71 lbs
Sturgeon,Lake Georgian Bay ON 168.00 lbs
Sturgeon,Shortnose Kennebacis River NB 22.88 lbs
Sturgeon,White Fraswer River BC 800.00lbs
Sucker,White Lake Joseph ON 5.39 lbs
Trout,Brook Nipigon River ON 14.50 lbs
Trout,Brown Lake Ontario 34.38 lbs
Trout,Bull Kootenay Lake BC 29.50 lbs
Trout,Golden Barnaby Ridge Lake AB 4.25 lbs
Trout,Lake Great Bear Lake NT 72.25 lbs
Trout,Rainbow(Inland) Kootenay Lake BC 35.12 lbs
Trout,Rainbow(Sea-Run) Kispiox River BC 33.00 lbs
Walleye Niagara River 22.25 lbs
Whitefish,Lake Clear Lake ON 15.38 lbs
Whitefish,Mountain Gap Lake AB 15.38 lbs
Whitefish,Round Putahow River MB 6.00 lbs

Surprises for me were
1. Largemouth bass at Preston Lake ON 10.43 lbs
2 Stripers at Mira River NS 54.06 lbs
3. White Bass at Lake Ontario 3.02 lbs

I really did not expect to have these species of that size available that far north.

Good Fishing To Ya,

Jason "The Fisher" Pence
Joined 06/30/2005

nofishfisherman's blogs, pictures and recent posts
Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 10:50 AM 07/25/07 (CST)
That largemouth bass record jumped out at me right away.

Full Member
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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 11:21 AM 07/25/07 (CST)
The LM bass surprised me a little, but who knows how much fishing pressure they see up there. The striper record did not. The world record striper was caught off a jetty in Atlantic City, New Jersy and weighed 78 lbs. 6 oz. Here's a link to some facts about the story (w/a pic of the huge fish), its actually pretty interesting, the fish was caught in 1982 and the fisheries biologists thought it was born in 1946, which would have made it over 35 years old:

The walleye record actually surprised me a little, since that's not far off the world record that was caught in Tennessee. (Original Post Edited)
ALL CANADIAN RECORD FISH - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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