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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 07:44 AM 07/11/07 (CST)
ANNANDALE - The northerns are biting really well out in 10-15 feet of water on sucker minnows, bobber fishing. There's been a little slow up on the walleyes, guys have been using more crawlers now out in about 15-20 feet of water off the weedlines Lindy rigging more then anything else. The sunnies are in that 5-10 foot range off the weedlines anytime of the day, crappies are more up in the weedlines now, 5-10 feet of water towards sunset* bass hitting really good, pretty much anything in front of their face, spinner baits, plastic worms

BATTLE LAKE - The bass and northerns are biting pretty much everywhere. The northerns have been good on Clitheral, Ottertail and W. Battle and the bass have been good on Eagle and Dead Lakes. For walleyes, try Clitheral in the early morning or late evenings in 20 to 25 feet of water on leeches. Ottertail has been good in the early morning in 8 to 14 feet of water and in the evenings out in 25 to 30 feet of water on crawlers and redtails. W. Battle has been good in 18 to 25 feet of water in the evenings on leeches and crawlers. Rush and Big Pine have also been some good walleye lakes lately, out in 18 to 24 feet of water on leeches or crawlers. The muskies on W. Battle are getting a little more active and guys are seeing some while casting on the first breaks in 16 to 20 feet of water with big sucker minnows. The sunnies are biting on Deer, Dead, Anna, Norway and some nice ones on Battle in about 13 to 17 feet of water on leeches or crawlers.

BEMIDJI - The walleyes are hitting their midsummer doldrums* pulling a crawler on a rig is your best bet, moving along and covering some territory. We've been hearing a few better crank reports after dark. The muskie action is heating up for the area muskie lakes, there have been some good reports coming in, including a 53" off Bemidji. Bluegills are biting; try Midge or Grant Lakes, or maybe Pinebush as a sleeper lake.

BLACKDUCK - We still are having a pretty good walleye bite for the summer. Definitely in their summer patterns now and guys are having the best success with Lindy rigs and crawlers or leeches in about 8 to 12 feet of water. You've got to put a little time in now, but anglers are still getting limits. The panfish are biting well, Pimusch and Rabideau are a few and the crappies are biting on Gilstad.

CHISAGO CITY - There is a great panfish bite going on, last weekend into this past week. The crappies are in about 14 to 16 feet of water, suspended. The bass fishing is phenomenal on Chisago and S.

Lindstrom. A reminder though that bass over 12 inches must be released on Chisago. The catfish are biting on the St. Croix in the evenings, starting at about 5 pm and going all night. The walleye bite has slowed a bit, look for them in the deeper water on those gravel to mud transition lines. But overall the fishing has been better then average.

CROSBY - Hope everyone had a great 4th! We had a busy weekend here, and the reports were coming in steady. Walleye fishermen on Rabbit, Pelican and the Mississippi River enjoyed decent fishing, especially in the early morning hours before the boat traffic started. A few fish have been caught on Whitefish as well, mostly on cranks in deep water. Crappie fishermen had a pretty decent weekend as well, catching fish on lakes such as Perry, Blackhoof, Mary and Clearwater, with the bigger fish being caught in 14-20 feet of water in the evening hours. Bluegills were very active on Perry, Nokay and Blackhoof in around 7-10 feet throughout the day. Bass have been going strong around the docks and weed-lines alike, with the best fishing between 9 am and 4 pm on plastics, pig-n-jig combos and cranks. Trout fishing continues to be good overall, with anglers catching limits of fish in the early morning hours from Pennington, Huntington and Manuel. During the day, fishermen have been catching fish consistently jigging Puddle Jumpers tipped with a wax worm or jigging spoons tipped with PowerBait.

CROSSLAKE - The walleyes are still biting on Whitefish and Cross out in about 24 to 28 feet of water. Low light times are the best, early mornings and late evenings. Anglers are starting to troll over deeper water with rapalas and deep water cranks. The bass are active in the shallow, weedy areas. And the panfish are suspended in 12-18 feet of water off the points.

DULUTH - The big thing right now is the walleye bite on Island Lake, using minnows and a slip bobber on the humps. Fish Lake has also been good working 8 to 10 feet of water on the weed edges with crawlers, plain hooks, beads. There have been good bass reports from Caribou Lake working the outside weedline in about 8 feet of water, leeches and plastic worms. Laura, Murphy and Nichols Lakes have been good too. Big smallies are biting on the St. Louis River, up to 20, 21 inch fish are being caught up in the stumps. The walleyes are still biting by barker's area; a lot have gone out to south shore. Lake Superior has been good, spoons and a slower troll, mostly 80 to 115 foot range right now

FOREST LAKE - For panfish, the sunnies are still up fairly shallow and the crappies are out in 15 to 16 feet of water on the weed edge. The muskies are starting to bite well. The northerns are also hitting, try Sunrise Lake for a good bite. The bass are biting all over; Green Lake has been a good spot. For walleyes, the bite has been deep on N. Center and on Clear Lake out in 20 to 25 feet of water.

GREY EAGLE - Long Lake by the Hub Super Club has been giving up some nice sunfish ½ pound and up. Also, the sunnies and crappies are biting on Big Swan and Moose Lakes. The panfish bite has been good in general. Little Birch has still been good for walleyes, biting on minnows and leeches. They are not that big (12 to 16 inches) but it's been a good bite in 9 to 10 feet of water. On Big Birch the walleyes have moved deeper, they are in about 20 to 30 feet of water. There are also a lot of bass and northerns being caught on Big Birch too. The bass bite continues to be well on most other area lakes. We have gold and silver shiners and a good supply of all other baits and a variety of leech sizes.

HACKENSACK - Crappies are still the

hot ticket. A lot of fish 10-12 inches were caught the past few days. They are deep, 22-30 feet of water suspending anywhere from 4-10 feet off the bottom. Birch Lake has been the best spot with Webb Lake close behind.

Pleasant Lake gave up a few crappies but they have been small. The sunfish are going crazy out there though. I heard of a bunch of nice sized sunfish getting caught this afternoon. They were in 12 feet of water fishing with small leeches on a plain hook under a bobber. Muskies have become a little more active in the past few days. Fish on Baby Lake are hanging out in the reeds eager to follow your lure. Most are not striking but willing to show themselves. My best recommendation for catching a muskie would be to throw small lures and spinnerbaits, as though you were bass fishing. Most of the fish that have been boated have gone for bass and walleye tackle. Walleyes are slowing a little as the water is warming up; Ten Mile and Birch Lake have produced a few on nightcrawlers and leeches. Use a spinner rig in 24-28 feet of water. They can also be found in 12-18 feet with a jig and leech, look for the cabbage weeds. This is also a good time of year to stay our late in the boat with a lighted slip bobber. Fish a small jig and leech under the bobber over a rock pile or bed of cabbage weeds. Ten Mile, Woman and Pleasant Lakes are all good spots to try this.

KABETOGAMA-NAMAKAN - Mayflies are gone, what's next? Hot weather has taken command of conversation - leading to where are the fish? Anglers are again reporting pretty good bites from walleyes. The eyes have now moved onto the reefs and reef edges, favoring rack, rubble and gravel bottoms. Crawlers or leeches are the top vote getters for bait choices. Either bait will work well if you have the proper presentation at the right time. Early mornings and late afternoons favor the walleye action; whereas mid-day favors the smallmouth bite. Northern pike are in and out of the deep water near the weed beds or weedy bays. Mid-Kabetogama and Namakan now offer the better depths and bottoms for walleyes. Using slip sinker rigs at 25-30' should provide some harvest-size fish. Namakan, with great break-lines, offer anglers excellent opportunities for the use of artificial lures. Smallmouth are steadily after crayfish lures and spinner baits. Rocky shores and rock piles are to their liking. Northern pike lurching deeper waters near weed lines provide some success using stick baits and jerk baits; but anglers report the big girls are mostly deeper.


We've had great weather here at Lake of the Woods, and some great fishing to go along with the sunny days. The water temperature is currently at 74 degrees and the fish are on the move to deeper water, depths of 28-32 feet have produced some nice results. We're starting to see more anglers down rigging with success. The mud flats and reefs have been giving up nice walleye, along with some sauger. Anchored and jigging, or drifting with spinners using a minnow or crawler has been working well for most anglers. Sturgeon season is open, and the Rainy River has been giving up some beautiful fish. One lucky angler spent an hour and a half reeling in a 60 inch monster. The sturgeon have been very active, what a great site to see one of these pre-historic monsters breach the water. The river is also starting to give up some nice walleye, 14-17 feet of water using a sucker minnow has been successful. Muskie season is in full swing at the Northwest Angle and Islands! The walleye bite has also been great around Little Oak, Big Oak, and Four Blocks.

LEECH LAKE - Big perch being caught off of Bear island Limits of 14 to

15 inches. Walleyes still going strong Camballes, Fletchers and Monkey reefs, east side of Steamboat Bay in the river channel and Sand Point. Many reports of muskies being caught in Walker Narrows and Agency Bay, couple over 50 inches. Panfish have really turned on in all the bays. Bass is also going strong in Boy Bay and Steamboat Bay. Pressure is way down with lots of people jet skiing and tubing so now's a great time to fish Leech Lake.

METRO AREA EAST - The bass and northern action continues to be good on Forest, Big Marine and Big Carnelian. The sunnies are biting really well on Peltier and Little Lake by S. Lindstrom, but you have to sort through them. Some reports of a few nice crappies coming off of Bald Eagle. The muskies are really starting to turn on. Try Bald Eagle, White Bear and Forest Lakes.

MILLE LACS Lake - The day bite has tapered off a bit, but the night bite is still going strong out on the mud in the evening's bobber fishing. Keep in mind the recently changed slot limit is now 14-16 inches and one over 28". The smallmouth bass are biting in the channels and along the shoreline on the rocks.

LAKE MINNETONKA - What can we say* the lake was full of boaters last week over the 4th. But the few that did get out had some good fishing.

The fish are out in the sparse weeds on the bottom, the northerns, bass and sunnies are biting great in 10 to 15 feet of water among them. Look for the little openings in the weeds and target those areas.

NISSWA - We are seeing some tremendous summertime fishing right the bass fishing is outstanding on most of our lakes. We've been fishing mushroom head jigs and plastic worms. Pitching up along the deep weedlines and fishing back fairly slow has been very productive. Casting Rapala DTs is also been producing some nice largemouths. Any lake you want to try should be good for bass. The pike fishing has been absolutely awesome over the last 10 days or so. Slow trolling a spinner rig tipped with a sucker minnow has been nailing lots of pike including some real trophies. The Whitefish Chain has been very good for big pike. The walleyes have been a little slower. But there is still some activity on Whitefish along the weedlines in 15-20 feet of water. They are a little inconsistent and seems like the bait of the day keeps changing from redtails to nightcrawlers to leeches. I guess just take a little of each and see what happens. The crappie and sunfish action has been great. Small jigs and plastics, leeches or worms have all been producing some nice fish.

PARK RAPIDS - The walleyes are biting on leeches and crawlers on a harness on Long Lake in 18 to 21 feet of water. We had a 32 ½ inch walleye brought into the shop last weekend. The northerns are biting on Potato Lake in about 16 to 20 feet of water on sucker minnows. The bluegills are biting all over; Fishhook has been a good lake in about 10 to 14 feet of water on waxies. The crappies are biting on the crowing chain in about 20 feet of water, suspended, on pink and white tube jigs tipped with crappie minnows. The bass are biting all around, spinners in the pencil reeds is a good place to target them. We had a 8 pound 4 ounce large mouth come in caught on Mantrap.

PELICAN RAPIDS - The panfish

are biting well all over, lots of nice crappies and sunnies are being caught. Call or stop in for specific lakes. Try Lida for walleyes in 10 to

13 feet of water. The muskies are really starting to bite better now.

Reports of a 52-inch muskie caught and released on Pelican. There has been some good bluegill and bass fishing on the river.

RAINY LAKE - Rainy Lake walleye are gathering in 20-30 feet of water near island edges and submerged reefs throughout the lake. There are plenty of potential spots from Sand Bay to Kettle Falls. The advise is to use electronics to graph a half-dozen fish or more before dropping a line. Walleye have been biting on jigs tipped with leeches and crawlers. Smallmouth bass are starting to go after crank baits, but could be lurking in anywhere from 4-to-24 feet of water. Black Bay crappies are biting on jigs tipped with small minnows and some big northern pike continue to be pulled out of both Black Bay and Cranberry Bay. Some increased flow in the river has favored fishermen. Walleye are being caught in the swifter deeper channels especially above and below the dam at International Falls and near the Manitou and Long Sault Rapids. Smallmouth bass are hitting just below the dam at the Falls.

RED WING - The northern bite continues to be really good at the mouths of the Rush and Pine rivers using large redeye spoons and sucker minnows. The walleyes are biting in Pepin in about 18 to 25 feet of water on bright shad raps. The smallmouth bass are biting in Pepin too in 18 to 20 feet of water on the rock piles. And the panfish are biting in the backwaters on Ike's hair jigs tipped with a minnow or a small leech.


The Mississippi River fishermen are catching smallmouth bass, catfish, walleyes and a few crappies. Daytime and nighttime fishermen are both doing well. The river level is down at the present time. Sunfish continue to provide good fishing too. Many of our area lakes are producing well. Try Clearwater, Kings and Big Birch Lakes. Bass and northerns are biting well too; try Pearl Lake and Clearwater Lakes. Rainbow trout have been biting on Big Watab Lake and the fish have been in deep water. Fishermen have also been catching a few trout in Quarry Park. We are now again carrying bulk leeches in ½ and 1 pound sizes. We have jumbo, large, medium and panfish size leeches.

SAINT PETER - The catfish are biting on the river. The sunnies have been biting well on German Lake in 10 to 12 feet of water and the crappies are biting in Baker's Bay on Lake Washington. The walleye action has slowed a bit, but there are still a few catching them out on the river.

WACONIA - Panfish, both sunnies and crappies can be caught on the NW side of the island near a 12 to 13 foot area of vegetation; they are also suspended in 10 to 20 feet of water off the north side of the island. Bass and walleyes have been found off the drops near Cemetery Reef in 13 -22 feet of water and near North Reef on the NE side of the drop off in 16-20 feet of water. The bass have also been found in the shallow pencil reeds along the north side of the lake including the east and west corners.

WINNIBIGOSHISH - Things are settling down on Big Winnie, and the bug hatches of the last 2 weeks have started to lesson. One problem seems to be every other day and that's the wind. We just can't seem to get much of a break, and when we do, it's flat calm. The best bite has been leeches and crawlers on slip sinker rigs, and the leader length should be about 6-7 feet. colored hooks seem to help put a couple extra fish in the boat and there have been Walleyes of all sizes coming to the boat. Many of the off-shore structures have walleyes in the slot, walleyes over the slot, and walleyes in the keeper size, all from the same spots. The crankbait bite has started to make a noise and trolling #5,#7, and #8 cranks in Silver Shiner or Crawdad patterns have worked pretty good of late. There are still a lot of big northern pike off-shore and they are being caught accidentally by walleye anglers fishing leeches and crawlers. There has also been a good bite going on shallow in the area of the Dishes and Bowen's Flats trolling spoons at a quick pace in 9-12 feet of water. The big perch have not shown up yet on a lot of rock spots, but that will be coming within a weeks.

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I find the muskie report for Bald Eagle interesting...


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Thanks BigBite!


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Thanks BigBite!

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