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High water....slow fishing - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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May 23, 2007

Weather has finally stabilized and things are starting to get caught up a little and decided to take the boat out and hit a local lake. Arrived at the lake around noon and there was another angler coming off of the water and said that he had only caught one perch. The lake is 2 feet high right now from the previous weekend’s storms and the water is still cool. The winds were light but wasn’t long after launching that there were white caps once again and that seems to be the norm this spring as we are having a lot of wind and not many calm days as of late.

Started fishing deep structure and was marking loads of fish but wasn’t able to convince any of them to bite. After battling the waves and wind decided to move into a creek arm area and look for bass that are shallow and getting ready to spawn or may be spawning. Was fishing with the BearPaws Baits “Grizzly Jerk” that is fortified with MegaStrike and with this bait you are able to skip it under the over hanging branches and it is weed less as well.

Wasn’t long and there was a big tug on the line and as I went to set the hook I could see a large fish roll on the bait and then it was gone. This was the first big fish of the year and I can tell that my reflexes are not quite up to par yet. The “Grizzly Jerk” is a fluke type bait and has a hidden pocket in it to protect the hook from snagging weeds and wood. The natural movement of this bait moving through the reeds and lily pads mimics an injured bait fish minnow very well. The area that I was fishing was a creek arm but had a muddy bottom and didn’t seem to hold much for spawning fish. I was able to get one 14 inch bass out of there but was a lot of casting and searching to find that one fish.

I did have company in there as there was a pair of swans using the area for nesting and I enjoyed watching them for quite a while. Worked my way to the back of this arm and wasn’t able to find anymore fish and the wind was getting stronger and blowing right down the length of the arm and making it for tough fishing.

With an hour left of fishing time, and the bass were not cooperating, I decided to go searching for some panfish action. Went to the back of a cove that was protected from the wind and the sun was warming the water in there. Wasn’t long and I found areas that were loaded with sunfish and crappies and made for some exciting fishing to end this fishing day. The panfish that I was catching were caught on T.H.E. Jig and also on Loby Baits Micro Flei in the pink color.

Wasn’t the type of day that I was looking forward to as this lake has good numbers of large bass, but wasn’t able to locate them. The weeds have not started forming much yet and throwing in the high cool water into the mix, makes for some tough fishing but with some perseverance and changing up on baits and species of fish, you can turn a ok day into a day that you will remember for a while. It can only get better as the water starts to warm and the weed beds start forming, the fish will finish up with their spawning and move out to their summer haunts.

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 09:59 AM 05/24/07 (CST)
That shoreline looks great to find some spawners .

High water....slow fishing - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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