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Week of May 7-11, 2007 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 01:13 PM 05/11/07 (CST)
Week of May 7-11, 2007

Fished a variety of ponds this week and all of these are all at different stages of the spawn right now. The weather had been very warm for the week with a few days of mid 80’s for temperatures. As the warm weather has finally heated things up, a few of the ponds have gone on fire with fish activity but as well there are a couple that just can’t figure out yet....

Monday – fished the pond that I have been checking all the time and showing where the crappies are spawning right near shore. This pond I have not been able to catch anything out of as I don’t think that the fish are near spawning yet but a few have. I haven’t seen the sunnies move in yet so this is telling me that the water is still cool but I haven’t been back there since, so not sure as to what is happening there now....

Tuesday – went after bass in my early season pond which we usually do very well with numbers of big fish. This day there were no fish caught, the bass from what I am hearing have spawned and are through and in the post spawn phase. I was there for seven hours and not one fish made it to the boat as there weren’t any bites at all. I fished shallow, mid range and deep as well, fished a number of baits from jigs, swim baits, Carolina rigs, spinner baits, rattle traps and jerk baits and nobody came out to play. Even went searching for sunnies and they were no where to be found as well. Was nice to be out there on the first 80 degree day of the year and feels great to be casting for bass once again....

Thursday and Friday – went to a big pond searching for sunnies and the first spot was an indent in the cattails and the fish were swimming all around. After catching a few from there they stopped biting all around and couldn’t get any of them to bite. After leaving there went to the other end of the pond and caught a couple of small smallmouth bass that were cruising the shorelines. Was a lot of fun on an ultralight rod and 2 pound line as they were jumping all over the place. Moved to the other side of this cove and there is an indent that is surrounded by wood and this area is loaded with sunnies and bass. A few of the smaller bass were caught but they were doing more cruising than anything else. But, the sunfish are on fire in this area and just about every cast was another fish. They were sunning themselves on top of the water and swimming all over the place. After catching numerous fish from here, they just keep biting and the action is unstoppable. Was there Friday morning before work and they are still in there thick and a load of fun to catch. Went back during lunch and a rain storm and they are still biting like crazy and since this morning the bigger bull sunfish are in there thick and a lot of fun to catch. You can’t get your hands around these fish and they are actually pulling line off of the reel in the runs they try to make. All of the fish that I am catching are coming on the Loby Baits Mousi, Buggi and Polly. I have gone through a number of jigs and baits in this area as there is a lot of wood and if I can’t turn the fish before it runs towards shore, they always seem to wrap around something. I am going back after work and catch a few more and the last couple of days have been phenomenal....

Now that the weather has finally turned warm and the waters are starting to warm quicker, the fish are very active and it is time to get out there and wet a line. Get out in the outdoors and please introduce a kid while you are out there....

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 01:25 PM 05/11/07 (CST)
Thanks for the report Kev!


Gotta Run

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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 08:25 AM 05/14/07 (CST)
What you are running into sounds a lot like what I've been expierencing.Almost identical.
Have fun on those diggers.
They can wear a guy out ,eh?! smile smiley
If it wasn't for the casting attribute of 4 test, I'd go to 6 test. wink smiley

Week of May 7-11, 2007 - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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