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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 08:49 PM 03/25/05 (CST)
I think that when someone starts to fly fish, they have a story to tell. This is mine, I tried the best I could to get as much information in it as possible, but I left a few details out mainly because I could not remember them. Enjoy the story, as I lived it.
How I got started fly fishing is quite strange, it all happened by accident with random things coming together into the massed love for fly fishing. About four or maybe three years ago, my grandfather decided that he was no longer going to fish, so what he did was split his equipment between me and my brother. Most of it was junk, but it would all be used one way or another. Well, my brother got a spinning rod I got the fly rod; the fly rod was a 1960’s St. Croix Pacemaker fiberglass rod. The only problem was no reel or line came with it, so it sat in the basement for a few years. Now what I would always do is sit and observe someone fly fish, I was amazed and bound to try it sooner or later, but no reel or line. A few more years passed and I sort of forgot about my fly rod. Then, what would be two years ago, I did some yard work for an old lady. Her husband had died a few years back and her children took what they wanted and left all they did not, so she told me to look in her basement to see if there was any thing I wanted. I was just interested to see some of the old stuff and had not intention of taking any thing, but out of the corner of my eye I spotted a reel box.., a fly reel box. I opened the box, I did not know any thing about a fly reel so I decided to take it and give fly fishing a chance. I finished the work and left for home. I got home to look at the reel; it was an old reel and had almost none of the screws that should have been there. So I looked at my other old reels and found a few that fit. The reel was big and heavy, it was an old HI salmon reel molded like the Fphluger medalist reels. Now I had a second problem, no line. So I took the twenty dollars I earned and went down to the True Value hardware store and looked for any fly line I could buy. What I ended up getting was a Scientific Anglers Concept floating fly line. I went home and put it on my reel; I had no idea about floating lines or line wt. I just picked up the first line I saw. I reeled on the line and noticed that there was an awful lot of space left over. I just shrugged it off and went fishing. I got to the river and realized.., you cannot tie a fly to the end of the line. I had no idea about leaders or tippet. So I got back to my house and looked at the little booklet that came with the line and finally realized I needed regular line as well. I grabbed some of my old spinning rod and tied an awful lot of failed knots. Finally I did it, back to the river I went. I got there and tied a dry fly on. I did good casting, I taught my self and did quite well. About two days later, I was out on the river and some one came up and wanted to look at my gear. He looked at my rod and giggled a bit remarking on its age. Well, then he looked at my oversized reel and started balling his head off. I had no clue what his problem was. Finally he choked out that I needed backing on that reel. He told me to put some old ice fishing line on it so I did. That solved that problem. I used that rig for a long time until I started fishing with person who owns the I Care Ministries here in Millinocket. He did not like the idea of me having to use that old thing; he called it the noodle, so for a gift he bought me a rod from Joe’s shop. That was the first day me and Joe went fishing together. Once I started to fish with Joe things turned around. He guided me through the steps taught me anthology and all the basics to fly fishing. We never got tiered of fishing with each other and to this day we enjoy fishing to its fullest. Well before I turned fly fishing only, I was using a nice ultra light spinning rod on windy days. Well I started to catch more and bigger fish on a fly rod. When I first started fly fishing I always switch back and forth between the two rods, then the spinning rod stayed on shore more and more, after a while, I started to leave it home. Well on a windy day I decided to just take my spinning rod to the mill pool to try for bass, and maybe even a chance at a small salmon. Just as I left my house I entered the Penobscot restaurants back parking lot. The rod was broken down into two pieces. I was holding the rod so the but end was facing my back, into the lot I went.., I dropped my box full of lures..., I turned around to see if the box was open..., grrrrrrrggrriiind..., the most awful sound I have ever heard in my life…, the deep dark feeling fell upon me. When I turned around the butt end of the rod got into the spokes of the bike, the tip was missing. The spinning rod was no more, I broke it. So I said what the heck, and now I am a fly fishing only person. My skill along with my equipment has improved over my few years of fly fishing. I know that there is still a lot to know about my favorite thing to do, but for now I feel that I am a pretty smart guy when it comes to fly fishing. I have turned one person into FLY FISHING ONLY and am teaching many others. During the winter months I take out all the Fly Fish America magazines and read them all front to back, same with all the other fly fishing and fly tying books. I am also a self taught fly tier and consider my self a professional but only to a point. I hope this story can keep growing longer and longer as my fly fishing years go on. As the winter months come, I start to fill my fly boxes again, sometimes I do not start until December, but it always gets done. As the years of fly fishing, fly by, I often find myself sitting on the shore of a river, daydreaming, almost like a deep slip. I understand why the grouse will sit in the sun, it is relaxing. The more I fly fish, the more and more gear I buy, just the other day I bought a float tube, and then after that I bought a chest pack. I was not the luckiest fishermen, for a long time I had to wet-wade, even in September I would be seen standing over my hips in frigged waters, did not care though, I always enjoyed being out there, nothing could make my fishing miserable, not even the bit of frost bite… but that is another story for another time. Well… after fishing with a good friend Kevin McKay, he decided it was time to get the frozen fishermen a pair of waders… so with the support of Kevin, Trout Unlimited, and the forum, they all got me a pair of neoprene waders. It always amazes me how much a fly fishermen is willing to do for another fly fishermen. Through out my fly fishing time, many people have done wonderful things for me. Weather it is teaching me to do a different casting stroke, to getting me a pair of waders, they come out and help. Another example of this would be when I broke a guide off my rod, I posted it on the forum, and many people offered to fix it, well, someone did fix it and not only that but because of Bill Blake, I was able to fish the East Outlet of the Kennebec River for the first time. I would like to thank all that have helped me in my fly fishing years and all of you who will help me in the future. I hope you all have enjoyed the story so far, it will never end, some tell me it can only improve, and I must agree. Wish me luck and enjoy my future updates to this long story witch someday may become a best selling book. One step at a time though.

Tight lines,
Bryce Brodeur

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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 01:35 PM 03/27/05 (CST)
Thanks for sharing your story Bryce.
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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 06:46 AM 03/30/05 (CST)
Hey Bryce_fishermen, Welcome to My Fishing Pals! Glad to have you aboard!

Mind if I added this story to the story section of this site? I could use all the stories I can get...

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My story - - - 3 messages. Showing 1 through 3.
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