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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 05:53 PM 03/21/07 (CST)
Don't post much, but thought I would beat Bigbite to the draw.

BATTLE LAKE - They are still getting crappies on West Battle Lake out in about 16 to 20 feet water. The perch are biting on Ottertail in 14 to 18 feet of water and out on the humps in 30 feet of water. The sunnies are biting just about everywhere, Rush, South Turtle, Wall, East Battle. The tullibees are biting out on Molly Stark and Lida in the deep water.

BEMIDJI - People are still driving out as of last weekend, but check the ice conditions as they can change fast this time of the year. There's a good perch bite on right now on Pike Bay, Cass, Winnie and Bemidji. The morning hours have been the best with just a jig and a minnow. All the small area crappie lakes are producing well right now. Pout fishing on Pike Bay and Bemidji has been good lately.

BLACKDUCK - Lots still fishing, there's been a good perch bite on Blackduck Lake. We've heard a few good reports of crappies coming out of Sandy and Gilstad. And some sunnies are being caught out on Pimushe.

BRAINERD/NISSWA AREA - The weather has been delightful. We still have about 12 inches of snow (as of Monday) but it's going fast. If you are looking for panfish in the lakes area, there are a whole slew of lakes that are good. I like the bigger lakes (Gull, North Long, Pelican and White Fish), they seem to produce the "big ones". This awesome weather is making me think turkey and it won't be long before they will be gobbling.

CROSBY - Ice reports in the area are strong, with most lakes boasting 30" still or more. Snow melting has allowed for easier access to the lakes, and standing snow has held ice conditions where they were. Shorelines have started to slowly melt, but most are still good for vehicle travel. Crappies are kickin' in high gear, with almost all area lakes going strong. East Rabbit is good for both crappies and sunfish, but a little "hole hopping" is needed to search out the better numbers in the lake's many brush piles. Blackhoof is also a good choice for both crappies and sunfish, and will only get better between now and ice out. Look to Little Blackhoof for better numbers of 'gills and a few crappies to boot. Cedar has a good day-bite going for crappies, and both Bay and Serpent have been pumping out a few slabs during the evening hours. Don't overlook Serpent's vast weed beds for nice 'gills either; they're there! Little Rabbit has been good for both, and we have had some good reports for crappies on Mary Lake, mostly in the evening hours.

CROSSLAKE - Lots of crappies and panfish are being caught. Good action on Gull, Upper White Fish, Mission Lake, Clamshell, Loon, just about all small lakes are producing fish. Small jigs tipped with minnows and waxies.

DULUTH - Just hammering the fish on Superior, guys are still getting out on the ice off 21st, by Lester River. Watch the wind some the ice doesn't blow out. And as the melt continues, shore fishing from the river will improve. Also, guys are out on the Wisconsin side, off the point in 30-50 feet of water jigging rattling buckshot spoons and getting the walleyes. You'll need a Wisconsin license, though.

FOREST LAKE - Panfish are biting on Forest Lake. On the 2nd lake, the deep holes are giving up crappies. Little Lake in Chisago County has been good. South Center out by Pancake Island in the center by the shallows has been good. Ice conditions remain fair, landings are rough, but ice out on the lake is good.

HACKENSACK - Perch are biting on Pine and on Leech in about 10 to 12 feet of water. The sunnies are biting on Pleasant Lake. All small area lakes that have panfish are producing right now.

METRO AREA EAST - Guys that were getting boats out on the river are now contending with ice chunks that are braking up and flowing down river from up north. Lake Peltier has been good for sunfish lately.

MILLE LACS Lake - Good perch bite in Wigwam Bay, out from Northstar Resort on the south side. Ann and Knife Lakes also have a good panfish bite going right now.
The roads to the flats are open from Hunters Point and other resorts have roads to their perch areas too! The best time of day has been in the am, but (always a but) where is the pattern on the bite?

LAKE MINNETONKA - Lake Sarah still has a good crappie and sunfish bite going. If the weather gets warm enough, some channels may open up to allow for some open water fishing from shore.

NISSWA - Anglers are still out chasing panfish and crappies. Some of the favorite lakes lately have been North Long, Round, Nisswa, Mission, and Margaret Lake. The ice is still in pretty good shape but I would start using some caution as the ice is starting to get softer. The lakes are clear of snow now after the warm spell. Most anglers have found the bluegills to be biting the best and they are catching a few crappies mixed in. Small jigs and waxworms are working best now.

Lake Osakis - On Lake Osakis, fishing has began to pick up with the recent colder weather. The five inches or so of slush have started to freeze, and it is bearable to venture out again. Caughren's point and the hill access are the only areas that are really seeing any activity. Sunfish are being pulled from 12-16 feet of water, with the best time being sunrise and shortly thereafter. The lighter tackler the better; small wet flies tipped with eurolarvae producing the best. Cover lots of water to find the nicer fish. Crappies are also going in the same areas, but farther down the drop-off. Start in 24-22 feet of water before sunset, and work your way shallower as the evening progresses. The better bite has been in 20-16 feet well after dark. Some nicer fish in the 12 inch range being caught on glow jigs tipped with crappie minnows. On Maple Lake, just east of Lake Osakis is seeing some consistent sunfish action. From the public access, along the north shore about mid way down the lake. Try 8-12 feet, and be prepared to sort through the sunnies to find a mess of decent ones. Glow jigs tipped with waxies or eurolarvae the way to go.

PARK RAPIDS - The bluegill action has been best on the Crow Wing Chain in 10-12 feet of water on ice flies and waxies. Pretty much all area lakes producing are producing panfish. Fishhook Lake has also been good. The crappies are biting the best on Big Toad Lake in 30 feet of water.

RAINY LAKE - There's still good ice, and anglers are catching walleye near American Narrows and in Sand Bay. Crappies are also biting in Sand Bay, at 25-30 feet, with the walleye a little deeper. Large pike have been caught on ciscoes near Rainy Lake City. The border waters walleye season runs through April 14th, with special limits both above and below the dam at International Falls. Boat accesses have not yet been cleared, but there is open water downstream from International Falls to Loman. Accesses are traditionally cleared as soon as it is safe, but be aware that drought conditions have left river waters low and launching may be difficult.

RED WING - The boats are out by the dam, they are able to launch from the Wisconsin side. Minnesota's access should open up this week with the warm weather. Hair jigs and a minnow seem to be the bait of choice. Some are allows at the mouth of the Vermillion River and by the high bridge. The panfish bite through the ice continues to be good at Bay Point Park.

SAINT CLOUD * Sunfish are continuing to bite on Minnewaska, Sugar Lake, Horseshoe and Julia lakes. Many panfish fishermen are heading north to the Ottertail and Blackduck areas to fish. Some of the fishermen on some of the lakes are fishing very close to the bottom to replicate bottom dwelling insect activity. Waxworms, eurolarvae and freshwater shrimp are catching the fish. Crappies have been biting on Horseshoe, Minnewaska, King and Julia Lakes. Some perch and tullibee have been biting on Mille Lacs. Mississippi River fishermen who can get on safe ice are catching crappies.

STARBUCK - Still have the sunnies and crappies biting good by the fish hatchery and Lakeside ballroom. Waxies and small jigs during the day and in the evening, glow jig and crappie minnows. Starbuck end of the lake on the weed beds, lots of nice sunnies during the day, further out off the weed beds, some nice perch are being caught on waxies. On the east side of Reno there has been a nice sunfish bite going, with lots being caught, but you have to sort through them to get a good sized limit.

STILLWATER - Crappies biting on the river, but the ice is getting really thin. Be very careful if you try to venture out.

WINNIBIGOSHISH - With the snow we had the last couple weeks; it was pretty hard to get around on Big Winnie. Now with the warming temperatures of this last week, traveling around the big lake has been a snap. The perch bite has been much better this past week, and the fish are starting to show up in predictable areas as spring approaches. There have been some decent catches coming out of 26-28 feet, but it seems the better bite has been in 18-22 feet, and even shallower. Northland Jiggle Bugs baited with a minnow head have been great to attract active fish. The Buckshot Dropper Rig with an active chub or small shiner has been equally as good and when you find an active school, the action can be fast. Try areas around Raven's Point, Mallard, Stony, and on the outside of the Perch Bar on the North Shore. The shallow flats near Bowen's and Tamarac Point have been giving up lots of perch, but you will probably sort a little to get a good size limit. The crappie fishing has started to improve on Big Cutfoot, and there have been a number of anglers that have been doing well this last week.
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Daily Subscription Msg 2 Posted: 08:28 PM 03/21/07 (CST)
great thanks..

BRAINERD/NISSWA AREA - The weather has been delightful. We still have about 12 inches of snow (as of Monday) but it's going fast.

but we have no snow left on our lakes smile smiley ..
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Daily Subscription Msg 3 Posted: 09:32 PM 03/21/07 (CST)
And the winner is bigfish by a nose over bigbite! smile smiley



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Daily Subscription Msg 4 Posted: 11:44 PM 03/21/07 (CST)
I think I will head to redwing in the next week. If so I will post a report. Thanks bigfish!

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Daily Subscription Msg 5 Posted: 06:10 AM 03/22/07 (CST)
Thanks, bigfish.

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Minnesota Fishing Report 3/21/2007 - - - 5 messages. Showing 1 through 5.
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