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Daily Subscription Msg 1 Posted: 07:47 AM 02/22/07 (CST)
ANNANDALE - They are picking up some sunnies and crappies out front to the left in about 18 to 20 feet of water. The best bite is in the morning and afternoon. In the middle of the day, some crappies are being caught in the two 50 foot holes out front. Northerns are still biting good on shiners, spearing remains open until the 25th. The walleyes have been pretty spotty, with a few being picked up here and there. Best is in the early morning and the late afternoon in about 18 to 20 feet of water. The ice is about 2 feet thick here now.

BATTLE LAKE - The crappies have been biting on West Battle on crappie minnows in about 17 to 21 feet of water in the mornings and the evenings, best time in the evenings has been between 6:30 and 7:30. a few walleyes are also being picked up while crappie fishing.
Some nice perch are being caught out on Ottertail, the depths vary.
Fatheads and crappies minnows seem to be the bait of choice. On Rush Lake and Wall Lake, the walleyes seem to be biting pretty good on shiners. The sunnies are biting out on Middle and Ellington, the south side of Wall and Stewart Lake. Northerns have been good everywhere, Clitheral, north and south Turtle, and Ottertail Lakes to name a few.

BEMIDJI - Lake Bemidji has been hit and miss. Best try out in 21 to
24 feet of water for walleyes using big suckers, the perch are out in deeper water then that. Plantagenet has been giving up some nice perch in about 28 to 30 feet of water using rainbows. Crappie reports have been coming in on Turtle Lake in about 20 feet of water, Beltrami, Grace and Little Grant Lakes.

BLACKDUCK - The perch bite on Blackduck Lake has stayed strong, with some walleyes mixed in. For crappies try Gilstad and Rabideau.
The Red Lake walleye bite has stayed strong. The season ends on Feb.

CHISAGO CITY - The sunnies are biting on Sunrise and the south end of Chisago. For crappies try North Center.

CROSBY - So far this warmer weather has seemed to do the trick!
only have there been more fishermen out hitting the area lakes, but the fishing has picked up as well. Historically, an extended season has done very well for us, as well as the fishermen, and this year seems to be no different. The bite will be hitting full stride again, and has started to already. Walleyes have become active on Serpent again in the weeds in the evening hours, as well as the deep breaks (24-35 feet). Find live weeds in 12-18 feet and you're bound to find some 'eyes. Don't be afraid to look to some of the lake's early-ice areas either; shoreline breaks, weed pockets, etc. In these same areas you will find active pike, the same walleye setups will do just fine; otherwise a shiner under a tip-up or a bobber will do the trick.
Other lakes that are pumping out pike are Little Blackhoof, Bass, Horseshoe, Hay, Rabbit, and Black Bear. A lot of crappie fishermen have been doing well here too, with lakes like Bay, Manhomen, Blackhoof, Little Blackhoof, Cedar, Little Rabbit and Roosevelt giving up fish. Sunfish have been active in the deeper weed pockets of Little Rabbit, Little Manhomen, Hay and Adney.

CROSSLAKE - Lots of panfish are being caught and a few walleyes.
Had one 9 pounder come in off little Pine Lake. Panfish are biting good on area lakes with waxies and small crappie minnows. Smaller walleyes are being caught out on Pelican Lake, guys are catching a lot but they tend to be running smaller so a lot of sorting through is needed.

DULUTH - The big story is out on Lake Superior, this end is frozen with 10 to 14 inches of ice. Fishing has been good from the Lester River to the harbor. People are catching lake trout in 40 to 80 feet of water and white fish and herring with jigging raps. Cohos with small jigs and crappie minnows and waxies. Lots of fish are being taken. In the harbor from the end of Park Point to Barker's island big walleyes are being caught right now. Lots of them are 30 plus inches. The best bite is in 7 to 10 feet of water in the mornings up to about 10am. Swedish pimples with big minnows. There is 18 to 24 inches of ice in the bay.

ELY -SHAGAWA LAKE: Walleye bite has been slow, but with the turn in the weather things are warming back up. Some eating size eyes in 12-20 feet of water and some larger fish being taken on weed edges in 7-10 feet. Small jigs and minnow and buckshots with minnow heads taking most of the keepers. BIRCH LAKE: Crappies are coming on strong with limits being taken around the reefs on the west side of lake. Crappie minnows with pink jigs working best. BURNTSIDE LAKE:
Lake trout here are the top target. Ciscoes set near the bottom on tip-ups are working well and allow you to use a jigging stick too.
Airplane jigs and bucktails having some success, but most fish are being taken on rainbow minnows. Fishermen on MINERS LAKE and TOFTE are bringing in limits of rainbow trout on waxie and eurolarvae tipped jigs.

FOREST LAKE - Forest Lake is producing some nice crappies late in the day in about 20 to 30 feet of water. Green Lake is also giving up some crappies and some walleyes too. Glow demons have been the hot bait.

GREY EAGLE - Fishing has been good lately due to the warmer weather. Get out and take advantage of the better bite this last weekend of the walleye season.

HACKENSACK - Fishing has been good the last few days; lots of people have been out. A lot have been out on Birch and Pleasant and Ten Mile for panfish. Perching on Leech lake has been going great, they are catching them on fatheads in 10 to 25 feet of water. The sunnies are biting on Pleasant on waxies. For walleyes, most are going up to Red Lake.

KABETOGAMA-NAMAKAN - Typical winter temperatures this past week brought out more anglers, but fishing for the most part was slow.
Walleye and sauger action hasn't caught on again since the harsh cold front started moving out. The reported depths for the best chance was 36 feet. Minnow and a glow jig remained a good presentation. Northern pike still the active fish, they seem to show up throughout the day at various depths, however they favor shallow water outside the weeds in 12-18 feet of water. A few anglers found big perch while searching for walleyes in mid-depths around 28 feet.
Once again, the ice surface is slush free permitting travel nearly anywhere on the lakes. Ice thickness is reported at 34-40 inches depending on currents and location.

METRO AREA EAST - The crappies are biting on the St. Croix. Both sunnies and crappies are going on South Center and Peltier. Also try Big Marine and Bald Eagle in the evening although they tend to be running smaller. The sunfish are really biting well on White Bear Lake. For northerns try White Bear, Bald Eagle, Peltier, Big Marine and Carnelian. For walleyes, reports are that guys are getting a few on Jarvis.

MILLE LACS LAKE - Good perch bite in Wigwam and out on the mud. The way the weather is going should be good for a while. Eyes at dark and a few pout in the bay. Out on the mud, people have been catching fish. It should be a great last weekend.
Early morning till noon and 3 to 5 pm have been the key times, 27-30 feet on the mud is the spot. Anglers have also been reporting some luck with slot walleyes on Blue jug and Nine mile fishing the edges with shiners and rainbows. Early morning and sunset have been the best times. Pack your auger extension and don't forget to call ahead for Aqua Vu rentals and daily fishing and ice reports. Good luck and have fun.

LAKE MINNETONKA - Lake Sarah has been the best for sunnies and crappies. Also try Lake Independence for crappies in 35 feet of water. On Tonka, the northerns have been biting right on the weedlines and the walleyes have been biting in the evenings in about 30-35 feet of water, just look for a little bit of structure and setup there.

PARK RAPIDS - The best walleye bite has been out on Fishhook in about 21 to 22 feet of water with fathead minnows. Bluegills seemed to be biting the best on the Crow Wing chain lakes and Lake George at a depth of about 12 feet with waxies. The crappie bite is the best on Big Man Trap on crappie minnows in about 30 foot water where they'll be suspended about 20 feet down.

PELICAN RAPIDS - The panfish bite is good right now. Try Prairie, Lida and Lizzie. The northerns are biting on Crystal, Lida and Prairie. Some bigger walleyes are now being caught out on Lida too.

RAINY LAKE - It looks like the arctic blast has ended and we will have more seasonal weather for a time. That ought to make ice fishing a bit more comfortable. Anglers have been very successful this winter, pulling in plenty of walleye in 35-40 feet of water, usually with jigs and minnows, popular areas are Birch Point, American Narrows and Rainy Lake City. There have also been good reports of angling near Cranberry Bay off the Voyageur's national Park Ice Road. Crappie fishing has been good near Three Sisters Island, and big northern can be caught around Black Bay and Cranberry Bay.

RED WING - We are starting to see some boats out working the dam area in 15 to 18 feet of water catching saugers. The ramps on the Wisconsin side are open, but with the warmer weather here this week, should be able to get out here as well. The northern bite continues to be strong in Frontenac Pond. And Baypoint Park between the dock areas is still good for panfish.

Anglers are catching sunfish on Clearwater Lake, Osakis, Fish Lake and Sugar Lake. Fish are being caught in depths ranging from 8 to 16 feet. Anglers are using waxworms, eurolarve, and freshwater shrimp for bait. The crappies have been biting on Clearwater, Green and Cedar Lakes. Fish are being caught in depths ranging from 40 to 12 feet deep. Walleye anglers in our area are reporting few fish. Some anglers on Mille Lacs are reporting some fish and on the Mississippi, it is also producing some walleyes. Northern pike have been biting on Clearwater, big Birch and Pearl Lake. The warmer weather is improving the fishing a lot. Don't forget the season on walleyes, northerns, bass, muskies and spearing closes on Feb. 25th.

SOUTH CENTRAL MINNESOTA - Lake Tetonka is by far the hottest
lake around right now, tons of crappies and perch are being had by
crappie minnows and a 1/16 oz Buckshot. Northerns are plentiful
also. Walleye bite is doing well on Clear Lake in the late pm.

STARBUCK - Sunnies and northerns are still going good on the lake.
The sunfish are nice hand sized and are being caught in about 12 to
15 right above the weeds. The crappies are starting to go good now
by the fish hatchery on a crappie minnow and glow jig. The northerns
are cruising around the same water. Lots of nice 3 to 5 pounders are
being caught.

STILLWATER - Crappies are going on the St. Croix. Northerns,
walleyes and bass are biting good on Big Carnelian and Big Marine,
but remember the season closes February 25th. The 2007 fishing
licenses are up for sale now so beat the rush and get yours soon.

WACONIA -Fishing has been good lately with the warmer weather.
Lately pike fishing has been good with tip-ups and big shiners out
on center reef, Anderson's reef and Waconia bay in about 10 to 13
feet of water. The sunfish are also biting in those same areas,
about 10 to 12 feet of water. For crappies try Nelson's flats, the
northwest side, Pillsbury and Anderson's reefs. The walleyes are
biting out on Keg's reef in about 18 to 22 feet of water, also try
Anderson's, North and Center reefs in 12 to 14 feet of water by

WINNIBIGOSHISH - The weather seems to have a continued grip on the
Big Winnie area, but things will get better and better with warmer,
more stable air forecast. Even with the conditions being what they
are, the fishing still remains pretty darn good. For the Walleye
fisherman the bite still is best in the last couple hours of the
day, and Big Cutfoot has been decent of late. There you may want to
try the areas around Bob's Bar, the West side of the Gap near the
edge of the channel, Battle Point, and some of the points near the
entrance to Deer Lake on the West side of Big Cutfoot. All these
spots have been giving up Walleyes of late and the best depths seem
to be 12-18 feet. A Gold/Orange Rattle Spoon, with a minnow head is
working best, and keep it on the smaller side in the 1/4 ounce size.
Make sure you're set up before 4 o'clock, for the last 2 hour bite.
Some of the Humps on the North end are giving up nice
catches of Perch in 24-28 feet, on the edges of the structures, and
the move up on top later in the day to catch a few walleyes. There
have been bonus northern pike for anglers that are setting tip-ups
with bigger shiner minnows in the same area they are catching perch
and walleyes. For the pike set your depth at about 18 feet in 22-30
feet of water. This seems to be the depth the pike are roaming
around in and there have been some real nice ones taken. The crappie
and bluegill action has definitely started to improve on Big and
Little Cutfoot, and will continue to get better in the next several

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Minnesota Fishing Report - 02/22/07 - - - 2 messages. Showing 1 through 2.
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